Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jim Zumbo, and David Petzal...

...are two of the reasons I will probably never again enjoy an issue of Outdoor Life or Field and Stream magazines as much as I used to. There has been a lot of fuss made about recent statements by Zumbo in which he basically implied that they who shoot military style weapons or assault weapons are terrorists as he called those weapon terrorist weapons. It was a truly unintelligent thing for an Outdoor Life writer, hunter, sportsman, and gun enthusiast to write. He is now paying the price. Just because someone who likes the gun sports, or who chooses to be prepared for self defense, or defense of country chooses one type of firearm over another, does not make that person bad or good. That is the mistake made by Mr. Zumbo as he apparently tried to mimic a loose cannon. David Petzal then tried to say that Zumbo had every right to do so and I believe he faulted others for hammering Zumbo's opinion. Well, I think Petzal is right in how he feels about free speech, but he forgot that free speech does not just apply to Mr. Zumbo, it applies to all of us who disagree with Zumbo too. The truth is both Petzal and Zumbo are, in my opinion, apologists to the left for they who would want to own assault or defensive type weapons. I will not write a lot about this because so many others have already done so, and simply put someone has done it better than I could. Read the blog: Both Wrong by Kim du Toit @ that puts all of this in the perspective of a logical argument.

All the best,
Glenn B