Saturday, July 24, 2021

I Went House Hunting in Western TN...

 ...over the past couple of days. Drove there on Wednesday, looked at one house on Thursday and left on Friday - disgusted. Why did I leave disgusted? Well, I sent my realtor a list of 11 places I wanted to see. When I got there and saw her on Thursday, she told me only 2 places were still available even though I had made up that list and sent it to her a week or less before my trip. Damn, houses are selling fast. One of them came with 25 acres for 189K. It looked like my dream house. When we were looking at the one house we viewed on this trip, the realtor told me she had gone to the potential dream house, made a video, showed the video to another client and he made a bid on it. He did not have the high offer. I asked if I could still see that house and she checked with the owner's agent who said the owner had so many offers he would not accept more. If it was as nice a place as my realtor had said it appeared, I would have offered up to 10K over asking price, maybe even as more as 15K over. Those 25 acres plus the look of the place made it ever so appealing!

Now, you may be asking (and I did ask but she had no good reply) why my realtor did not send me a copy of the video as she knew I was extremely interested in that particular property and I had told her if she viewed it and thought it was an excellent buy, I'd make an offer by phone through her and then head there without delay to seal the deal if mine had been the high offer. It just did not happen! Maybe I need to contact another realtor.

I wound up driving a total of about 943 miles to get there (second time in about 1 or 2 months or so), looked at the one house (not bad but not to my liking), drove around to see if I might find one not listed online but with a for sale sign (I found a nice very secluded one but it was about $140K over my high limit), I also checked online but no newly listed houses were shown since I had last looked. Then, I said screw it as I decided the other house still available to see the next day was not worth seeing.  So, I drove back home yesterday. 

I spent wasted a lot of money on gas, a good deal at restaurants and a bar, and some on one night at a motel (actually stayed at motels two nights but had enough points for the one where I stayed the 2nd night but even those points were wasted). I also had my dog boarded until Monday which was more money pissed away. While I am home now, she is staying there until Monday regardless, if only because I do not have to wake up early to walk her for a couple more days and I need a break after this frustrating trip. All in all, it cost me a nice chunk of change and of my time, and a lot of wear an tear on the Corolla once again, to make the pointless trip.

In all, I am pretty fed up with driving to TN to look at houses and may look in TX in earnest soon but must say I am hesitant to look in TX because TX and I do not always agree. With all due respect, while many Texans believe TX to be a mecca of conservatism, I see it as way too liberal for my liking. In all of its history it has had only 7 Republican governors, 4 governors of other parties and 38 democrats as governor; yet somehow, Texans like to brag that Texas is and always has been a very conservative state. 

Just like many New Yorkers, who think they are conservative or libertarian but do not have a clue to what either is in reality, many Texans live under the misconception that their actual liberal views are somehow Conservative. They seem to think that just because they are pro-gun or pro-religion. Conservatism and Libertarianism are not one or two issue concepts and thus merely being pro-gun or pro-Christianity (because most Texans are in my estimation not very pro-other religions) does not necessarily make you either. Plenty of Black Panthers, BLM members, ANTIFA scum and other ultra-leftist radicals are pro-guns; some are probably even pro-religion so long as the religion is Islam. That is, by my guess, so long as it is only them with the weapons and so long as no one in their ranks is a practicing Jew or a Christian (or of any other religion than Muslim). Anyway, my guess is that within two or three election cycles, the ultra-libs will just about completely take over the state once again. While I lived in NY and can put up with liberals, even with ultra-leftists, as good as anyone can do, my idea is why bother with them in the first place since they and their radically screwball rights eviscerating ideals make me, for the great part, want to puke.

As the Grateful Dead sang: "Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be...". Well, there may be some places I'd rather be, like AZ or SD, but they'd be too far from my son to make visits practical except maybe once or twice per year and that is nowhere nearly enough. Thus the line from Tennessee Jed makes lots of sense to me and besides that TN has no income tax and seems to me to be much more conservative/libertarian leaning than does TX (which also has no income tax as is the same in SD as well). 

