Thursday, August 31, 2023

Time To Blow My Horn Or To Shoot My Glock

I attended the Glock Armorers' Course on Tuesday last. It was the fourth I have attended but only the third completed; the first one was in CT when I worked for the U.S. Customs Office of Investigations, and had duties as a range officer. That one was on 9/11. So, my cousin (also s range officer) and I cut it short and headed back to do what we could do on that terrible day.
The armorers' course I took today was different from the other two I had completed in that it primarily covered Glock GEN5 pistols. I had two Glock 19 GEN5 pistols but was not happy with them and sold them shortly after I had purchased them. I want one or more again as this class opened my eyes about them and made me realize my initial disappointment over an issue with the slide lock spring was about something of essentially little to no concern (the instructor recommended never removing it) and showed that there is a simple fix for it that works seemingly more often than not on how to get it assembled in its right place without it flying across the room or to the moon.
I passed the practical test - no problem took the pistol apart and put it back together again (unlike all the King's men & all the King's horses when it came to Humpty Dumpty) all within the allotted time frame. I also passed the written test scoring 100% correct. The written test was made up of 25 questions and you needed to score 80% or higher to pass. From some of the moans I heard, I am guessing some others, while passing, did not do as well. I admit, I had to just about guess on one question which asked which one of two firing pin assemblies was for the GEN5; the on screen test showed two images of Glock firing pins. I had on my glasses and even with them on I could barely see any difference; so, I more or less guessed based on the one tiny difference I saw. L,uckily I saw it well enough to get it right. Later, I realized I probably had on my readers and not my distance glasses as I had to keep changing back and forth to either clearly see the test on the screen or to clearly read my answer sheet. Regardless, I got it right. I also made the mistake of putting answers for two questions on one line and had to go back to correct that, quite embarrassing! The instructor was nice enough to back up the test video and I got them both on their respective proper lines. The eyes are not what they once had been and when the instructor lowered the lights so the test would show on the screen, it was difficult, to say the least, to read the test sheet - that with once again probably forgetting to switch glasses, this time from distance to readers. Sadly, bifocals just do not do it for me, at least not the last time I tried using them.
Regardless of switching glasses - or forgetting to do so - I will be certified as a Glock Armorer for the third time. Wish it could have been as an advanced armorer certification like the last time I took a Glock course i 2016 but evidently Glock has, at least temporarily, ceased that course and they supposedly did so during Covid like many others who made apparent knee jerk reactions back then. Anyhow, that is the way it is if I understood the instructor correctly. Thus, this time, as opposed to five years for the advanced armorer course, I only am certified for three years, or will be so, once Glock sends me the certification.
All the best,
Glenn B