Sunday, March 3, 2024

Shots Fired - ...

...luckily though not in or very near my apartment but close enough to be a bit too close. I am guessing that the semi-auto rapid fire that I heard consisting of 15 rounds plus or minus one was in response to a locomotive engineer blowing the damned train horn for up to 60 seconds or so tonight at a nearby crossing, maybe a mile or one & a half from my apartment, where merely a quick toot-toot would do. They do this every night but not usually several times over 10 minutes each time and in each time span there are many repeated toots of a few to several seconds and there often is one toot per span that lasts from about 30 seconds up to 45 seconds, maybe even up to 60 seconds on a rare night like tonight. Now it's not rare that they blow their damned horn to excess, they do that nightly but rather that they blow it for over 30 seconds and tonight up to about 60 seconds continuously. That is irritating let alone they have done it several times already tonight and the night is yet young. 
Now I figure the shooting was in response to the horn because for about the past 30 to 40 minutes, that I have been back inside and I came in right after hearing the shots, I have not heard a peep out of that train's horn or from another train's and also have not heard any more shots. I hope the shots were not aimed at the engineer and I doubt it because there have been no sirens blaring. 
Even that accursed horn being blasted several to many times a night probably does not deserve being shot by someone whose sleep you have ruined - I am guessing, for several years now. Maybe though it deserves a good beating. I said maybe as in speculating sarcastically. (Note: I am not instructing or suggesting someone take such action nor am I condoning such behavior or similar behavior when illegal and possibly not even when legal, just wondering sarcastically.) Really though being shot for that horn blowing would be extreme, or so I think; yet, I can understand (not justify) how someone, might go to that extreme, who lives closer to the tracks and who must not only hear it but likely be literally rattled by it and by the passing of several trains all throughout the night. How they get any sleep is a deep & dark mystery to me.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Film Noir Should Have Been Named...

 ...Film De Bogart. There are few actors whose cinematic works I enjoy almost as much as I enjoy a good movie starring Humphrey Bogart. I am watching Dead Reckoning starring Bogart and Lizabeth Scott (one of the most beautiful and sultry women ever).
It is a great work of film noir but not my favorite Bogart movie. My favorite Bogart film of any sort is probably the Maltese Falcon. It is, without a doubt, my favorite Film Noir and Bogart along with Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Elisha Cook made it stunningly fabulous. Bogart though made other films from comedy to melodrama and some of those vie for his best film ever along with the Maltese Falcon. His role in The Caine Mutiny was amazingly intense, then there was his astounding performance as Mr. Allnut (I used to think it was Allnot or Allnaught but being a complete nut - as in All Nut - fit the character very well) in The African Queen. In that film's leech scene, he made me, and I daresay many others, feel the horror one would feel when climbing over the gunnel of the African Queen to get back into leech infested waters after Rosie, played by Katherine Hepburn, had discovered and pulled many leeches off of him. Then there was a movie in which he portrayed a man driven crazy to the point of being willing to murder his gold mining partners in The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, truly a Bogart masterpiece because of his outstanding acting abilities. That was maybe his best acting ever, it is a tough call compared to the others already mentioned.

There are many other Bogart films, some great, some good and maybe one or two like Sirocco (where he performed with quite possibly one of the most beautiful women ever - Marta Toren -who died way too soon at 31) that were a bit disappointing. Yet, all in all, he was the driving force in what made Film Noir a whole new but seemingly everlasting genre in the movies.

If you are a Bogart fan, you know what I mean. If you are not and or have never watched any of his works but think you can watch an old movie for its fine acting instead of a modern one where acting is secondary to special effects, then sit back and enjoy something like those I mentioned above or some others like: Key Largo, Casablanca, Sahara, To Have and Have Not or any of his films listed at this link:, many of his older films which I need to see yet.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, February 26, 2024

Henry U.S. Border Patrol Commemorative Rifles - A Step Closer To Being Mine

I just ordered two Henry Big Boys in .357 MAG/.38 SPL. These are commemorative rifles for the 100 year anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol. I have to say this was not an easy decision for me as they're setting me back a nice chunk of change but I figure one that remains a safe queen will have become a good investment should I ever decide to sell it; maybe the other will be a shooter or a better yet a shooter & a family heirloom. Right now, I need to hope I gave them my correct class number at the USBP Academy to verify I was a Border Patrol Agent. Of course, the only certificate of graduation that I cannot find from my carer, is my BPA diploma! I do have my class photo, showing a what I thunk are a session & a class number as 231/131; I used 231. So if I get declined for the wrong class number, I'll have to' change it to 131. I know the session is 131 so I am assuming 231 is the class number. I hope so, the less complications the better.

Here are some photos of these beauties; Henry makes truly nice looking firearms.