Even in that I think TN more to my liking though, I just do not want to make that trip again and come up empty handed and broke for having done so. Hopefully the next time, which would be the 3rd or 4th time - as I went there at least once or maybe twice more within last year before the two trips recently - will be the charm if indeed I go again.

While my trips to Tennessee have not been fruitful yet - at least the song still is inspiring. I miss Jerry and miss going to Dead shows; they were excellent despite the libs who enjoyed them too, or maybe because all of us who went - no matter our politics - could agree on something and that was that the Grateful Dead were fabulous!
All the best,
Glenn B

It Is A Dilemma - Should You Or Shouldn't You Get Involved...

...when you see a crime being committed - especially a violent one? What do the police, in general, tell us to do: 'Be A Good Witness and call 911', or something like that! 
If you do get involved and try to help the victim of a violent assault and are then injured - what do the police say? They in essence say we told you so, you should have been a good witness and called 911. If however you come away unscathed and help the victim, they tell you a lukewarm good job (at best most times it seems) but still warn everyone to be a good witness and call 911 should they witness a like crime.
On the other hand, if you wind up helping a cop and you prevent the bad guy(s) from injuring the officer what do the police say: Excellent heroism, great that you got involved, we appreciate it. See what I mean in this example:
""If the two individuals watching nearby had not selflessly taken it upon themselves to assist the officer, the injuries he sustained could have been much worse," said Fredericksburg Police Chief Brian Layton. "I can’t thank them enough for bravely putting themselves in danger."" More at the source.
Of course, you could decide to always help. The thing is, if you do that, or just even help as few times as one, and somehow are found responsible for injuring the bad guy or possibly inadvertently hurting the victim, you might be sued. That regardless of whether or not you prevented worse injury befalling the victim. Once again, the police are going to likely say you should have been a good witness and called 911; I tend to doubt they will defend your actions in a tort claim and they may even charge you criminally.

Now, if you do not help the victim, and the victim is badly or fatally injured - you may live with feelings of guilt for a long time to come. I do not know about you but I am pretty sure I would feel that way about myself should I have the opportunity to help and then not do so. I even had bad feelings about shooting the vermin who tried to rob me many years ago. I had nightmares about it for at least 6 months and some on and off again guilt for about the same time. Happily - I got over it because I knew I did the right thing and I'd do it again.

Some police departments even tell victims to be a good witnesses and not to defend themselves if facing a crime of violence or potential violence like robbery. Robbery always includes a high risk for violence committed by the perpetrator and while it may not always be violent, there is at least the threat of violence. Yet, the police tell us to surrender our valuables and in essence trust that the robber's kind hearted and merciful soul will prevent the robber from harming or killing us because we complied and we gave that scum our belongings. Even though we comply with their demands and do as they say (as the police tell us to do) we may wind up severely injured or even dead. The fact is many bad guys do not want us being able to be a good witness because the testimony of good witnesses can put them in jail. Thus they may try to prevent us from being such either with an intimidating beating or by killing us. Not telling you what to do but I think it's something to consider.
Here is the way one police department from a major U.S. city puts it:
MPD has issued a series of tips for residents to limit their risk of robbery:
  • Do not walk alone
  • Be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times – pay attention!
  • Carry only items you need, and carry less cash
  • Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet
  • Have keys already in your hand as you approach your car
  • Despite all our efforts, robberies may still occur! Do not argue or fight with the criminal Do as they say. Your safety is most important!
  • Be a good witness. When you call 911, be prepared to answer many questions. How many suspects? Age, height, complexion, hair and eye color? Scars or tattoos? Weapon- what did it look like? What direction did they leave in? Vehicle description? (Source.)

