Thursday, July 18, 2019

First It Was Pseudoephedrine, Now It's Wasp Spray

Meth chemists have been stirring up a hornets nest law enforcement scrutiny, in West Virginia, with their use of wasp spray as one of the ingredients they have used to make their product; it's been killing users.

 "We're seeing this here on the streets in Boone County," Sutphin told Charleston's WCHS-TV. "People are making a synthetic type methamphetamine out of wasp spray.""

Reportedly, 30 cans of wasp spray were sold in one day in Boone County, WV. More at the source. Being summer though, I wonder if that is above average for sales in an entire county and I wonder who is keeling track and why. Wasp spray was formulated to destroy vermin and I imagine some might say that is exactly what it has done in the deaths of people using meth tainted with it.

If this trend continues, my guess is that by next summer, you will have to supply ID to purchase the bug killer, cans of it will be smaller and you will be limited as to how many you can purchase as it was with pseudoephedrine, what next!. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Texas Bound

I'll be heading to the Texarkana area tomorrow hoping that an apartment I have been waiting to come up vacant is to my liking. Texarkana is certainly not number on on the hit [parade for places where I'd like to live in TX but it is only about 1.5 hours from where my son lives and would be not too far and not to close, so to speak. If I do take the apartment, once I am settled in there, I will start looking for a house.  Buying a house may have to wait until this divorce thing is over and I know how much money I will have as income but I can look at some in the meantime.

I may stay over that way a couple or few days. Anyone know a good, not chain type, restaurant. Home cooking, general American style eats, is what I hope to find. A great place for breakfast would also be nice to know about.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, July 13, 2019


I ordered one of these online earlier in the week. Stock photo but it looks exactly the same. It is the Century Arms C39V2 - MOE, model number: RI2399-N, with milled receiver. It is 100% made in the US of A.

It shipped on the 10th and was delivered on the 11th, same day I got the email notifying me it had shipped. That was quick. I picked it up at a local pawn shop - R&J Pawn And Loan - that handled the transfer for me. Met the owners, husband & wife team, there were extremely nice folks and they only charged $20.00 for the transfer.

Looked it over and it looked good to go. Hope to bring it to the range tomorrow.

There I had been thinking I'd buy myself a nice AR as soon as I got out of NY and I went for this instead; so, the AR has been put on hold for awhile. This will be the last gun I buy until I sell at least a few others and then I'll get an AK.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Ultimate Progressive - Destroying The Status Quo Of The Progressives

If you discussed politics right after the last major federal primaries and through the last federal general election in November 2018, you probably did some talking about NY's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who was elected to the House of Representatives. Since then she has become almost daily news for her outspoken demeanor on just about every political from so call Climate Change (aka: Global Warming) to her quest to oust several incumbent democrats from her own party because she apparently believes them to be less than progressive enough. She is a ballsy bitch so to speak and has been relentless in her opposition to President Trump and seemingly so toward anyone with who she has an ideological disagreement such as House Speak Nancy Pelosi of her own party. Right now she is leading the charge against incumbent democrats in an effort to have them ousted and replaced by those more in line with her own views (source) and thus she is gaining power as she steamrolls her once upon a time allies. Where to from there if she is successful - maybe the White House itself. Think that last is not possible - you are thinking just like those who thought she did not stand a chance of winning the democrat primary let alone the election.

She is backed by another ideologue, Saikat Chakrabarti, whom she supposedly chose to be her chief of staff; although, I have often wondered if he was he who chose her to manipulate to his own ends. His philosophy of advancing progressiveness, echoes or maybe guides her's, and is evidenced here: 

"It’s all part of a broader strategy to deploy inside-out organizing, Chakrabarti said. Staying connected to the progressive movement — and the public eye — through attention-grabbing demonstrations and social media is part of gaining policy leverage.
In other words: Don’t expect them to back down.

“When you shoot for big stuff, you stay true to the movement, you fight unapologetically on the inside, that is a very, very powerful way to pass the radical solutions that are necessary to face the radical problems that you have,” he said." (Source.)

His major political success seemingly has been the election of Ocasio-Cortez and the ousting of the incumbent democrat she faced down in the primaries. He has a lot of progressive goals and his puppet Ocasio-Cortez is riding high on his agenda. That is not to say it is also her own agenda as well but I think one can safely bet, with a record like Chakrabarti's, he is fanning those flames of ultra progressiveness within her. 