I also was very tempted, as in only a RCH away from pulling the trigger, to purchase two of the USBP Golden Boys in 22 LR but the additional cost would have been just way too much. Maybe later after I sell several lower valued guns to make up for this purchase, I may get them as well. More info on the Henry U.S.Border Patrol commemorative rifles here:

It only struck my little gray cells, when I saw these, that the USBP was founded in the same year as that of my mother's birth. How that never sank home before was merely because for most of the time I had no clue when the BP was founded. Maybe I had heard that at one time but I guess it went in one ear and out the other and thus I never linked the two before seeing the info for these enchanting pieces of firearms craftsmanship and Border Patrol history.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, February 19, 2024

Cop Shoots At Handcuffed Suspect In His Police Vehicle After Mistaking Acorn Hitting His Vehicle As Gunshots

You really cannot make up stuff like this so it goes to prove fact is stranger than fiction or at least crazier! Reportedly, a police officer, who had placed an arrested and handcuffed suspect into a police vehicle mistakenly took the sound of an acorn hitting his vehicle as the handcuffed suspect firing a gun at him. That despite him not seeing an broken glass through which the suspect was supposedly firing and no flashes of gunfire from a muzzle nor even seeing a gun. The officer returned fire and emptied the mag in his pistol. To make it worse, the officer yelled out that he was hit but had not been hit by gunfire because no one was shooting at him - what an imagination! In addition, a second officer fearing the first was being shot and possibly killed, also opened fire on the police vehicle holding the arrested subject. Somehow, the prisoner was not shot but I would be willing to bet that he will be getting a small fortune once his lawyer files a lawsuit. Read about it here at the source:

Someone please tell me, did the cop who said he was hit also say: "...I'm good, I'm still weird but I'm good" at about 54 seconds of the video linked to in the article! Video link: That is a serious question so I'd really appreciate if someone else can clarify that for me. I ask because that is what I thought I heard but I sometimes don't perceive spoken words maybe as well as I should; so, can someone else confirm for me whether he said he was weird or not?

I also am left wondering: Why did he seem to groan as if in pain like he was really shot??? Why did he drop his pistol and leave it laying there for however long that he did so and then apparently roll around, seemingly dramatically, with his hands in the air??? Also, after all his shooting with no apparent shots coming from the vehicle, I at first thought his partner also may have been at fault for firing at the vehicle but once I saw the video, I realized why he or she was exonerated of any wrong doing and find myself thinking that was a good decision by department brass. All the shit needs to flow only in one direction regarding those at the scene and that direction is not onto the other officer. Of course, maybe the department will realize it needs to give pre-employment psych tests if not already doing so. If they already give them, then maybe they need to revise the tests or find a new doctor to read the test results.
I am willing to bet that squad unit may have needed a complete sterilization and maybe even have needed to have the rear seats and any carpet replaced because of the pile of poop the poor guy inside, who was being shot at, may have shot out of his arse (those likely being the only shots that he may have fired). He was one lucky guy that he did not get hit. I am guessing he will be the recipient of a large lump sum in an out of court settlement and rightly so in my opinion.
To say the least, this incident was mind boggling for me after having spent 32 years plus in federal law enforcement and after having performed collateral duties as a firearms instructor for 16 of those years. Had an agent I just trained ever done something like that, I think maybe I would have had to give up being an instructor.
All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 16, 2024

Henry Has Just Announced Four U.S. Border Patrol Commemorative Rifles

Henry has announced four commemorative rifles to honor the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol. Two for the USBP & two others for the USBP under CBP. Being I started my career as a BPA in 1979, back when BP Agents actually did their jobs, I may get both of the USBP models; yet, I must say the following because of what BPAs are doing today:

What a sad time in the history of the Mean Green that Henry has chosen to come out with these. Instead of doing the jobs for which they were hired or quitting in mass protest, BP Agents are now, as I see it, aiding and abetting the entry of illegal aliens under the direction of the criminal, U.S. Constitution violating and hating, mindless president who has sold out America, Joe Biden. If I was  a BP agent now, I would quit in protest. I think every one of the current BPAs should quit or at the least stage a sick-out for a week. I am serious that I would quit;. no doubt in my mind. I did when I was in Customs, over much less, and only went back after a week or two of supervisors and agents urging me to return. My GS even coming to my home a couple of times to do so. The  patrol today, is a disgrace as I see it. We have lost the battle and it seems are about to lose the war and our country because they choose to obey the man responsible for destroying our sovereignty and our country's place as the greatest nation on Earth.

Well that said, I guess I need to add something about these rifles. They are being offered only to current, retired or former Border Patrol Agents. There is a model in 22 LR and one in .357 MAG/.38 SPL being offered for the Border Patrol prior to it becoming part of CBP and another one of each caliber for the Border Patrol after the creation of CBP - why they are doing that is beyond me - there is and has been only one U.S. Border Patrol regardless of which department and parent agency it has been under since it's creation.

Ain't they sweet.

The ones in .357/.38 have a brass receiver, the ones in 22 have a nickel plated receiver but for some reason Henry is calling it a Golden Boy (I always thought only their rifles with solid brass receiver were considered Golden Boys). Regardless,I am considering a big money layout for either one of each of the regular USBP models (even the idea of getting a CBP model disgusts me) or possibly double that and getting two of each of the USBP (non-CBP) models. I asked my son what he thought of such an investment and he probably rightly told me it would be very risky especially in light of the possibility that Henry could possibly remove their sales restriction of selling them only to BPAs and thus making them available to the general public if they do not sell enough of them. That would suck and probably reduce the value of them. If however, they are only ever sold by Henry to current, retired or former BPAs, that could keep their value high and they are not cheap. The 22 LR versions are $800.00 each and the .357/.38 are $1,150.00. Those are supposed to be the discounted prices. The thing is, if you buy other of Henry's commemorative models - they currently retail for a bit less than that from what I have seen - so where is the discount except off of MSRP. It really is no discount at all as I see it, if similar commemorative models actually sell for less; then again no others are USBP models.

