Monday, October 22, 2018

So I Bought My Son A Vortex...

... 4-12x40 AO Crossfire II Riflescope (Dead-Hold BDC) for the Savage 93 BTVSS I sent to him. Not a very expensive scope by any account but one that should be decent on that rifle. I ordered it at B&H Photo and had it and a pair of rings shipped directly to him. They also sent a Celestron Elements TrekCel 3300 power pack/flashlight as a freebie (the sell anywhere from $18.00 to $37.00). B&H had the best price on the scope that I could find, average price in the rings, included that free charger/light - and it all came with free shipping. Got the three items for the price I would have paid for the scope alone elsewhere, good deal it was.

He mounted the scope as I would have done - slapped in in place by sight and tightened whatever - no levels, no torque wrenches just good guesswork. He must have done it okay. Within a week of receiving the scope and rings, he sent me this photo of a target he shot after he had mounted the scope and sighted it in. This is what he said about it: "10 rounds with the 22 at 25 yards", the 22 being the Savage which is a 22 WMR.

All I can say is sweet & I love how well he shoots.

I told him to do that at 50 and 100 yards. Damn, I'd be happy with a group 2x as large at 25 yards and 3-4x as large at 100 yards. Anyway, he loves the rifle and the scope - the scope and rings were very early Christmas presents; after that all he gets is coal in his stocking. The rifle was an I miss my best shooting buddy kind of a gift.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 21, 2018

This Was Me Last Night...

...first at the Mexican restaurant:

...then at home enjoying tequila and wearing my birthday present:

This is me today after a quick trip to the local scalper:

I looked jollier when my hair was longer, felt better last night when I was drinking my way to being hungover instead of already having a hangover, look pissed off now that my hair is shorter but definitely made the wife happier when she saw my haircut.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 20, 2018

I'm Sittin' Here By Meself...

...thinking bout the Mexican food I had earlier at a nice but what I had thought was an imitation Mexican restaurant. Now, I must admit, there was a Mexican guy there, accompanying a singing guitar player, playing a small harp. Got to talking to him a bit and he knew Mexicali, Calexico and El Centro where I spent 4 years of my life - and he traveled to Las Vegas from Chicali as I often did with my buddy (at the time) George W - while and agent in the Border Patrol. So, maybe the restaurant is not all that unauthentic a Mexican joint after all - but I digress.  
Anyway, I am sitting here now surrounded by the warm invisible clouds of wafting aromas emanating from within me. While doing so - and at the same time whilst hoping to destroy the demons brewing hellfire in my bowels - I've been enjoying a couple (so far) of tequila shots (well a few now). I'm also listening to Terrapin Station by the Dead.

Have not sat down with a lemon, a bottle of tequila and the Grateful Dead in way too long. I guess it was the combination of things - the somewhat overdue but eagerly anticipated birthday present I got from my son today (and he sends good ones for sure), that Mexican food I ate earlier & talking to a genuine Mexican and having those demons in my bowels brewing noxious concoctions of brimstone and hellfire - that surely put me in the mood. No salt mind you, it's bad for the blood pressure ,but the rest of it is good for the soul if not all of it for the digestion (anyway the tequila and lemon will help there).

Now someone has to straighten out that these t-shirt designers of today when it comes to what Grateful Dead covers actually looked like but I love the shirt regardless of the artistic license taken with it. After all, it's the thought that counts and the fact of who gave it to me. Thanks my boy - loving it.

All the best,
Glenn B

If You Can Spare A Couple Of Bucks...

...and you don't buy a ticket for the upcoming Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night - you are out of your mind. The prize right now is reportedly 1.6 billion dollars, read again: 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, just in case you missed it, that was:


I am going to buy one or three or ten tickets (that is about my limit). I would take care of the family first and foremost; then I might buy a new car, buy a couple of new guns (very expensive ones), travel to a few places and give a bit more than a smidgen to charity should I win. Then I could... A man can dream, can't he!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday Already and...

...all I can say is I have been busy doing good deeds helping out the daughter of a recently passed retired Customs Supervisory Special Agent to sell his long guns and knives and if I feel up to it tomorrow his ammo too (what of the ammo is in good enough condition to shoot anyway). Damn has that taken up a lot of my time, so much for volunteering but he was a good man as far as I am concerned and I am happy to do it for is family and in his memory.

Also have been playing middle man in passing info onto my Customs family about another retired agent who has been in the hospital with the big C and it was worse than originally thought. Sorry to say, I have not seen him yet because the other thing has kept me so busy. Maybe tomorrow but only after I finally get to some of my own affairs and personal business that needs taking care of because I have been neglecting it while doing that other stuff with the guns and knives.

All good though and when I have gotten a chance to go outside to get something of my own done today, I noticed that the roses in my front yard are still looking good. They are the most fragrant roses I have smelled in over 7 years since radiation therapy for throat cancer ruined my sniffer at least as far as smelling roses goes. This is the first year since then that I can really appreciate their fragrance again and it is wonderful. This is one of the several I have left:

Our daughter gave us the rosebush a few years ago. It as and remains a good one. Heck, the way things are going, it may well outlive me. Certainly produces lovely roses. Now being it is 44 degrees outside right now, the end of the rose blooming season may be upon us; although, I think it was last year or maybe the year before, there were roses blooming in the neighborhood into December or January! My guess though, with the sudden temp drop yesterday, is that this fall and winter is going to be a cold one - too cold for roses sooner than later.
Speaking of cold, it was chilly outside today when I took a break from the above things to get a bit of work done in the backyard. While doing that, I saw one of my Russian Tortoises basking in the late afternoon sunlight. I found another two, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 buried in depression under some weeds and found the fourth dug in but not too deep in the compost pile. The male Hermann's tortoise is also dug in there. Decided to leave those outside this year so it will put them in breeding mode come the spring. Have to heft the female Hermann's tomorrow to check her weight and maybe I'll put her into the compost pile as well tomorrow; the thing is though, she often lays eggs in December so maybe I will wait then bromate her indoors. The Redfoots will stay indoors for the cold weather and basically active for the fall and winter.
That's it for now. Screw commenting on politics and current events, I am hitting the hay.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 15, 2018

I Am Not A Fan Of Pickled Eggs...

