Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Next Time Our National Anthem Is Belittled...

...and if you are there when such is being done, why not stand up straight and proud, and get loud as you sing our National Anthem using the correct lyrics. Don't let someone take it and trash it with something that is unpatriotic.

As an American Citizen, I am ashamed of the people of Denver, CO who attended the annual state of the city address this week who did not sing our National Anthem when the, in my opinion, racist and unpatriotic singer Rene Marie stood up and reportedly started to interject words of Lift Every Voice and Sing, the so called black national anthem, in place of some of the words of our true National Anthem. Read about it here:,2933,375164,00.html

Our National Anthem is not just for blacks, it is for everyone who is or wishes to become an American (as in U.S. Citizen or legal immigrant, not as in someone who lives on the American continents)) regardless of race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender, socioeconomic status and so on. It is about time that everyone who is an American, or who wants to immigrate to America, starts to realize this. To do otherwise is simply Un-American. The singing of the so called black national anthem in place of the National Anthem is, in my opinion, racist, and extremely Un-American. I see no way of getting around the racism of those who prefer a "BLACK" one over the red, white and blue National Anthem; I see no way to hide from the racism that such promotes when one feels compelled to disgrace our nation by replacing our National Anthem with one that is purported to be that of only one race; and I see no way to get around the unpatriotic act of the disrespect shown for our nation and her anthem in the changing of its words to suit a racial agenda.

What a shame that someone would apparently wish to be so divisive. What a shame that the stage and the crowd was apparently full of only politically correct arsehats who had no clue how to take action during the moment in a way that would have snuffed out the singers voice, overshadowed her apparent (to me) racism, and yet shown our national pride shining on in an unbiased manner. All they had to do short of throwing her off of the stage would have been to have started to sing our National Anthem as it was meant to be, with the correct words, and with proud and loud voices - just overpowering the person who was, in my opinion, a racist, and who for the moment was front and center. What shameful wonders of modern humanity we have made of ourselves in that we have bred a manner of man that would allow such an outlandish rendition of the anthem to continue unabated!

With pride in America,
Glenn B