Then there is the fact they are calling the 22 LR version a Golden Boy and as per their own page describing a Golden Boy the USBP commemorative in 22 LR seems to be anything but a Golden Boy because the receiver and butt plate are nickel finish and not brasslite & brass respectively as they are on a Golden Boy! Check out their description of the Golden Boy here: Then look at the USBP Commemorative models here: Bet you were wondering when I'd get around to that link.They are simply something I'd love to own but even just two will take a big bite out of my bank account and knowing myself, if I buy at least one in one caliber, then I am also buying at least one in the other. Still though, they are very nice looking and the temptation to buy at least one of each - damn my finances - is exceedingly strong and my will is weakening.

I asked my son for some advice as to what he thought of me buying two of each of the USBP (non CBP) models. He mentioned that they might later be sold to the general public, and thus could be a risky investment. He is probably right but the temptation to buy a pair of each is almost as strong as the urge to buy just one of each model. So, I sent an inquiry to Henry to ask if they might ever be sold to the general public or if they will remain on sale only to BPAs and to ask about serial numbers. I inquired as to whether or not these rifles would have a run of serial numbers exclusive to them. I asked that because I want to know, if I buy one, or more, in each caliber, can I get serial number in one caliber that will match the serial number of the other caliber. I also asked if there is a serial number run specific to these guns, would it be possible for me to get one in each caliber ending with what was my three number call sign when I was a BPA (that would be truly excellent). Hopefully they will reply soon and still have the ones with my number in stock if they can do that last thing. If they can do the last three number bit, I am pretty sure to bite on at least one matched pair with my call sign as the last three digits.

I have to add one last thing, not so much about these rifles but rather about the year the Border Patrol was established. I don't know how I missed this all these years, I entered on duty on September 29, 1979, but the founding year of the BP was 1924 - that was the year of my mothers birth. Sold, I am buying at least one, probably two of them and maybe four.

 All the best,
 Glenn B
PS: My apologies to RiverRider whose comment was inadvertently deleted when I edited the original post and wound up making it a completely new post. I retrieved the comment from my email and reposted it in the comment section with proper attribution.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Just Got Back From Walking Skye, My mongrel...

 ...and am sitting in my living room experiencing my eardrums resonating melodically while being bathed within the purely magically musical waves and exotic voice of Carlos Santana playing 'Do You Remember Me'.

 You can lay back and allow yourself to enjoy it by listening to it here:

Hope you liked it half as much I enjoyed it. This one not quite as good guitar as Samba Pa Ti but still excellent. Samba Pa Ti is perfection.
After that you might want to give a ear or both to - now for something completely different, no not Monty Python - Jethro Tull as Ian Andersen goes solo on flute at Tampa in 1976:
 His flute fingers on the flute are as perfect as those of Santana on the strings. That piece was great, it just came up on YouTube a couple after Santana's song. As for Ian Andersen on flute, my favorite piece is Bouree. It compares favorably with Samba Pa Ti as to intensity and simply to it being perfection to my perception as I listen to it or the other.

And the last I present for your listening pleasure is - well, that is if you truly enjoy the music in a woman's voice and this one is either the most beautiful voice I have ever heard (or in 2nd place, 3rd or even maybe 4th place under only Joan Osbourne whose voice sometimes changes so much from song to song you'd think you were listening to different women, saw her in concert several years ago in a small venue in upstate NY - she was fantastic), Grace Slick (live and stoned at Woodstock, saw her in Jefferson Airplane & then again but in Jefferson Starship both times in Central Park, NYC) and Debby Harry very hot sexy babe back in the day with a fantastically fabulous voice, saw her twice with Blondie at Belmont Racetrack in Nassau County, NY, got in for like $1.50 if we got there before a certain race and had to wait around about an hour or so for the show after the races). A tough call would it be for me to pick one as best! - another song that came after Santana, 'Eye Of The Storm' sung by Natalie Merchant:
I hope all of the music has enchanted and held spellbound your psyche, as it has mine. In some future post, I hope I will remember to compare at least one song each from from the other three against one from Natalie Merchant and we can start a debate as to who sounds best. Dang it, I almost forgot Alison Krauss a beautiful lady with a beautifully passionate voice I saw her once maybe twice with Union Station as back-up for Willie Nelson and once I seem to remember also as back-up for Charlie Daniels, Stevie Nicks gorgeous and one hell of a sultry (meanings 1a & 2a&b) voice, Janis Joplin maybe not a beautiful looking babe but her voice was powerful & vibrantly outstanding and Neena in her native tongue, a truly exquisite voice has she! Later for them and 4 U!
All the Best,
Glenn B

Monday, February 12, 2024

Must-Have Gun Tools?

