Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fox Networks Group - National Anti-Guns and Ammo Advertising Policy

My esteem of FOX Networks Group (as in the parent company of Fox News and Fox News Online) has plummeted. It used to be that Fox was my favorite source of the news, both online and on television, and that was a recently as about a half hour ago. That has now changed.

I just learned that Fox has an anti-firearms and ammunition advertising policy regarding its national networks. My source was this page at the National Shooting Sports Foundation website: The policy was plainly spelled out, in a letter to the NSSF, dated March 1, 2012, from Mr. Scott Grogin, Senior Vice President, Communications of the Fox Networks Group. You can read the letter here but if you do, make sure to read the whole letter as the first part of the last paragraph may make it seem as if Fox allows such advertising on their national networks. In fact, as spelled out in the letter, that policy prohibits such advetising on their national broadcast and cable networks.

To say that learning about that policy was a disappointment to me is an understatement to say the least. After learning about the policy, I sent off an email to Mr. Scott Grogin, expressing my displeasure with the policy. My letter is not likely to have an effect for the good unless it is also supported by thousands of letters from people who hold similar views as mine. That view, as I expressed it to Mr. Grogin, is that Fox's anti-firearms advertising policy amounts to main stream media bias and I cannot support a network like Fox by way of my continued preference of Fox as my go to source for online and television news media. If they receive enough similar letters, and they think they will lose enough viewers, you can bet they will change that policy. So, I am asking for my readers to write to Mr. Grogin expressing disappointment in that Fox policy. Mr. Grogin's email is:, or you can also write to Fox at the address found on the NSSF webpage liked to above.

All the best,
Glenn B