Friday, February 25, 2022

The German Army Is "Standing Bare"...

"it would be limited in its capabilities should it be asked to assist in a NATO mission". 
 So it has been reported that the top military commander of German forces (Army Lt. Gen. Alfons Mais) has said. More at the source.
Now I don't now what you think but I think that Germany has made is crystal clear to Russia that it has surrendered to them in advance should Russia decide to invade any of the NATO allies. I also think that Lt. General Mais should be horse whipped at the very least and maybe even tried for treason and hung appropriately punished if convicted. Of course, I could be wrong about the treason thing - maybe that is what the German government instructed him to do and he was being a loyal little Nazi German. If so, all I can say to Germany and to the general is 'fick dich'!
There I was thinking Biden was an idiot for telegraphing things to Putin but here apparently is the head of a nation's military capitulating to the enemy before there is even one soldier of an invading force on German soil. I guess the wall may be going up again soon, this time much further to the west so as to cut off all of Germany from the rest of western Europe altogether, that is once Russia conquers them.

Remember when President Trump told the Germans (and other countries) to pay their fair share of NATO dues. The left was in an uproar. Appears that whatever they did contribute and what ever money they got from NATO finances overall must have found its way to other projects or into some folks' pockets because it evidently did not go into military preparedness.
It is a pretty sad state of affairs when the French outshine any other nation - especially the economic leader of Europe (Germany) - but the French have done so. They reminded Putin, today, that Russia is not the only nuclear power in the game and that NATO has them too (source). This apparently was not in the hopes of aiding The Ukraine but rather seems to be an attempt to try to deter any hopes of Putin's to invade NATO nations. Chalk one up for the French over Germany.

All the best,
Glenn B