Friday, May 11, 2007

Blabbermouths Should Take a Look at a Different View Of The Legal System...

...that can be had if one looks to the legal systems of primarily Muslim countries such as Syria. Such a look can and should be quite enlightening as it applies to such things as our own rights and liberties, and even to how we view politics, and unity of purpose as a nation. See this article: Syria jails activist for D.C. meetings, at the Washington Times. The Syrian's brand of justice is fairly swift as compared to ours, and carries with it penalties much more heavy handed than our own. You have to admit that 12 years for talking to another government is pretty severe by our standards. Yet we have people in our country who constantly whine, and moan, about the unfair treatment of prisoners, the unduly long sentences that our justice system doles out to convicted felons, the deplorable conditions under which our prisoners are housed, and on, and on, and on.

Likewise, we also have people in this country who complain about everything else that they can complain about, which therefore is just about everything. It seems too that we have a lot of seemingly professional complainers whom we usually only hear when they are in fact complaining, and who complain incessantly. Among these, there are no shortage of those who devote themselves to never ending complaining about our government and how it functions. In this list I would include such people as: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Mayor Bloomberg (of NYC), Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Murtha, Senator Kennedy, George Sorros, Senator Harry Reid, Cindy Sheehan. Yes these are primarily democrats or are otherwise very liberal. They continuously slam our government about one thing or another, and that is well and fine under our Constitution; I have no problem with them exercising freedom of speech. What I have a problem with is that they are so negative and anti-current administration over and over again and it causes disunity at a time we need to be unified; but that is just my opinion.

While they are slamming our government, while they are calling our government administration all the bad things they call them, while they protest the war in Iraq, and even in Afghanistan, while they try to slam the current administration at every turn, they had best remember they are Americans and can only do these things because we are all Americans under one Constitution. They need to remember that there are certain people in the world who would like to see our nation destroyed, and to see our people become of another belief system. These people, Bin-Laden, Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-il and all of their followers would like to see us brought to our knees by whatever means possible. They realize that the mouthpieces of the ultra leftists are actually their allies in that they help to divide our country in a way by which it should not be divided. Yes we can have our differences, yes we can be opposed to policies of one side or another, yes we can speak out about it - but there too comes a time to stand united against a common enemy despite our differences - and this is what blabbermouths like Nancy Pelosi on her trips to places like Syria seem to be missing. Could you imagine the sentence Syria would have handed down to her had she been from Syria. Instead the Syrians cleverly use her foolish readiness to blab against our current administration, while not allowing such for their own citizens. Thereby they accomplish keeping us in a state of disunity, and will always gladly use people like Pelosi to their own advantage; and this seems to be beyond her intellectual grasp.

So instead of trying to bring down one side or another of your own government, would it not make much more sense toward self preservation if we instead tried to work with that other side to fight a common enemy - one that has the destruction of America and our way of life as its primary objective. It is not an impossible task, it has been done over and over again throughout history, and it can be done again, right now. Even the little guy, on either political side, can do something to make sure we stand as a unified nation against our enemies. One of the first things you can do is to write to your politicians and tell them to stop the bullshit in Congress and the Senate, and tell them that instead of trying to bring down Bush, why not try to bring down our enemies. If they don't like the war, so be it, but then if they want the war to end, what is their solution to those who would do us harm. When they can give us that, and show us that it will work better than the war, then I will be in their corner urging them on in a unified effort to stop our enemies. Until that time though, I stand against those who would keep on bitching, moaning, whining, and complaining that we should not be using terms like: The Global War on Terrorism; and I support our current administration when in fact we are fighting a real global war against terrorism, and our president is leading the charge against they who would destroy us and our allies.

All the best,
Glenn B