While looking through some gun forums in the wee hours of the day on which I write this, I came across a thread that detailed what the opening poster believed were 'must-have' gun tools. I was truly surprised, to say the least, at what he thought were the must-have  essentials for what he called "your 'smithing bench". After reading about what he thought were the ten necessary tools for working on firearms, I decided to give an in depth reply.
Before I continue allow me to list his ten must-have tools:
1. Gun Vise
2. Screwdriver Set
3. Torque Wrench
4. Boresighter
5. Scope-Leveling Device
6. Hook & Pick Set
7. Cleaning Rod(s)
8. Jags And Bore Brushes
9. Ultrasonic Cleaner
10. Gun/Brand specific tools
Here is what I wrote regarding my thoughts about his choices of his choices for ten must-have tools for working on firearms and my thoughts on the tools I consider pretty much as essentials (or as unnecessary luxuries) or as simply nice to have for working on the guns that I own or on guns I may acquire at a future date. Mind you, I make no claim to be a gunsmith or that my work area is a 'smithing bench. So here is the reply that I wrote:
"With all due respect to your expertise on this subject, I see my essential firearms tools differently than do you yours.

I think a sonic cleaner is a luxury and completely unneeded in a kit of gun tools. I have never, I repeat never, used a sonic cleaner in my shooting lifetime and that has been over 60 years long so far. I own a gun or two or three that is/are over 100 years old and I am certain their parts have never been in a sonic cleaner and never will be as long as I own them. So please, explain to me why it was a must-have for me in all those years; yet, I never have used one and my firearms work just fine.

It also seems to me a boresight is a luxury. I sight in my rifles the old fashioned way, bang-bang-bang adjust as necessary - then bang-bang-bang until I get it right. I start close in and work out to further distances. I like some good old shooting to get it done, it's fun. Of course I could always boresight a rifle by aiming down the bore then adjusting the reticle of a mounted scope to be on target all without a laser boresight. I guess a boresight is nice to own and convenient to use maybe even much more efficient but it most certainly is not a must-have necessity.

Of course other scope mounting/adjusting devices are also not necessities. They are certainly nice to have but truth be told, I did just fine mounting scopes for many a year after my 50s once my vision became less than optimal. I purchased a torque wrench only within the last two years, same for a scope mounting kit with the level and other tools. Nice to have and makes the job of mounting a scope easier and more precise but not must-have tools. Th same goes for a gun vise. I got my first one two or three years ago. Wow does it make a very nice difference but for many years I used my knees or someone else to hold the gun while I worked on it. I did with what I had.

Placing jags & bore brushes separate from cleaning rods almost makes it seem as if you could not find another appropriate item to take a number in your pick of ten 'must-have' tools. Let's face it - brushes & jags are part of a must-have firearms cleaning kit, as is a cleaning rod and as are cleaning brushes (brass & steel - not bore brushes but hand held brushes that resemble toothbrushes). You purposefully excluded patches and swabs - go figure they are tools like any others that fit into a cleaning kit and add pipe cleaners to that list (if you have ever cleaned a Yugoslavian SKS you may understand why I include them but they also come in quite handy on many other types of firearms). A complete cleaning kit is thus considered by me to be all one tool with accessories or a tool group as far as I am concerned but if you want to make them separate then why not have jags as one item and bore brushes as another and cleaning patches as another and add swabs & pipe cleaners to the list and solvent and had held cleaning brushes as another and you could just keep going.

Somethings you seem to have excluded or maybe have forgotten are: pin punches (these are gun tools of relative necessity in my mind), a hammer with combination brass head and nylon head, a pair of needle nose pliers is another, a hemostat is another, a bore light is another, a telescoping rod with a magnetic end is another excellent tool to have around but maybe not an essential one until that tiny screw or spring falls under something to heavy to move but yet can be reached under by the magnetic tipped rod to retrieve the lost item. I'd also say a Glock tool but any correctly sized pin punch will do. I'd likely add a 1911 wrench (not necessary maybe but sure makes disassembly and assembly easier). I also find a small multi-function knife to be a very useful and a must have item in my firearms tool kit. Depending on what type of firearms you have sight tools (both rear and front) could be must have items. For instance, it is pretty much a necessity for the rear sights on Glocks and a Glock front sight tool is also a good choice for a Glock owner.
Of course there are also sight tools for rifles like AR-15s and AK-47s.

Lest I forget and while these are probably not considered tools, I think some of the most essential things to have when it comes to working on guns are manuals, exploded parts diagrams annotated to describe each part, and firearms books detailing assembly and disassembly of guns. The books can be expensive but you can often find greatly discounted used editions on sites like eBay. Manuals can also be expensive but if you have a currently manufactured firearms, many manufacturers offer manuals you can download from their websites. Even if you do not have a computer or smart phone, you can go to almost any public library and download them or print them there for a nominal fee at most. I currently have well over fifty such books and manuals. Some of my manuals are from the original manufacturer as those that came with the gun, others are after market so to speak such as those salmon colored ones for which I cannot recall the publisher. I have many for guns I do not even own, they may come in handy some day when I buy my next gun or the the next one after that or if I am looking for a particular manual I do not have, I may be able to trade one I already own for the one I need.