 So what is one to do even if one sees someone being attacked or even if it is one's self being attacked? It is a dilemma that any of us could face at any given moment. Do we jump right in and help or do we merely be a good witness and call 911 regardless of whom is being attacked? I do not know the answer relative to any future such situations in which I may find myself; that said though, I prefer to think I'd choose to help as I have done before on a few occasions when someone needed help. That was to observe & assess then take whatever I thought was appropriate action to help; that has included jumping into the fray so to speak. Luckily that also usually has meant me having to do little more than announce my presence to the bad guy; luckily most of them seemingly (to me) are cowards and they have fled once the threat of someone helping the victim confronted them. Once though I had to shoot the guy who was robbing me and who left me no alternative as far as I was concerned. I'd probably do it again today should the same type of situation again raise its ugly head to threaten me. In the past, I have chosen not to depend upon the mercy of violent or potentially violent criminals who threaten me, or other innocents, with serious bodily harm or death because my guess is they are merciless or they would not have made such threats in the first place. Although one can never truly be absolutely certain as to how one will react/act in the future, I hope to do likewise in any similar type of encounters in that come my way.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 19, 2021

Now, I Don't Wish Them Dead But...

 ...these lame arsed politician democrat ultra liberal fuckers, from Texas, who came down with Covid-19, I think, deserve to have gotten it. (More at the source.) These are the same scum who screamed that we all need to wear masks and get the vaccine and thus they apparently knew better and yet they violated  airline protocol and flew mask-less and now several of them have come down with it.  
Who deserves it more than them except maybe for the Red Chinese commies who created it and unleashed it on the world? Add to that, the vice president Kamala Harris has been to the hospital, for a supposed routine exam (my arse) right after meeting with the same group. That presents one with the thought that maybe she caught it too and maybe she deserves it as much as did the others for being idiotic enough to have met with them. (More at the source.)

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 16, 2021

I Just Deleted 6,371...

 ...emails in my AOL mailbox plus another 1,200 plus emails in my AOL Spam folder. I guess I have not signed onto AOL in quite awhile! Normally, I do not use that site and with all the junk mail that my AOL email address receives, and my guess is 99% was junk and none of the other 1% was important, you can see why.

All the best,

It Appears I May Have Been, Even Probably Was, Very Wrong When...

  ...I said, in essence, that no matter how much I despise the fact, the fact is: 'Joe Biden is our president'. 
According to a report at One America News Network: Maricopa County, AZ is refusing to comply with an election audit and has not yet turned over information & items subpoenaed by the Senate relative to the 2020 election. It reportedly has been determined that voting machines in said county were breached by having been connected to the Internet during the election and thus that the vote possibly was was hacked. Furthermore, there were allegedly 74,000 mail in votes received but those ballots were reportedly never mailed out to voters in the first place. In addition to those things, there were also reportedly 4,000 votes cast by voters who allegedly registered to vote only after the registration deadline for that election had passed. (More at the source.)
 Since Biden 'won' AZ by only 11,000 votes and the potential fraudulent votes amount to well over that - it is quite possible that Biden actually did not win said state if said allegations are true. What seemingly adds to the credence of these claims is that Maricopa County is evidently refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas and other requests for evidence. It always amazes me how the left made thousands of claims against Donal Trump before he was elected and then against President Trump once he was elected and never produced one iota of hard factual evidence against him. Now that allegations are being made against the left, they steadfastly refuse to produce subpoenaed articles and records in what seems to me to be an obvious cover-up! The law according to the left is evidently that they follow no law at all!

If all of this is proven true - and if it is shown likewise in other states (I am sure if proven in AZ investigations will come gloriously ablaze in other states) - maybe the sacks of shit man & woman in the White House are not truly our president & vice president and they will be removed from office post haste. Even if that hope of removal does not come true, I will remain hopeful that if these latest rounds of allegations are proven, there will be heads rolling, so to speak, and long prison terms for those who committed any election fraud. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 9, 2021

How I Wish Rush's Replacement...