They are the dynamic duo of the progressive movement. While many laughed, still laugh at Ocasio-GuevaraCortez and think her a fool, I think they are individually both dangerous and much more so when aligned with one another. She is the type of leader the current crop of leftist loons find not only as acceptable but as an outstanding specimen of progressive political correctness despite her apparently being fairly clueless when it comes to fact versus fantasy on many current issues and events as well as on historical ones. When you think about it - that has been the hallmark of nearly every tyrant who has ever lived from petty ones all the way up through and including the most heinous and vicious. Her type scares me and should scare you. Mind you, being scared is good, it keeps you on your toes and more likely to act than being comfortably wrapped up in the status quo. Bear in mind the reasons to be concerned is that should she be successful in ousting long time democrat whackadoos from her own party then the next will be those on the other side of the aisle and if she becomes powerful enough the Constitution may follow. Who knows what would follow!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Damn, That's A Lot Of Noise...

...and it sounds nice in a really a patriotic way, a perfect way to enjoy Independence Day's night is it! I have not heard as many pops, bangs, whizzes, crackling and loud explosions on the 4th, nor have I seen as many colorful rockets up in the sky even before full dark, in NY 15 years or more. Arkansas is a freer state than NY will be on its best day if only because this is the way the 4th of July, our Independence Day, should be celebrated!

All the best,
Glenn B

Hope You Are Having A Happy Independence Day...

...ours has been excellent so far. 

Brendan and I drove out to Pigeon Roost Range and had a blast. We were lucky because while it rained a bit along the route, it stopped by the time we got there. We were also lucky when we got there because there was only one other shooter on the line and he was safety conscious and a genial type.

We brought along a decent variety of hardware. Brendan hauled along his Bulgarian AK with a few typical 30 round mags and both a 75 round drum mag & a 100 round drum mag. He also brought his Mosin Nagant M44 and his Beretta M9A3 with silencer. I grabbed my Schmidt Rubin 1911 rifle (unfired sine I bought it), two Glock 30s, Remington R1 1911 and Rock Island Armory 1911 A1 FS pistols.

My first impression of shooting the Schmidt Rubin 1911 was the relatively light kick. I liked that and so did my aging bones, especially my right shoulder. It shot high at 50 yards, maybe 4 to 6 inches and did not group all that well for the first 20 rounds shooting PPU 174 grain soft points. The first set of shots I took was at a 6" Shoot-N-C target at 50 yards. I did not hit it once and forgot to mark off the other shots already on the already well used target that we found at the range (yeah, we forgot to bring a stapler so had to use what paper was already on the available backers) so I had no idea where I had hit. 

Then I switched over to a clean piece of cardboard with two circles painted on it of about 10-12" diameter each that I found lying behind the firing line. I impaled it on the frame of a shot up lawn sign that also was at the range. At least shooting at that cardboard target let me know where I was hitting - high and a bit left. Probably the same place Brendan had also hit for the eight or so shots he took when shooting at the Shoot-N-C on the used backer.

Next time around, I decided to give the Shoot-N-C target another try but went downrange but marked off most of the holes in the backer before taking another shot. Funny, I needn't have bothered with doing that, that time around. I don't know what I did right, maybe we just had fouled the barrel enough with the first twenty or so rounds and that helped because I shot this four shot group next, all shooting was done sitting at the bench elbows supported on the bench. Of course, I was aiming about 4-6" or so low this time since it had been shooting high before and that got it pretty closer to center elevation wise. I am thinking maybe if I use some different ammo, I may get it right on the money when holding dead on as far as elevation goes. As for the improvement in my windage, it wasn't shooting to the left any longer and I am none to sure what I must have changed to accomplish that. I figure it had been user error on that for the first few volleys and that maybe I was just concentrating a bit more and inadvertently corrected whatever I did wrong in the first place.

This 6" Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target was pasted
onto a well shot up paper target we found at the range,
this was my best group of four shots including the flyer.

As for the Mosin Nagant, which Brendan had not shot since buying it, we did not have the same luck at improving the group size. Oddly enough all of the groups were also going high and left but the best was a group that fit in an oval about 6" wide by 4" high. Another thing was that while the bolt closed easily enough, it took an awful lot of effort to get it turned up all the way to the point where you could pull it back. After checking it later, I think the fact that there is glazed on dry Cosmoline on a lot of the parts of the bolt may be the cause. A good soaking in a solvent and a good brushing down of all the parts when wet is probably going to help with that.

Of course, there was some shooting where aiming did not matter and I kind of screwed up there. I don't know why I didn't think of it but the thought of shooting Brendan's Bulgarian AK with the drum mags never crossed my mind; heck I didn't even shoot it with the conventional 30 round mags. I had a lot of fun anyway just watching Brendan shoot it, his Mosin Nagant and his Beretta. Of course I had hands on fun shooting my 45s, the SR1911 rifle and his M44 flamethrower. I suppose though it would have been a lot more fun shooting the AK too - hopefully there is always next time. Anyway, as I said, Brendan had some fun shooting it and aiming did not matter much the way he was shooting it.