As for not using the kitchen table - well pardon me if I did not make a lot of money in my early career and lived in tiny studio apartments for a few years and the only work area that I had available was my kitchen table or the floor. Believe me it was better using the kitchen table while sitting in a chair than trying to sit on the floor and work on a gun. It always amazes me how well meaning gun folks offering advice often seem to expect everyone is as well off as are they and that they assume every gun owner has or must have things like a separate work area with a work bench. Many folks do not have those luxuries, heck they may not even have the basic tools both you and I mentioned. Thus they do with what they have but I'd at least hope they acquire the basic tools for any gun they own. When I used my kitchen table, I made sure to cover my table with a plastic/vinyl tarp when cleaning guns on it and I still cleaned the table very well once I was finished. There are several brands of supposedly nontoxic gun cleaning solvents available making use of the kitchen table less of a hazard nowadays. You do the best you can with the best you have, that is what makes the world go round."
I may have left something out as to my essentials but please note that if I did not mention something like a screwdriver set that the original poster of the thread did mention, it was simply because I agree that is an essential so don't assume that if I did not mention something it means I do not think it essential. For instance, I did not mention Allen wrenches, which I think are a must have but did not bother to mention them only because a good size variety of Allen heads come in many gun screwdriver sets. Yet, I suppose a set or two (the first in imperial sizes, the second in metric sizes) are pretty much a thing to own. I did make sure to add things the other guy did not list, like pin punches and needle nosed pliers, that I think are mandatory. I covered most of the necessary tools in that manner, or so I think, without having looked through my tools as or before I wrote the above. If you think I missed something, please let me know. It is always nice to learn more about maintaining my firearms.
All the best,
Glenn B 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Ballsy But Really Stupid

A guy allegedly used a company issued credit card, from the company for which he worked, to make unauthorized purchases of over 31K worth of scratch off lottery tickets. He admited to his boss he had done so according to this source report.
As the post title says, ballsy but stupid.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, February 3, 2024

FedEX Does It Again

 The does it again thing was this:

I had a package containing 1,000 rounds of ammunition delivered to my apartment by FedEx today, it was marked with the required marking used for ammo. I was waiting at home for it and preparing something in my kitchen when it was delivered. If not for my WADAS (Woofing Alert Delivery Alarm System - my dog) suddenly barking loudly, I would not have known the package had been delivered unless I opened my door to go outside and then possibly would have tripped over it as it was on my doorstep. Well, when I opened the door, I caught the FedEx driver getting into his truck and asked why he had not rung my doorbell or at least knocked on my door among other things like getting my signature which I had wrongly thought was required on this package (I confused it with another one). He apparently got angry and replied that if I want a delivery wherein someone knocks on my door, I should use UPS. I got pissed off and cursed him out and regret I did so but that does not make his failure to alert me to the delivery any less serious, especially with the current amount of package thefts that is ongoing in the USA. So, I am going to take his advice. In the future, unless there is an urgent need for me to get something and FedEx is the only available shipper, any purchases I make online will be restricted to companies who do not use FedEx for shipping but who instead use UPS or the USPS as appropriate for whatever I am buying. Today, I made an official complaint against the driver.

That is my first official complaint with FedEx as best I can remember but it is not the first time a FedEx driver has failed to ring my bell or knock on my door. On the other hand, UPS and USPS drivers almost always knock or ring, it is rare that they do not, to let me know my package has arrived and to place it in my hand. They also do it with a smile on their faces. I do not often get packages delivered by FedEx but this is about the fifth or sixth time they have not even used the minimal amount of energy nor had enough respect for a me, the package recipient, to ring my bell. Five or six times of this, as best I can recall, amounts to the great majority of FedEx deliveries to me over the past year and few months at my current address, so it seems to me they have failed the majority of times. As I said it is not the first time they have done this but it is the first time one has told me to have my packages shipped via UPS and thus the first time I made an official complaint.

In fact, I wrote a post about delivery companies last year when it seemed UPS employees were going to strike. I mentioned in that post my dissatisfaction with FedEx for much the same reasons. This is what I wrote about Fed Ex deliveries back then (source):

"I shudder to think though that if they do strike and I need to order something that usually is shipped via UPS - it may wind up being shipped by FedEx. At least in my personal experience, FedEx damages packages more often than UPS. Luckily the damage usually only has been to the shipping box. My local FedEx delivery folks also rarely ring my bell or knock on my door when delivering to me but instead just leave the item on my doorstep; luckily I don't recall anything going missing (as in being stolen) when they've done that. On the other hand, UPS delivery personnel almost always knock on my door and or ring the bell, it is a rare delivery when they do not. 

The UPS lady who normally delivers my parcels has even called me on my cell phone on at least one or maybe two occasions when I have not been home. She did that to see if I can get home quick enough to have her wait or otherwise to check if she should just leave it or drop it off at the UPS Customer Center for me to pick up later (she is one heck of an excellent & different delivery person for any shipping company). 
With FedEx, I often either unexpectedly stumble across a package left on my doorstep by FedEx when I am going out or I am often alerted to the fact that they just made a delivery by my super sophisticated high tech & almost failure proof WADAS (woofing alert delivery alarm system). She alerts me not only to FedEx package deliveries but also to those made by the USPS and UPS:"

Yes the photo is part of the quote. 

