Sunday, June 17, 2018

Any Way You Cut It...

...these knives are made from nice looking steel. I got them both over the last week.  
Knifemaker and point of origination unknown.
The first, by an unknown maker, is made from Damascus steel. It has a nice look to it. I think it may be an early attempt by a new knifemaker and I say so because the blade is very thick, the handle very big around and it is one of the heaviest knives for it's size that I have ever hefted. It almost seems overdone in those regards like maybe what a new knife maker would do to assure his blade was going to last but then again it might just have been made for a guy with big hands. The guard and pommel appear to be brass but may be brass plated as some small amount of the shiny surface seems to have flaked. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad knife, not by a long shot.

As to its origin, the only indication I saw of where it may have originated was the snap on the sheath. It is the likeness of the state seal of Oklahoma.

There is a tiny mark on the bottom of the rear edge of the blade but to me it looks like an imperfection rather than a maker's mark, then again, I don't know squat about knives.

I won that knife in a firearms raffle. It was a nice extra prize added as a karma bonus for the members of a certain firearms forum who bought tickets in the raffle. I was told the odds were in my favor, I think because I picked up seven tickets plus one for my son and my guess is that other members did not buy too many. So, even if I do not win a gun (like I did last year) or one of the many $500 gun store gift certificates, I won something very nice regardless.

Knifemaker Kevin Johnson.  Simple design but beautiful.
The second knife I got this past week  is a little something I picked up at the Hessney Auction Company's Rod & Gun auction yesterday. It is a very nice dagger made by Kevin Johnson of Kuzach Knives LLC. I got it for a very good price, or at least I think so, @ of a double nickel (courtesy plug for Jen). Considering that the rest of his knives, plain blades and stainless or Dmascus steel were going for anywhere from $75 to more than $100 - I think I did okay. It was one of the plainer looking of his blades that were offered but sometimes simplicity is a beautiful thing and I think this is a fine example of that being true.

Its double edged blade is made from .25" flat stock D2 tool steel and was hardened HRC 60. The handle is black micarta and said to be in coffin shape (how can you not love that for a dagger). The guard is made of aluminum. It is, for its size, one of the lightest blades I have ever hefted; yet it is a big knife with an overall length of 13" (how appropriate for a dagger with a coffin style handle) and a blade length of 8". The auction catalog said it was a toothpick style blade but that is a stretch from what little I know of toothpick style blades. Regardless, it sure is a nice knife and one that I may put to some use.

Coincidence or were the sheaths made by
the same knifemaker / sheath-maker.
There is one characteristic that possibly links these two knives. Like the snap on the sheath of the first kife, the one on the Kevin Johnson dagger also shows the state seal of Oklahoma. Now, it may be a stretch to say that means they were made by the same knifemaker (or sheath-maker) but I suppose it is a hint that such could be the case. Then again, the I another hint that at least the sheaths were made by the same person, the construction of each is very similar. Who knows - maybe coincidence but maybe made by the same set of hands.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of this one nor any of the others.
I own (or have owned) a few of Kevin's knives now, got them all at Hessney auctions. One was a fairly large Damascus steel Bowie knife with Buffalo bone handle. I gave that one to Brendan when I visited him in AR last year. You could probably hack down a tree with it if so inclined. I would hate to be on the receiving end if it was used in a fight.  
Recommended for filleting dragons or larger nasty beasts
and yes, of course: the snap is the seal of OK.
Another one that I gave to Brendan this year when I visited him was a hefty fillet knife. If thar be dragons, you could fillet one of them with that blade!
Beautiful blade and handle and yes all of those snaps bear the seal of OK.
 I have two others of his knives in addition to the one that I got yesterday. They are a trapper with 6" Damascus steel blade and Pakka wood handle.
The only one of my Kevin Johnson knives that has gotten any use to date.
The other is a DNZ B Series 8" (overall) skinner with 440C steel blade and walnut handle. That last one is another wonderful example of beauty being found in simplicity.
I think that is it for the Kevin Johnson knives that are in or have passed though my collection but I suppose there could be another one around here someplace. Certainly, even if that is all of them right now, there are more out there waiting to be added to my collection.
A thought just came to me, I should send Kevin Johnson a pic of the first blade up above and ask if it is one of his creations. Like I said, the snap on each sheath being the same may not be an indication that that knife and my new dagger were both made by the same knifemaker but at least it hints of such.
Later, I will tell you about the guns I got yesterday. One of them as pretty as a picture and I think in a caliber capable of taking every big game animal in North America and although it may b a little light for grizzly and polar bears it could get the job done.
All the best,Glenn B

Thursday, June 14, 2018

That Could Be Me

Just saying it could be me; of course, I'd never do that.
All the best,
Glenn B

Some Logic For A Change

All the best,

I Miss My Time In The Border Patrol

Nope, not Border Patrol Agents but the thrills were the same.
All the best,
Glenn B

