Saturday, February 3, 2007

Paying The Dead...

...for laying down on the job would seem to mean that someone was at fault, it may even constitute criminality, especially when doing so has continued over the course of more than three decades. As a matter of fact I would immediately suspect some sort of corruption, that is of course if the paychecks had been cashed or deposited into someone's account. People in Camden, New Jersey, well at least the school board president seems to think otherwise, he seems to blame it on the system as evidenced by his words as reported in the FoxNews article New Jersey City Pays Dead Man $130,000 a Year: "It's just totally unbelievable and absolutely incredible that we can have such a dysfunctional system in place," said school board president Philip Freeman. See the article at:,2933,250020,00.html. Apparently the Camden, NJ school district has been paying a dead employee all those years, and the board president thinks that the system is flawed; no personal blame anywhere - heh?Yes folks chalk one up for our liberal school system and its warped way of thinking!

All the best,
Glenn B