 As I said, it is FedEx drivers who usually do not knock or ring my doorbell and just stealthily leave packages on my doorstep; the UPS and USPS folks have a lot better delivery etiquette and good manners and are usually very polite as well. In my opinion, FedEx is the worst possible choice anyone could make to ship a package. I wholeheartedly believe UPS and the USPS put them to shame.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 2, 2024

Happy Grounhog Day

 I have it on good authority that the little flea-bag Punxsutawny Phil did not see his shadow today thus predicting an early Spring. Happy Groundhog Day, the best holiday ever. No shopping and spending on presents, no gift wrapping,no holiday cards to send, no always hungry mooching relatives coming over expecting to stuff their maws with my vittles, no big meal planning, no cooking & no thus no complaints something was not just right, no lots of dirty dishes to wash, and folks Cancel Culture has not gone after this one, at least not yet. All I plan on doing for the day is watching its eponymous movie, one of the best ever. This is my favorite holiday and most folks do not even think of it as a holiday. I love it, how could I not!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Laptop Problems

 My laptop's fan has been rattling intermittently. This has been going on a week or two at most and it has  rattled only a few to maybe several times. I had thought that my 3 year next business day onsite warranty expired tomorrow but when I checked on HP's site tonight, they said it expired yesterday. Then I looked at my warranty again and on another warranty page of HP's. As it turned out, thank goodness I contacted them today because yesterday nor tomorrow was the expiration date - today is/was the last day of the warranty! 
After 2 hours and 50 minutes, of questions and useless downloads (at least useless as to fixing  the problem) the HP rep told me an onsite service tech will be calling me soon, I am guessing tomorrow. That was only after the HP rep first asked me to send it in to HP and I had to remind her I had an onsite next day business service warranty. It was also after she had asked me to record the rattling sound. When she asked me to record the sound, it was not rattling. Luckily though, a few moments later, out of the blue, it went into the black and it started rattling again. I grabbed my phone, hit voice recorder and I recorded it.
This was the first hardware problem in three years of owning this laptop, a far cry from my previous HP laptop which had a few hardware issues. Remarkably this was a refurbished business machine; I guess they did a good job at refurbishing it. I should note, this laptop is speed rated at being a Battleship and an Aircraft Carrier when I run the User Benchmark app, it is still considered as very powerful and fast today even though I purchased it three years ago today. I paid a lot for it but my figuring was I wanted one that would remain top notch for a few to several years to come and after that still be at least a pretty fast computer. It has made it in that regard for three years so far and I am guessing will give me good to very good performance for a few years more..
I would probably have called this problem in a bit sooner, as in earlier this week, despite me being THE Great Procrastinator but I was at my son's house from last Friday until yesterday and had left the laptop at home and just forgot all about it. In fact, it was probably the last thing on my mind today, that is until it started rattling again. I am happy it did so because if it and I had waited until tomorrow, I would have been a day late & a dollar short so to speak! Usually I am that guy, the one who gets royally screwed but today there must have been Divine Intervention and or maybe that rare thing known as good luck for me and believe me sometimes I think if not for an abundance of bad luck I'd have almost no luck at all.

You can bet, I am hoping it, that is my good fortune, will continue through tomorrow when I buy some lottery tickets for Mega Millions, Power ball, the AR lottery/lotto and AR Natural State drawings. If I win a big prize on tickets I buy tomorrow I may well start going back to church because it will be evident that someone up there likes me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Visited My Son For Several Days & Went To A Gun Show

Skye, my mongrel, and I drove to Sherwood, AR last Friday to visit my son, his girlfriend and their three pooches. Had a nice weekend visiting, got a bit looped with Brendan & Nikki on Friday night. Messed around a lot with their two new puppies and Skye did the same or should I say they messed around with her. Watched too much TV, mostly MI5 on Britbox in Amazon Prime. Ate some good eats including an out of this world roast chicken with mashed taters & broiled Brussels sprouts. Drank some good bier & booze too. I did not do much more for most of the days we were there, we just got back to my apartment today.

The only thing I did of merit other than visiting them was to attend the G&S gun show in Conway, AR this past Sunday. I have been there several times as a vendor but while looking to sell something, I was not a vendor this time. With some willpower dredged up from I know not where, I successfully compelled my psyche to demand of myself that I not buy any guns, ammo or accessories. However, I did make two purchases of small metal novelty signs at $4.00 each. With some entrepreneurship & luck, I sold a Rock Island Armory 51431 Rock Standard FS 1911 in 45ACP. I got 100% of my money back, which was my hoped for result. 
I also tried to sell a Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in .300 WIN MAG but had no luck with offloading it onto some other gun nut enthusiast than myself. That one was truly like new, it had only ten shots fired out of it to date. Bought it in 2018 at a Hessney auction in Geneva, NY. It is in pristine condition except for a tiny almost unnoticeable scuff on the synthetic stock. It turned out that my bursitis/arthritis in the strong side shoulder made its recoils a bit much for me. While I offered it to my son as a gift, he shot 5 of those 10 rounds through it and said that as enough for him, he did not like the recoil and did not want the Savage. It's funny that this past weekend, he told me how nice of a rifle was it and that he thought it was cool. Now that he has a Remington 700 BDL in .30-06, I guess he thinks the recoil is not as bad as he at first had thought.

As for the pistol that I sold: I had three of the same exact model of those pistols and figured it would be a quick seller that I did not need since I'd be left with to others if it sold. I purchased one on Halloween in 2016, then I bought two more in July 2023. My reason for selling was that I recently wound up needing to replenish some cash that I had spent, but that I should not have spent, on stuff for my firearms hobby/collection (or should I say my firearms addiction:rolleyes:😂). So, to recoup some of the cash, I decided to sell one of the the newer ones (unfired in the box with everything that was in the box from the factory). I was not looking to make a profit but am guessing I easily could have gotten $25 to $50 more for it since I originally bought it at a great sale price. Regardless, I was quite satisfied to get my money back on it to replenish at least some of the moolah that I am hoping to get back into my pocket and then put back into the bank.

