Monday, October 14, 2013

A Typical New Yorker Changes Her Mind About Guns & Gun Control

Maybe all New Yorkers should have to spend 6 months in states like Alabama (if they in such states could stand them).

That was refreshing coming from someone who obviously had been a drinker of Obama's, Schumer's, Gillibrand's, Cuomo's and Bloomberg's Kool-Aid at one time in her life but now has a very different view on guns. That was thanks to her reeducation in free America. I can't believe I have not seen this until today and it has been on YouTube for over a year.

All the best,
Glenn B

Don't Believe In Yom-Vs - You Should Because Unlike Zombies They Are Real

My guess is that most of my readers fully believe in Yom-Vs but that there are probably some of you who think that the You Owe Me - Voter is just a product of an overactive, conservative leaning, libertarian imagination. The bottom line is they are real and they are, in essence, stealing your bottom line - your hard earned assets. They come in all shapes and sizes, are found among all races, colors and creeds and across age, gender and sexual preference lines. Here is a video of but a small example of them and how they think that we them something and what they plan to do it we stop doling it out.

The reference to Rodney King, an obvious threat of riotous violence, is about all these pieces of shit offer to our nation - other than the promise they will continue to suck as dry as long as we allow the politicians to promote them to do so. Fuck them and fuck the bureaucrats who promote the welfare state.

All the best,
Glenn B

YOM-V Apocalypse Averted - First They Couldn't Spend - Then There Was No Limit To EBT

The inefficiency of our government seems to be almost boundless. I have lived under the administrations of 11 presidents, so far, in my lifetime. I do not recall any of them, with the possible exception than that of Carter's as having been as floundering as is the current one under Obama. Now I am not about to say that it is Obama's fault that the EBT system was offline in 17 states for a day or three just a day or two ago. Nor can I blame him personally for the EBT glitch that just gave food stamp recipients unlimited spending power in one state (source). No I can do neither even though I am absolutely certain that had George W. Bush still be in the White House when this happened it would somehow have been his fault according to liberals (in fact I am surprised I that they are not blaming him anyway).

What I will say though is that this is the fault of the current administration in general. They are the overseers of the food stamp program since it is administered by the federal government. So I have to wonder, why is it, that under this administration, Obama's administration, they cannot seem to get anything right - not even the doling out of other people's money in the form of food stamps to the YOM-V's (the You Owe Me Voters). Note though, they got the computer glitches with EBT fixed much faster than those for Obama-care, those are still not working properly. As far as EBT though, truthfully, I do not mind at all that he government runs a program to help assist people in need (note I said to HELP assist people IN NEED, implying that those folks also try to get jobs and support themselves) to obtain enough food to actually sustain themselves. What I do mind is the absolutely careless way they go about doing it (careless with regard to spending our dollars).

These two recent system failures are just the most recent examples of the government's incompetence in running the program and in making sure that food stamp recipients are using the system legally and not abusing it. I have seen, first hand, folks on food stamps buying forbidden items with them. I have seen people, first hand, selling their benefits to others for drugs. I have seen many reports of officials knowingly allowing people to be on the dole in the food stamp system who are not eligible to be receiving such assistance. I also have read reports of all of these types of violations with way too much frequency to make think anything other than the system is rife with abuse and corruption. (Yes, there are still frequent violations and it should not be too hard for even a moron who may be reading this to figure out how since these uneducated YOM-Vs have figured out how to do it. No I am not calling my readers morons but I have had some pretty idiotic lib type morons leave comments now and again.)

Of course, with the current administration in place, I almost wonder if they somehow thought that the worst effect of the EBT system being offline for a day or two was down in LA. By worst effect, I mean among the YOM-s who receive the EBT benefits in that maybe the government figured they were about to riot or something like that in LA even though EBT was back online. I wonder a bit further if they decided that the best thing to do to stifle civil unrest or voter disappointment with the current administration was to dole out EBT funds without limit for a short time. Sort of like the royalty throwing bread to the peasants to keep them, if not happy, at least satisfied for the moment. I am not saying that happened, I was just wondering about it for a moment, I discounted it almost as soon as I thought about it because I cannot bring myself to believe that the Obama administration would be that arrogant. Of course as I said though, I am surprised that some hard core libturd has not blamed GWB.

What I do not wonder about though is the inefficiency of our government to run such programs and to take, by way of taxes and other fees, our hard earned money and then spend it with reckless abandon on programs that support YOM-Vs and that fosters their lifestyle of sucking the rest of us dry and contributing little or nothing to our society. I do not wonder about it because there is so much evidence that is exactly what is happening day after day with an alarming increase in the number of YOM-V recipients, and thus with a startling rise in the amount of our money being spent on these human leeches. Yes, as I said, many people receiving food stamp assistance may actually be contributors to the welfare of our nation and they may really need it but there are way too many with the attitude that they owe us nothing and we owe them everything to assure their continued existence. The current administration, has to my knowledge, advocated such an ideal (if you can actually call tasking from the financially strapped to support they who refuse to work and who suck the rest of u dry an ideal) more than any other in my lifetime and that means even more so than the administrations of Johnson and Carter.

Yet, I am still wondering - not about if the latest screw-up was one by design to quiet the mobs of YOM-Vs - but as to how long those paying for the continued support of blood sucking leeches will be willing to keep it up without coming to their senses and saying enough is enough and we will pay no more. I wonder if it would not be a grand idea, instead of holding a million-mom march, or a million-Muslims march, or a million biker's ride that we try to get together and form a ten million taxpayers refusal. In other words, is it time for us to try to unite as tax payers who are fed up with this inept doling out of our hard earned dollars to the YOM-Vs and in doing so that we come together in a massive refusal of the taxpayers o this nation to file or pay our taxes for the upcoming income tax year. Imagine not only the impact that would have on programs like food stamps but the widespread panic it would cause among politicians who would realize it is long overdue that they start promoting workfare programs and industry in America as opposed to fostering welfare programs in support of they who have been sucking the lifeblood out of our great nation. 

All the best,
Glenn B