 ...was anyone but who I: think is an evidently oft clueless, sometimes seemingly airheaded, repeater of already known facts and claims, that now fills Rush's time slot on the airwaves. For all the years that Dan Bojingo Bongino has been with Fox News, I have always found him to be boring and nothing more than a male cheerleader for the conservative/libertarian cause.Yes, his heart is in the right place and I am sure that he means well for the cause; however, as I see him he is someone that was a nobody and Fox tried to elevate him as they did with Oliver North and (in my opinion) the piece of shit cop (my opinion) who lied in the OJ trial who said under oath he never uttered the word "nigger"; what was his name - Mark Fuhrman or something akin to that. 
I am not trying to at all imply that Dan Bongino's character is that of a low life as I think was Fuhrman's and maybe even North's but just that Fox pushed him onto us just as they did the other two and I find all three less than impressive. In fact, I think Mr. Bongino probably has nearly impeccable character; yet I believe he is a bore, at least to me. I think both Fox and EIB (or whoever selected him) could have done much better. As for Mr. Bongino - it is like he hit the lottery over the course of what - about 10 years or so. Good for him but not so good for fans of Rush Limbaugh, I think.

So why do I feel that way? I hear little to no insight in his broadcasts when I listen to them - in fact nothing of what Rush gave us. I wish that the powers that be had instead chosen someone with at least 1/4 the insight of Rush Limbaugh to replace Rush. My pick would have been Mark Steyn but maybe the powers that be at felt he was not American enough (as in not native born to the US of A). Yet, I find the fact that he legally immigrated to the United States and that he holds high the banner of conservatism and libertarianism - along with his wit and his insightful grasp of politics, history and current events to have made him the perfect candidate.
Mind you, I am not even hinting that I could do a better job than Dan Bongino - but certainly as I have listened to both - I think Mark Steyn would have been the much better choice. Instead - they went with a man I honestly believe to be little more than a boring yet sometimes entertaining and well meaning conservative meathead speaker; and thus, if I want to listen to the radio during his time slot, I suffer through it as best I can. Of course, that is just one man's opinion.
All the best,
Glenn B

Federal Tax Revenues - I Wonder... long will it be until the dems in Biden's administration tally up the total federal income taxes that came into the government for the year 2020, then claim the total revenues were among the lowest, if not the lowest, on record for the past 40 or 50 years and then blame it on President Trump and his income tax revisions. You know it is coming, just the same as Biden has already claimed credit for more jobs being filled and less unemployment (source) - which of course is not his doing or due to any plan he formulated but as I see it: It is simply due to the fact that  Blue State Covid-19 restrictions have been mostly lifted and he did not have to do a thing (nor likely would he have done anything had he really needed to do so). The most amazing thing about that is that probably at least half of the libturds in the USA will eat it up as gospel truth that Biden somehow saved our economy and that President Trump ruined it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Independence Day

I hope you all are enjoying a very happy and safe Independence Day and that maybe even some few of my readers have taken at least a few minutes today to think of the significance of this day both in terms of our history and as to what it means to us today in current times.
If you have not given the 4th much thought today, other than what shorts to wear, what to BB Q and what to drink maybe you can spare a few minutes to go here to read the words that defined the reasons behind the creation of a new form of government like the world had never seen before and that explained, in essence, why it was worth fighting to create it. 
A 'Stone engraving' copy of the Declaration of Independence.
They who signed that document and those who fought under them and along side them in the war to follow were visionaries; yet, if they somehow got to see and live in the United States of America as it is today or at least to see how some utterly disrespect our country under the guise of the freedoms won way back then - I think they would revolt all over again.

Yet, there is no other country in the world where I would choose to live and if it comes down to it, I will fight for the nation they created in the hope of preserving the rights and liberties some of them and the others, the framers of our Constitution, formulated as the basis of law of our great nation.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 2, 2021

I Wanted To Wish You All...