I may go to another gun show, this one in Mena, AR this weekend; I am none too sure I can get away though but it indubitably would be nice if I could go there on Friday & Saturday. Gun show or not though, I very much would like to visit the village of Mena and the area around it. The village putatively
is quaint and the surrounding area is said to be very nice countryside. Then again, a gun show there at the same time I'd be visiting would be a big plus, especially if I can sell another one or something else gun related like a collectable bayonet or two. Of course, that would only be nice if I maintain my composure and once again find the willpower that is hidden within me to avoid buying something that I see that make me thin think: such a deal, don't be a schmuck buy two!

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

What Victim Is This DA Talking About Supporting?

 A 14 year old girl accused a doctor of masturbating while he was seated next to her on a plane back in 2022. She accused him of having his fly open and that he beat it until completion. Apparently shoe told no one on the aircraft, like the flight attendants but told her grandparents (whom she was traveling with) only after they got to the destination airport. He was arrested, charged criminally, indicted and subsequently was found not guilty during a bench trial. It has been reported that the flight attendants and other passengers near him did not notice him doing anything like what the girl had accused him of and one of the passengers included his fiancé who was seated next to him! The girl reportedly said something along the lines of: he had a blanket covering him and was bouncing his leg under it, the blanket slipped down and she saw his open fly and him allegedly doing the inappropriate deed.
This is among things the district attorney (possibly the knucklehead of the year) reportedly said after the trial: 
"Our office will remain steadfast in supporting victims, particularly minor children. It is critical that victims know they can come forward, and they will be heard and be fully supported by our office,” US Attorney Joshua Levy said."
For more info go to the source.
The problem with that statement is the defendant was found NOT GUILTY - so who was/is the victim!!! If he actually did not masturbate or expose himself or anything illegal amounting to a sexual crime, then it appears to me that she was either sadly and badly mistaken or that maybe for some unknown reason she knowingly filed a false report of a crime. If that was the case, she most definitely was not a victim. Additionally it seems that in fact, merely based upon the not guilty verdict, she was not a victim - at least not of a crime perpetrated by the defendant. The only victim I see here seems to me to be the guy who was accused. So, I must ask what the hell is the DA talking about when saying he "...will remain steadfast in supporting victims, particularly minor children". Where is his support of the man who, as I see it, evidently was wrongly accused but later found NOT GUILTY!!!
This man's life, relationships, career may possibly have been ruined irreparably because of something of which he was accused and for which he was prosecuted, I am guessing possibly by an overzealous prosecutor, but of which he was found not guilty. There can be a lot of long lasting poison in the pen, his whole life may be in shambles because of those unfounded allegations.

Of course, if the guy actually did it well my guess is he will get caught doing it again sooner or later but until that time such happens and he is actually convicted - he did no wrong under the law at least this time around. In my opinion, He needs to file a lawsuit seeking mega bucks but in my opinion mostly as a warning to prevent others from possibly making false allegations and to prevent DA's from filing charges when there seems to be zero reported physical evidence of said sex crime and only what appears to be a she said - he said type of a case.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Happy 91st Anniversary To, Well To - Who Was That Masked Man

Yes that was the question many asked: "Who was that masked man"! If you are as old as me or older, you know he was the Lone Ranger. As the legend goes, he was one of six Texas Rangers gunned down by outlaws but he survived. While he lay wounded, he was found by an Indian whom he had nursed to health years before. The Indian, named Tonto (first heard in episode 11 of the radio show - to give the ranger someone to talk to, to add dialogue), took the ranger to a cave and nursed him to health. When the ranger was well enough to ask what happened to his ranger commrades, Tonto showed him their graves and replied: "You only ranger left. You Lone Ranger". With that a legend was born.

From January 30, 1933 onward for about 20 years or so, starting long before television, there were over 3,000 radio shows featuring that masked man and his faithful companion Tonto. The Lone Ranger on his lightning fast steed Silver, firing silver bullets from his revolver and shouting out Hi-Yo Silver became an image branded into the minds of American youth beginning in September 1949 with the opening of the Lone Ranger television series. The Lone Ranger and Tonto were the original all American inter-racial crime fighting team.The series, starring Clayton Moore (for the great majority of TV episodes, he missed only one year when seeking better pay) and Jay Silverheels ran through 1957. (More at the source.)

It probably was my favorite television show when I was a youngster. My pre-teen young self never knew I was watching reruns (I may have watched before reruns but was too young to remember that) but it did  not matter. I was enchanted and enthralled, reruns or not. The Lone Ranger and Tonto likely had strong enough influence on me that decades later, I became a lawman, loved the West (where I worked during several months long details) and thus was lucky enough to live what I had dreamed of being when I was a child, just without a horse.

One of the most special things about the Lone Ranger was his partnership with Tonto, a native American. Most fiction and historical depictions of Indians at the time showed them as the bad guys or as hopeless wild and ruthless savages. Another thing that was very special was what the shows planted in the minds of children, a code of morality and ethics that is hard to beat. That was the Lone Ranger Creed. It would be a good thing to teach your children today in words and by living it yourselves no matter your race, creed or culture:

"I believe...