You just need to watch that short video to realize 
the extra fun  I missed out on. Next time, I will 
make darned sure to shoot a drum-load or three.

 We were probably at the range about an hour when the other guy there left. Shortly after he left, a group of four other shooter showed up, two guys and two gals. They were okay, all seemed pretty safety aware and that was good. We shot for another hour or so and I am pretty sure that without saying it to one another we both were feeling like it might be time to get some eats cause neither one of us had anything but coffee for breakfast. 

At about that point another shooter showed up. We shot awhile longer, maybe 15 or 30 minutes and in that time we realized this guy was a bit of a dickhead when it came to range safety. So, we kept an eye on him. He sat there at his bench, at least twice when the group of four other shooters went to check and fix their targets. Each time, there was a magazine in his AR and the action was closed. When he started shooting later without changing mags it became obvious the gun was loaded when the others were down range. At least he did not touch it then, but we decided no more going downrange.

By that time, two more guys showed up and they were worse than the guy keeping the loaded Ar on the bench with other shooters downrange. First of all, both walked onto the range without ears on while not knowing if the range was hot or not. They were less than safe as to where they pointed their rifles. While one fiddled with his guns on the bench, while the oter four shooters were again downrange, the other went back to the parking lot and came back with a modern legal version of what was essentially a sawed shotgun. He passed my son pointing ait at him. The only thing going for him at that point was he did not have his hands on the gun so his finger was nowhere near the trigger. Yet, it was sitting atop something else he was carrying so then again that was another unsafe act with a gun right there - zero hand control of it.

We did not wait for the two latest arsehats to start shooting and decided to leave immediately. So, we packed up and got our arse to the car. On the way back toward benton, we had hoped to stop at Bubba Brew's Sports Pub & Grill in Bonnerville, AR. As Brendan had guessed, it was closed for the 4th. The thing was, we had passed another of what I am guess is a chain - Bubba Brews - On Lake Hamilton - on the way to the range earlier in the day. I gave them a call and they were open. We an a truy delicious meal there starting off with an appetizer of oysters of the Rocky Mountain variety. First time for Brendan and he liked em. In fact, while a bit too salty they were delicious.

Some tasty tidbits.
For a main course Brendan has fried clam strips and I had their 14 hour Smoked Brisket. We each sampled a bit of the other's main course. Brendan's was excellent but I have to say, Brendan was right when he said that my smoked brisket was the best he ever tasted; I thought the same of it as compared to any I had ever eaten as well. Damn it was wet (fatty), pulled apart with the fork (I asked for a knife then wondered why I had bothered) and extremely delicious. That meal and no traffic of which to speak for the ride back to Brendan's place were the perfect ending to an outstanding Independence Day outing.

As I said, hope yours went as well as ours.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 1, 2019

Blondes - Sometimes You Have To Wonder, Are They Really... dumb as the stereotype! 

A woman, reported to be a a "fashion branding student", reportedly had a few drinks while donning her new bathing suit. The report goes on to say that after a trip to answer the call of nature, she could not understand why her nether regions were continually being exposed. So, she contacted the swimwear company to complain about it and sent them a photo of her in the ill fitting suit. 

The reply was precious, here is part of it: “I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down..."  More here at the source.

I wonder, is she a natural blonde?

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I Changed The Clock... my car today while driving west somewhere in Kentucky. I'm well on my way to Benton, AR, my temporary stomping ground until I get an apartment either in TN (yes I can spell Tennessee) or TX. Every other time I've visited Brendan in Benton, I kept NY time on the dashboard clock and depended on my phone for local time. This time is a bit different as I am not returning to my residence in NY since the sale of our the house closed yesterday.

Odd feeling it all is; I had thought once I had left NY, we would be separated legally by mutual agreement and I'd not be going back soon. That all potentially changed when divorce papers wete served on me. So, I may have to go back for court and or to hire an attorney. Hopefully we can still resolve it more or less amicably by way of a mutual agreement. 

As for the clock, I am not changing it back, it will stay on central time and if I go back to NY, I will use my phone to tell time there.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 24, 2019

Whatever Happed To...

...Pokemon Go? I have not heard of a single Pokemon Go player being mowed down by a dump truck or walking off of a cliff in years or so it seems. Has the craze died and been replaced by something else. I imagine that Trump Derangement syndrome could have something to do with Pokemon Go accidents falling out of favor with the media since they devote so much time and space to Trump bashing. Just wondering about it since I was reminded of PG while looking over another blog this morning.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 22, 2019

You Can't Take It With You...

