Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big Fishing Trip...

...took place yesterday though it had to be shortened from an 8 hour trip to a 4 hour one. We had planned to go out on the Captain Lew way up in Ft. Pierce but as my luck would have it I picked my trip to FL, and my day to go out fishing, to both fall within the time frame that the Captain Lew is in dry dock for annual maintenance. They sail again next week and of course, I am going home today. So we had to look for another boat. While there are boats all over the place here in southeastern FL, there are not all that many party fishing boats. We did find another 3 or 4 within a reasonable drive but only 2 of them were going out. We took the one a bit further away. It was the Sea Mist III shoving off out of Boynton Beach.

I'll not write a lot about the trip except to say: my uncle's company was excellent for me, we caught one fish apiece - both throwbacks. I had sent my son Brendan a text message asking him to wish me luck. I got a reply as my line went over the rail and hit the water the first time of the trip. I caught my fish a split second after i read his message saying - "good luck". My luck was good, I caught one, I had good company and fun.

All in all, not many fish came over the rail. At least one mate and the captain seemed more interested in fishing themselves than helping their fares. One mate was great, I gave him a tip. The guy fishing to my left was a gentleman and taught me some new ways to bait my hook.

My uncle and I also went to fish off of a pier after the boat was back at the dock. He caught 2 needle-nose (what he calls them) and I caught one small yellowtail. All throwbacks. Not many fish but you know what they say: A piss poor day fishing beats a good day at work.

All the best,
Glenn B