That to have a friend, a man must be one.

That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.

That God put the firewood there but that every man must gather and light it himself.

In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for that which is right.

That a man should make the most of what equipment he has.

That 'This government, of the people, by the people and for the people' shall live always.

That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.

That sooner or later ... somewhere ... somehow ... we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.

That all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever.

In my Creator, my country, my fellow man." 

There was more to the Lone Ranger than his creed. The creators of the character set guidelines for his actions, these may not be as well known as his creed but I assure you that they put how Hollywood heroes are portrayed today to shame. These guidelines as to how he was to be portrayed would be an amazing find in a current fictional or even in a real hero today, they were:

The Lone Ranger is never shown without his mask or some sort of disguise.

With emphasis on logic, The Lone Ranger is never captured or held for any length of time by lawmen, avoiding his being unmasked.

At all times, The Lone Ranger uses perfect grammar and precise speech completely devoid of slang and colloquial phrases.

Whenever he has to use guns, The Lone Ranger never shoots to kill, but rather only to disarm his opponent as painlessly as possible.

Logically, too, The Lone Ranger never wins against hopeless odds; i.e., he is never seen escaping from a barrage of bullets merely by riding into the horizon.

Even though The Lone Ranger offers his aid to individuals or small groups, the ultimate objective of his story is to imply that their benefit is only a by-product of a greater achievement -- the development of the West or our Country. His adversaries are usually groups whose power is such that large areas are at stake.

All adversaries are American to avoid criticism from minority groups.

Names of unsympathetic characters are carefully chosen, avoiding the use of two names as much as possible to avoid even further vicarious association. More often than not, a single nickname is selected.

Criminals are never shown in unenviable positions of wealth or power, and they never appear as either successful or glamourous.

The Lone Ranger does not drink or smoke, and saloon scenes are usually interpreted as cafes with waiters and food instead of bartenders and liquor.(Source.)

That creed & those guidelines seem an impossibilty in a Hollywood, literary or even a real life idol or hero today and seem at best, difficult for any parent to attain. Yet, striving to fullfill at least most, if not all of them, would make for better parents, better kids and a better America.

To me, when I was a child, Clayton Moore was 'The Lone Ranger', in other words not an actor but a true hero. That has not changed much today because while I aam old enough now to understand the diffetence, it was Clayton Moore who brought the Lone Ranger to life and who instilled in me his creed and the desire to be like the Lone Ranger when I grew up. I had many other fictional and real life heros but none quite like him. There is nothing like living out your dreams and Clayton Moore, whose dream was to be portrayed as a hero in western films, knew it well, as can been when you read what he said: "Nothing is as thrilling as having a dream come true — and I enjoyed every minute of it.” (Source of the quote and more about Moore.) He wore the trademark white hat and black mask years after the series ended until a lawsuit by Hollywood scum made him cease doing it but in the mid 1980's he won an appeal and wore them again in many appearances. 


I wound up living out my dream too. I thank him for giving me a dream that eventually came true for me if only because of him actually being my childhood hero - The Lone Ranger. RIP sir!

All the best,

Glenn B

Friday, January 26, 2024

Biden Well On His Way To Causing A Civil War

 So, right now, as far as I am aware, there are two states out of the 50 that are prepared to protect our southern border and Biden is talking tough guy balderdash and doing nothing to protect our country from the invasion of millions of illegal aliens consisting of a slew of criminals like drug smugglers, rapists, child molesters and terrorists. Sure most of them may be nice guys (and yes the great majority are men) but then again they may not be nice at all but for sure there have been at least thousands of not so nice criminals who have entered across our southern border illegally and no one knows what has come across the northern one.
 As per the Constitution of the United States of America, the president is responsible for protecting the borders but when he fails at that Constitutional Duty - the states may take over that duty to protect our borders. The to states doing something worthy of merit are Texas and now South Dakota by way of South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem saying she will supply barbed wire to Texas should the border patrol keep cutting it on the order of Biden(more at the source). That man is destroying everything about our once great nation by: opening up the borders, totally screwing up the economy, causing our national debt to soar to inexcusable heights, making us energy dependent for oil, weakening our military by all the munitions he has doled out to Ukraine & probably now to Israel as well), disregarding the sovereignty of our country by allowing criminals to cross our borders unimpeded (and when I say criminals in the context of this sentence I mean each and every alien who has crossed the border illegally because doing so is a crime regardless if Biden ignores the law),  his disregard for the Bill of Rights - especially the 2nd Amendment, and on and on. Damn he is even trying to be the king of kitchen appliances. Of course he and his lackeys are doing everything they can think of, (short of an assassination attempt - so far) to prevent Donal Trump from winning the 2024 election by attempting to get him off the ballot completely so he cannot run.Yes I think Biden thinks he is king.

The thing is kings are not allowed to rule in this country and I think if he keeps pushing executive orders that restrict our rights & liberties and if he continues to disregard the Constitution then many of the states will defy him and sooner or later he may decide to go to war against those states. It would not surprise me. I hope it does not come to what it seems Biden is hoping for, Americans killing brother & sister Americans but only time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B