 ...a happy Independence Day weekend and figured I had better get it done now before all of my sails are unfurled and in the wind. It sucks getting drunk alone but it sucks more to be alone and not get drunk - especially for as momentous a celebration as Independence Day weekend. Add to that the fact that my apartment complex has outright banned barbecue grills on our patios and it is even worse. Supposedly, after 40 years of not saying so, their insurance company now says: BBQ grills are forbidden unless 25 feet from the  building. Fuck those commie, Biden loving, anti-American liberal scum sucking pigs who would try to ruin our nation's birthday celebration. I wonder where they expect them to go if removed - inside the apartments? So far, I have not seen one grill removed!
With all that bullshit plus with me being a loner for this grand weekend, it's an extra strength 5 Hour Energy drink, Laird's Applejack and Spaten Lager (or three) at least for tonight. I hope that I remember to walk the mongrel before it's too late to prevent an accident! Then again, she is not imbibing more than water so I am fairly certain she will remind me when it is time to go out; right now she is snoozing upstairs.
For the weekend: Shoot em if you got em, but only when sober and please and be safe with them as usual. By the way,  I received my Remington R-15 today along with my latest Remington 870 and two Colt Lord Deringer (correct spelling for the model name) derringers (correct spelling for the pistol type) today (all put away for my debauchery right now). So, I may have some shooty goodness fun this weekend - maybe tomorrow or Sunday or Monday.
As a side note, allow me to say: Fuck Joe 'Dementia' Biden and the dems for trying to call Juneteenth 'Independence Day' for the black community. With all due respect to black Americans who had ancestors who were enslaved (and to all white Americans, Native Americans and any other race of Americans who were enslaved likewise - lest we forget them) - there is one and only one Independence Day in the US of A and it ain't Juneteenth! As important a holiday as it may be to Americans - Juneteenth is not Independence Day. That holiday name has already been taken and is special to us as Americans in general and definitive as to the Independence of our nation from tyrannical rule; it has been taken for hundreds of year already. The leftists truly are American hating scum in what they would choose to cancel, to which I say: "Cancel Culture - Cancel Yourselves!
As for the rest of us, we patriotic American citizens, of all races, colors, creeds and such, and to all patriotic legal resident aliens, all I can say is: Have a very happy and very safe Independence Day and a long fun weekend!
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Sad Death of Hero John Hurley

John Hurley was in a store when he heard several gunshots outside. A police officer had just been fatally wounded by a gunman. He rushed outside, told innocents to take cover and engaged the shooter. He was eventually gunned down but it is unknown whether or not it was the bad guy or a responding police officer who killed him (or I imagine he could have accidentally shot himself). The video, at the below link, tells a much better account of what is known so far than the written article at the same link. More at the source: I wish he had not wound up being a victim and I also hope with all my heart it was not a cop who killed him!
What a shame this happened to a man who did the absolute right thing. RIP John Hurley - my condolences to his family, loved ones & friends.
Be careful out there is you ever do the right thing to help out in such a situation.

All the best,
Glenn B

When President Trump Was In Office, I Feared...