...I can take them or leave them, almost always  preferring to leave them. That is exactly what I have done each of the several hundred times I have gotten something out of or put something into the fridge in our basement when I have seen this on or of the shelves on the inside of the door:

Yes, that I took a pic of them means I actually pulled them out of the fridge today. Did that because I told my son, a couple of days ago, that the eggses (they made me think of what Gollum might eat) he pickled ages ago were still in the fridge.
Now that I have taken them out of the fridge, I am none too sure he pickled these as they look to have been store bought. I did not buy them so Brendan must have bought them (or used that jar with the label already on it if he pickled them). Regardless, they have been in the fridge at least since last December when he visited us for Christmas or longer. Longer would mean they have been in there at least since before he moved to AR in March 2017 or pretty long ago far as keeping things fresh in the fridge goes. I wonder how long it will be before the jar explodes.
By the way, if you are up this way and in the mood for a pickled egg... On second thought, maybe you would want to get them somewhere else being these are a bit old.
All the best,
Glenn B


Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Wish The Post Office Would Get Serious...

...and raise the price of first class postage for a letter to a buck and raise all the others rates accordingly. Maybe then they would actually start making some money for the government instead of hemorrhaging it. Their proposed price increase for a first class letter from 50 cents to 55 cents is laughable considering they are virtually always in the red.

More here (at 1:18 of the video.

As for me, I had no clue they were already at 50 cents per letter. Last time I bought stamps, I got a year or two's worth of those forever stamps and my wife has bought any we have needed since then.

All the best,
Glenn B

Luckily One Man Disregarded Startbucks Firearms Policy...

...and concealed carried at one in Utah. It was into that Starbucks that a man reportedly identified as Benjamin Scott Overall burst onto the scene and allegedly started to attack a Starbucks barista. After reportedly beating her savagely, Overall allegedly "aggressively" turned on a male customer in his 60s who had just witnessed the attack on the barista. The man, evidently fearing for his own safety and believing that Overall was about to attack him, drew a concealed handgun (for which he had a permit) and shot Overall in the chest.

Oddly enough, after the attack, the barista was actually thankful that the man was armed, was in Starbucks and shot the suspect. Imagine that - from a Starbucks employee!

More at the source.

Hooray for the good guy and for him being a good shot.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sold The Voere In 22LR

Collecting guns and shooting them can be a very expensive hobby. One thing that helps mitigate some of the cots is selling off some of the guns in one's collection to buy others. I picked up a Voere 22 caliber rifle last year, refinished its stock earlier this year and just sold it in an online auction.

I picked it up for a song and sold it at a price considerably more tha what I had paid for it. No seller's remorse involved there, just seller's joy. Now, I wont feel guilty at the auction this coming Saturday should I buy something else.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 8, 2018

I Almost Signed Up On Facebook Again...

...and believe me it was tempting - if only because I wanted to see the reactions to the failed anti-Kavanaugh fiasco staged by the democrats. I was able to resist the temptation; although, it was tough. Really though, I would have liked to have seen how much some arsehats there were gnashing their teeth, pulling out their own hair and vowing to have him impeached because to them - now he is a rapist. God, the loons on the left have just about totally lost it. One has to wonder if they will grow some balls and try for a violent revolution soon, they sure are crazy enough.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Did Not Mention A Sex Toy

All the best,
Glenn B

Watch Out - Deer Crossing

So that is what happened to that deer I was stalking!

All the best,
Glenn  B

No Matter The Context In Which She Spoke...

...this explains exactly (I hope DD sees my use of the word "exactly" and understand the context in which I placed it just for her) what democrats and other leftist kooks have been doing, with the help of the media, to their political opponents for years. Just look at the Kavanaugh fiasco.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Was About To Sell These Grips...

...and then I actually looked at the company name on the packaging. Damn, I must have had these SILE rubber grips, for the Ruger MK II, for at least a couple or few years now (maybe several years) and never noticed.

I suppose I am lucky then that something prevented me - Divine Intervention, the Force, the Fates or just my proclivity for procrastination - from opening the package and slapping the grips on my MK II. It's not like they are worth anything but there is nostalgia in that package and no UPC code on it (that is old).

Man, does that name SILE bring back memories of long ago!As I recall they were next to Jon Jovino's gun store when Jovino's was on Centre Market Place (before Jovino's moved to Grand Street), SILE was another gun store. I also seem to recall that they were a lot more personable in SILE than were the all knowing gun gurus in Jovino's. Of course, I could have that backwards; yet, I don't think I do because I have avoided Jovino's like the plague for decades because I thought they were scumbags nasty dirtbags (at least back then, don't know about now).

Anyway, I definitely remember going into another store there about back in the mid to late 80s and maybe into the 90s. I am pretty sure it was Sile Inc. or Sile Distributors. After all, why go to a store like Jovino's with what I thought were its nasty gun gurus when there was SILE - a "purveyor of "Humane Police Equipment""! It was a time when that area in downtown Manhattan was still a bit of a gun store Mecca; too bad the commies, socialists and other leftist libturds put an end to it.

I may never sell these grips now; I may have to put them into a shadow box and hang them on the wall. Yeah - right, I'll get that done just about as fast as I got around to putting them on my Ruger Mark II; after all - I am The Great Procrastinator.

All the best,
Glenn B