Take Action - Support The RKBA

I just sent in several letters to my elected representatives in both the federal and state governments, in support of our right to keep and bear arms. I would hope you, like me, believe it is our most important right in as much as it allows for us to maintain and protect all the others. It also is a sort of assurance that the people of the United States of America can stand against the formation of an overreaching and tyrannical government should it ever come to such. So, I hope you will take the brief amount of time required to contact your representatives in support of our RKBA. Go to: Please note that you do not need to be an NRA member to use their site to take action to contact your representatives nor do you need to make a financial donation.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 11, 2018

Before Opening His Mouth - Did He Stop To Think

This is my opinion about the foul mouthed anti-Trump rant, by an over the hill actor, that took place last night. Yes, I am referring to the rant by Robert De Niro.
Today, President Trump was in Singapore doing what no other U.S. President has ever done - preparing for a meeting with the leader of North Korea to try to make peace with North Korea and to try to denuclearize that rogue nation. Last night, a leftist, vile, foul, blabbermouth of a pompous ignoramus (my opinion of him) got up in front of his Hollyweird peers and reportedly threw his two fists in the air after screaming F---Trump. He evidently did so in his usual wanna be tough guy manner (yes he apparently likes to believe he is tough like his movie characters but I think he is really a wussy) seemingly to try to impress others of his own leftist political ilk.
President Trump has been trying to do something that would be of great importance and great benefit not only to the USA but to the world, and that foul mouthed actor figured he would try to do what - did he hope to upset the president, did he hope to throw him off his game while in negotiations with Kim Jong Un, did he hope that if President Trump fails he can then rant and rage even louder against our president (and yes no matter if you like him or don't like him he is our president). Or was it something else - was it just a crybaby spoiled POS of an actor trying to make himself look and feel big because President Trump intimidates him.
Did he think for a minute that the President of The United States of America might actually not need any added stress that his foul mouthed rant may have caused. Did he stop for a moment to think that should the President get distracted by that disgusting tirade he might be put off enough to cause him to fail at his current task and that the end result could be a nuclear war with millions dead??? Before he opened his vile besmirching piehole - DID HE THINK AT ALL of what might be the consequences of his seemingly maniacal monologue? Oh why do I even ask because it is obvious, to me, that if he did think all he thought of was satisfying his own feelings of hatred. In my estimation he is not even worthy of being called a has been actor - he is little more that a disgusting asshole.
Anyway, I thank him with all of my heart for having done so because I am sure that when it comes time to vote, Americans will not forget the extremist hateful assholes of the left like him and America will resoundingly vote right. Lest I forget, allow me to also thank all the arsehats in the audience who wildly applauded De Niro's vicious vitriol - they probably put the icing on the cake as far as the right winning the next election goes.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, June 10, 2018

How Can Anyone Not Wish President Trump Well... his upcoming meeting(s) with North Korean leader Kin Jong Un? He will be the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a leader of North Korea and thus Kim will be the first North Korean leader to meet with a U.S. President. It promises to be one of the most notable meetings ever held between world leaders. The meeting will be about: ending the Korean War, helping to assure world peace, denuclearizing a rogue nation & helping quell the threat of nuclear war overall, and making the lives of North Koreans much better than they are now. In doing so, it is about making the world a better and safer place.

Although I am fairly sure some are hoping, will all their vile hearts and worthless souls, that President Trump fails, I have to ask: How could any American of sound mind and with good intentions not wish him well in that quest! They say positive thoughts help - so mine are with him on this mission, as too should be yours, on the virtual eve of what is certainly one of the most important meetings ever held involving two world leaders. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, June 8, 2018

Had I Known - I Would Have Bought An AR-15...

...instead of a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle. It's no wonder my son owns two AR-15s if they make holes like that - after all he is a smart young man.

It is truly said: Abound they, like multitudes innumerable, 
the assholes of the left.
All kidding aside, are leftists loons that out of touch with reality? 

All the best,
Glenn B

Savage Model 101 - The Revolver That Wasn't...

...a revolver at all.

I was just going over the Hessney Auction Comany catalog for their upcoming Rod & Gun auction on June 16th. One of the things that caught my eye was a Savage Model 101 revolver. It was of interest to me because first off, I had no clue that Savage ever made revolvers. Then something else about it caught my eye - it was a single shot. I wondered - how could a revolver be single shot and why on earth would anyone make a single shot revolver? 
Doing so seemed to invalidate the whole reason for it being a revolver, which is to have multiple rounds loaded and ready to fire.

I did some checking and the first thing I came up with was an article from the NRA's American Rifleman magazine (online version). The article was dated may 2010 - so while it is not that old, its first line could lead you to believe that this revolver is of  pretty recent manufacture:

"The latest handgun to appear on the market is the Model 101 Single Action offered by Savage Arms Corp., Chicopee Falls, Mass." (source)

The truth is, at least from what I could find, the Savage 101 was produced between 1960-68 (source - requires online subscription to view). so, in 2010 it was not the latest gun on the market. The American Rifleman article goes on to give a description of the Savage 101 as being a revolver in appearance only. In fact it is a single shot pistol with a faux cylinder and no gap between the cylinder and forcing cone basically because there is no cylinder and no forcing cone. As I said, it is a revolver in name only.