 ...on an almost daily basis, that I would awaken in the morning to learn that he had been assassinated. I really expected not so much that it would happen but that some far left wing nut would at the very least try to kill him. It gave me the creeps every night for at least the last year or so of his presidency. I guess it was driven by the intense hatred of those on the left for him and for anything he did for America. 
Today, I have no to little fear that some far right wing nut will try to kill President Biden; although one never knows. What I do have now, is an anticipation that I will awaken one morning, go to the news online or turn on my radio, to learn that Biden has met his end - in whatever way his end comes about be it assassination, accidental death or natural causes - and that I will smile when I learn of it. 
To tell the truth, I think for one of the few times in my life, the death of a political figure - his death in particular - would actually make me happy. Why is that? Well, I think he is bad for America - very, very, very bad - and that he is well on his way to destroying our great nation, our Constitution and our way of life while looking to create a tyranny bent on ruling by way of communist and socialist ideals. To me, it seems that just about everything he has done to date since he became president proves it. 
Despite the fact that his demise might make me smile a happy smile, I do not actually wish anything bad upon him but if it comes it comes. I hope you can understand what I mean: I do not wish harm upon the man but sincerely wish that the severe harm I believe he evidently is causing to our nation and way of life would end immediately and if that happened and I think it would make me a happy man however it was brought about. Note, I am definitely not advocating that anyone go out and try to off him or harm him - and I for one am most certainly not about to attempt something like that. I am just saying how I think it would make me feel if I found out tomorrow that he had dropped dead tonight because that is about the only way I can imagine him being removed from office and as a threat to our country anytime soon. Of course he might also be declared mentally incompetent but it would likely take a stroke or some other fate almost as bad as death, if not worse, to accomplish that.
What it comes down to though is this: As much as I hate the fact and wish it was not so - he is my and our president. I believe that most of those who are republican, conservative, libertarian or even hard core right wingers agree with me on this by now - as much as they hate the fact just as I do that he is in the oval office - we understand and accept he is our president. Now think about this: how many democrats, liberals, socialists, communists or other leftist radicals do you know who believed that about President Trump - that he was their president at anytime during his four years in office. They hated him and tried to destroy him and the extremely good changes he brought about for our people and our country and one of their most prominent sayings about him was: he's not my president. Most did not even bother to say: 'He's not our president',  The truth is liberals are for the great part so self centered that just about everything they do or say or believe is based on the principle of 'me myself & I' as opposed to it being based upon 'we, our & us' as it should be in a unified America!
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Had The High Bids...

 ...on these today:
Remington R-15 VTR Predator in 223, listed "as new".

Remington 870 12 gauge. Judging by the lack of wear showing on the mag tube, I am guessing it has never been fired or only fired very few times.

Colt Lord Deringer boxed set of two 22 Short derringers.

A guy could have some fun with these.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Texas - I Ain't In NY Any Longer...

 ...and some of the best proof of that are gun friendly laws that were passed during the 2021 legislature. Take for instance House Bill 1927 which allows for license free carry of a handgun by law abiding citizens over the age of 21 or House Bill 1500 that "...establishes that firearm and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers are essential businesses that shall not be prohibited by state or local officials from operating during a declared disaster or emergency". Several more new gun friendly laws, in Texas, can be seen at the source:
Dang, the politics here are much more to my liking than those in Cuomoistan! This may not be the most gun friendly state but as I indicated it sure ain't NY!
Edited To Add: House Bill 1927 was signed into law today by Texas Governor Abbott; it goes into effect September 1, 2021! (Source.)

All the best,
Glenn B

Imagine The Outcome Had Putin Stood Up...

 ...pulled out a 9mm Makarov pistol and shot Biden in his head killing him instantly during their meeting today. Really think about what would have been the outcome. Would it result in WWIII? I think that a distinct possibility. If you agree on that, how then do you think that would go? 
Well, to answer that, you'd have to imagine Kamala Harris becoming the Commander In Chief of the armed forces of the United States of America and also imagine Nancy Pelosi as becoming our vice president! Think about those two being in charge of our nation during time of war caused by such a defiant and terrible act of forceful aggression by the Russians (who would likely be allied with the Red Chinese). Would we stand a chance of winning such a war? Would we surrender almost immediately after only a few skirmishes? Or would we profusely apologize for everything we have ever done with regard to our foreign policy with Russia and then offer the Russians reparations before even giving our enemies the chance to offer terms of surrender?
Sure, my scenario of Putin offing Biden sounds far fetched but I am willing to bet should it have happened or an assassination of Biden ever happen, we would be in for an awful lot of trouble with the current crop of nitwits moving up in the chain of command. Heck, we are already in trouble with those screwballs in charge now!

