Thursday, October 13, 2022

I Supopose He Will Get Beatings & Forced Sexual Encounters...

 ...on an almost daily basis. I am referring to the Parkland School shooter whose jury today recommended he should receive a sentence of life with parole instead of the death penalty. More at the source. Hopefully, Nicolas Cruz's life sentence will amount to hell on earth 34 (reportedly the number of his victims) times over each day for the duration of his sentence. 
It is almost unfathomable that he was not given the death sentence, at least I cannot grasp the why of it except maybe that the jurors were pussified or woke (was that redundant). He reportedly: secured the weapon a year ahead of time, then he planned the shooting for a long time and did so seriously for 7 months beforehand picking the day (Valentine's Day), researching prior mass shooters, selecting the location and in all the time he planned it - he evidently planned to kill. Once the shooting began, he reportedly returned to victims he had shot but who had not yet perished and shot them again. More at this source. If that is not capital premeditated murder - nothing is. In fact, as I see it, he is evil incarnate.
As it stands now, I suppose families and other loved ones of the victims, as well as the surviving victims themselves, can only hope he will receive jailhouse justice while in prison. 
All the best,
Glenn B