...or should I say I can't take them with me! I gave away two of my beloved tortoises today and also gave away two last or earlier this week. The two I gave away then were Russian Tortoises which I have had for about 5 years; then went to a good guy Gideon H. I liked them a lot and will miss them but know Gideon will take excellent care of them over the long haul. Of the two I gave away today, one was a Redfoot Tortoise and the other a Hermann's Tortoise. The Redfoot I got from a good friend Harry F. a couple or few years ago, the Hermann's was hatched here in my house, the offspring of a female Hermann's I have had for possibly 15 to 2o years now and the sire was one of her first offspring or in other words both the stepbrother and father of the little guy I gave away today. That one given away today was two years and some months old. I had had an unrelated male that I had been breeding to the female but he disappeared out of my backyard maybe 5 or 6 years years ago, either stolen or wound up as racoon or hawk food and the older male I have now was the offspring of the original male and female I had. The ones I gave away today went to Harry F; he too I am certain will take excellent care of them.

I am left with only three tortoises of the seven I had as of late and I have a bit of grief over that. The remaining are my female Hermann's, my older male Hermann's ad my older Redfoot that I recall I got via an Internet dealer back in 2008. Thus I have had it for 11 years now (how time flies even relative to a tortoise's life). You may not think so but you do become attached to tortoises somewhat. I never named mine, always a disappointment to those who ask me what are their names, but I have become somewhat bonded to them. While not nearly as responsive as a dog they are highly responsive to their keepers as far as it goes for reptiles. Hopefully they will like their new home wherever we wind up.

All the best,
Glenn B

It'S Been A Busy & Torturous Week

I've been getting ready for my move down south and that means getting ready for the house closing on Tuesday. It also means that I was working on the separation agreement for me and my wife but that was all to naught because now she has filed for divorce. Talk about being disheartened, there I was thinking we had quite the fair agreement but you should see what her lawyer is demanding. I figure, if I do not contest it, I will be trying to live on maybe 35% of the current income from my pension, I may qualify for WIC if that becomes my income. 

Among other things, if I understood correctly: we would have to split our assets supposedly in an equitable manner, I would have to purchase her health insurance totally on my dime, if she has medical bills unpaid by insurance then I would be responsible for them (and I am guessing that such potentially could wipe me out for life), I would have to splitting my income with her, I would also be required to maintain life insurance with her as the ONLY beneficiary (so in essence screw our children because I had already told her I would be switching it over to them instead of her), and life insurance policy I have now would increase by probably 25 to 50% in cost to me when I hit 65. (And you probably thought federal employee benefits were excellent and while somne are wonderful - it is certainly not so for FEGLI life insurance! Which by the way, I was about to change in 2011 to a private company's policy not long before my retirement - I had three or four policies from which I was about to choose - but was then diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. Oh well, I was stuck with what I had back then.)

After receiving the divorce paperwork, I offered my wife a substantial percentage more of the net proceeds from the sale of the house than she would otherwise have been getting but have received no reply from her nor from her lawyer. Well, that is except a text from the wife saying that her lawyer expects me to call her and expects me to supply tax and other documents - apparently to help them with their case. No reply by tomorrow on my offer and I will have to cancel the offer and hire an attorney myself. This could have gone so smoothly but to that all I can says is: 'Alas poor Yorick (in my case 'alas poor good, merry, happy, sad, difficult and even bad married times')! I knew him, dear readers.' 

Or maybe I should say it it all, as the great Bard said it centuries ago, and you can think of Yorick as me, or as any man, in a marriage that has died:

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your
gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment,
that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one
now, to mock your own grinning? quite chap-fallen?
Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let
her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must
come; make her laugh at that. "

Well anyway: All of this amazes me for some reason but you would think that after 32 years of dealing with attorneys throughout my career, and 33 years plus of being married to the same woman, I suppose I should have expected it. The funny thing is that what gets me the most is that the lawyer, for whatever reason, will not contact me directly and my wife will not give me the lawyer's email address so I can contact her in writing. I did send a text but got no reply. So, I tried to find out from my wife if the number she gave me for her attorney is a cell phone but as with other inquiries I have made of her, she has not replied. Go figure.

What looked as if it was going to be an amenable separation leading to divorce has turned into what promises to be only the first episode of a lifelong nightmare.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 10, 2019

On Starting Out Being Alone Again

Dinner - First Full Day In The House Alone - is a Genoa salami,provolone and feta cheese sandwich on French peasant bread with Italian dressing and a bottle of Ommegang's Three Philosophers ale. With a diet like this, I may not live long when single but I will enjoy myself.

All the best,
Glenn B