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 7, 2021

A Paintball Drive-By = A Very Bad Idea

A masked 10 year old Florida boy was shot when he and his father donned ski masks and his father agreed to take him on a drive-by paintball shoot. Wound up they shot at a crowd in a yard and the property owner fired back with real bullets thinking he and his family & friends were being attacked and fired on with real firearms. 
Somehow the kid also fell out of the father's vehicle and was run over by it. Lucky kid as they say he will recover, unlucky him though as well since his father may spend some time in jail. More at the source. It is really hard to believe that some parents are that frigging stupid!
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, June 6, 2021

77 Years Ago Today - June 6, 1944 D-Day - Too Many Brave Men Were Maimed or Died But...

 ...their sacrifices, and those of they who survived to fight on, paved the way to free the world from a tyranny the likes of which had not been known until Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, along with the other AXIS Powers, unleashed a reign of terror on the world like none before. It all commenced with savage internal attacks within Germany against those whom Hitler and the Nazis called the untermenschen - those he thought were inferior to his so called master race - the Jews, Catholics who opposed him, invalids, mentally ill patients, dissidents, criminals, Slavic peoples and the Romani. (It truly is somewhat similar to how leftists view conservative or libertarian Caucasians today within the USA.) Then, with the invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939, WWII commenced and Hitler's forces, in short time, had conquered most of the countries of mainland Europe and most of Northern Africa; that all while the Japan expanded it's territory by brutally conquering parts of China and many other Asian nations on the continent as well as many island countries within the Pacific Theater. That the Japanese were a brutal tyrannical empire is evidenced by The Rape of Nanking (Nanjing) among many other atrocities committed by them during WWII.
WWII was a long and brutal war, both in Europe and Asia. As we all should know, the Allied forces eventually won. 
In Europe, Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. Many a hard battle was fought and many limbs and lives lost from 1939 through 1945 - but some of the most, if not the most, intense fighting of the whole war took place during the battles that spearheaded all those others. Of course, I am talking about the landings of Allied troops, on the shores of Normandy in Northern France on June 6th 1944 - D-Day, and the battles that followed. D-Day (aka: the Invasion of Normandy) was the largest naval & amphibious invasion in history. The D-Day invasion and the battles that followed to secure Northern France, and thus assure an Allied foothold on northern continental Europe, were devastating and Allied losses were high. The cemeteries of Northern France are overflowing with the bodies of allied troops who landed and died on D-Day, Americans counting for most of them.

The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, overlooking Omaha Beach. Source.

Remember all of them today no matter the allied country for whom they fought because they fought for the freedom of all people of the world. Think of them, read about them in the links provided here and elsewhere, think of their sacrifices, think of their bravery, if so inclined say a prayer for them or honor them in some other way. Let us hope no one ever has to live through something like that again - not any of us on this earth. I am sad to say it though, I believe it will happen again all too soon. Tyranny has a way of rearing it's ugly head again and again but thankfully there are brave men and women who always seem ready to answer the call to defeat it.

If nothing else, take the time to watch and listen to President Ronald Reagan's speech on June 6, 1984 - the 40th anniversary of D-Day.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Remember That Leftist Spoiled Bitch Greta T...

Well, here is the perfect response to her sissy fit whining episodes of indignance. Mind you, You have to sit through a bit of her blathering before the good part but it is worth the wait. 

I am all for saving the environment or at least for not destroying it but I also realize we need to use the earth's resources for every, and I do mean every, industry in which we engage (as for myself I use a lot of lead, copper, brass and chemicals used as propellants). So to little twats like her, I say fuck off - as does the gentleman in the video although he says it much nicer than I ever would say it to her.



That was truly an inspiring piece; hope you enjoyed it as much as I did so.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Maybe Not Very Smart But She Has Bigger Balls...

 ...than most men I have known in my lifetime. In fact, I found it hard to believe it until I saw it but a woman actually ran to the defense of her dogs and pushed a mother bear, who was with her cubs, off of a backyard fence to protect the dogs. Watch it here:
More about the story here:
It really may not have been the smartest thing to have done but it sure was ballsy! She did do something smart though, she looked over her shoulder to reassess the situation as she scampered away holding one of her smaller dogs. Those dogs might have been dinner for the three bears had the woman not intervened; they owe their mama bear lots of thanks.

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Glenn B