According to that piece: "The barrel and cylinder swing to the right to expose the breech for loading or ejection." They go on to give a bit more info about it and essentially say that it has long trigger pull, a heavy hammer fall and is thus unsuitable for precise shooting but better suited for fun time plinking - or at least that is how it read to me.

To give you a better idea of what it looks like and how it functions I scavenged up this brief but informative video from YouTube:

The way I look at it, this revolver would be little more than a novelty to bring to the range and then let others, whom you want to frustrate, shoot it. Of course, that does not preclude me from placing a bid on it - that is if I can get it for the right price after others who look at it think it is broken because the cylinder does not turn!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 - First Shots

I took my Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 to the range meet-up for the Long Island Gun Club (LIGC) last night. Even though I only put 15 rounds through it but that was enough to let me know a few things about it. It feeds, it shoots, it extracts, it ejects, it does all that safely and it is inherently accurate. In fact it seems to be a very nice shooter and that regardless of my aging eyes. I am willing to wager, that with better eyes or better sights or both, it would be one hell of a shooter.

My problem is I have to wear glasses to be able to sight it in at all and neither my close-up or distance glasses are perfect for the task. While I can focus somewhat on the front sight while wearing my distance glasses (actually the weakest strength over the counter readers but my eye doc gave them his blessing for distance saying they are almost the exact same as would be a prescription) it is only with some difficulty that I can see the small V notch in the rear sight, and have the front sight aligned properly inside the V, while wearing those glasses. When I tried with my close-up readers - fuhgeddaboudit is all I can say.
This is how my Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 looked when I got it at auction.
Since then, I have removed and sold the bayonet an removed the sling. When I
remember to dig out the sling from its hiding place, I will put it back on the rifle.

I was only shooting at about 30 yards (local indoor range's furthest distance) and tried first with the close-up readers. My 10 shot group size must have been as big as an 8 to 10 inch circle and all over the place within that circle. When I put on the distance glasses and gave it a shot, actually 5 shots, I got a group that was much smaller at about 1 9/16" across (outside rim of uppermost shot to inside rim of lowest shot) for 4 of those shots with one flyer a few more inches off.

That was not exactly what I would have wanted to see at 30 yards and was a bit of a disappointment but such is how it is when your eyes are no longer what they used to be in your youth or even in middle age. One of the LIGC members was amazed that I was disappointed with that group. While I still shoot pretty well, the thing is I used to shoot much better when I had 20/15 distance, and excellent close-up, vision and that makes for some little bit of disappointment.  

While, I think that group would have been okay at 50 yards or pretty darned good at 100 yards (with those sights), I would have preferred it to have been less than half to 2/3 the size of that group at 30 yards. As I said above, had the rifle had a beefier rear sight notch or if I had better eyes, or both, my guess is I would have improved the group markedly. As it is, despite my eyes, there is no doubt this rifle is still a very good shooter. So, I may look for an after market rear sight that fits on the original sight mount or try to see if there is a way to mount a scope without ruining the collector value of this piece.

By the way, the ammo I was shooting was Prvi Partizan 7mm Mauser, 139 grain brass cased soft points. Who knows, it may shoot better or worse with different ammo; I suspect better as the Prvi Partizan ammo is on the inexpensive side. Then again, this brand always does okay as far as I am concerned. I am looking forward to having some fun with my latest rifle but of course that means I'll have to buy a lot more of this latest caliber of ammo in my collection!

All the best,

Glenn B


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bigger Boobs = Bigger Tips - Was An Experiment Really Necessary???

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Glenn B

Do You Think This Kid Needs A Beating... as to be taught a lesson he will not forget. I think he may need repeated physical punishment when and if (and I would be willing to bet this was not a one time thing) his behavior again gets like this. Of course, he probably also needs some good parenting with lots of love and affection but mind you that does not rule out corporal punishment every now and then. A good arse whooping - when deserved for such behavior - is simply part of good loving parenting.

As for the adult, his self-restraint was amazing and only after being struck several times by the seemingly psychotic piece of white trash kid did he take action in self-defense. Sadly, he will probably wind up being arrested after very clearly only having minimally defended himself from an attack.

As for anyone thinking: 'oh gee golly willikers he was only a kid and the adult should never have done that to him' - wake up and think what would have happened had that little piece of shit kid been carrying a knife or a gun or had he been beating a woman like that (and if you doubt he would do such to a woman, just go back and look at how he treats women). In my opinion, the kid got only a smidgen of what he deserved. For all we know he is well on his way to becoming a mass murderer unless a parent or guardian steps in and takes strong corrective measures.

By the way, did you get a load of the title of the video:

"Disrespectful kids gets shoves to the ground start crying and cursing people"

Who is kidding whom with a snowball leftist politically correct title like that? The kid was not only disrespectful - as I see it - he evidently was violent and committing a crime by striking the man repeatedly when the man defended himself. Being disrespectful, I think, was the least of his transgressions.

All the best,

Glenn B