Sunday, January 7, 2018

Email Subject: "Too Much or Not Enough?"

This photo was attached to that email:

 This was and remains my answer to that question:

"Too Much or Not Enough?" It is no one's business but the owner's business.
When someone owns 50 or even 100 pairs of shoes and is not a celebrity with a shoe fetish - does anyone ask? When someone owns 10 or 20 or even many more cars - does anyone ask? When you own 20, 50 or even 100 knives or more - does anyone ask unless you just threatened or killed someone with a knife? When a landlord owns 10 apartment buildings or maybe even 20 - does anyone ask? When a landowner owns 500, a thousand or even more acres of land - does anyone ask? When someone owns 500 books written by anarchists, revolutionaries, communists, criminals or even by terrorists - does anyone ask so long as there is no indication of ill intent? When you own whatever the hell it is that you legally own in great quantity - does anyone ask?
Yet - when a law abiding gun owner owns as few as three firearms and or a couple of hundred rounds of ammunition - that person is often said to have an arsenal, a weapons cache, an armory or an overabundance of firearms. The main stream media writes it up to make it appear as if there may hae been evil intent. The social justice warriors of the left immediately attack likewise. Don't think so - well, it recently happened in Houston, TX at a Hyatt Hotel. A man was detained and arrested by police after they found three guns in his room when responding to what essentially was drunk and disorderly at the hotel. 
Those three guns were immediately labelled as an arsenal, a frightening find - small arsenal, cache, several guns (since when do 3 of anything amount to several), small stash, by the main stream media and many on social media. He essentially was immediately labelled, by  many in the main stream media, as a potential threat to people's lives. Many Social Justice warriors, in tweets, FB posts, and responses to articles on the subject basically labelled him as an evil doer who was caught in the nick of time! Why - all because he owned guns and brought them into his hotel room instead of leaving them in his car where he feared they might be stolen. 
Despite some in the media saying there was an eerie comparison, and chilling echo, between this man and the recent Las Vegas shooter, the fact is the police stated he was not a threat with regard to him possessing those guns in his room. The police flatly stated there was no ill intent on his part. He was simply a drunk that got rowdy at his hotel and the firearms were NOT involved. Again though, I point out that the MSM and the SJWs had already done the damage by reporting fake news or at least making him out to be a seeming threat when he was not a threat at all. Here are some MSM Sources: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4 and it went on and on. Even Fox news jumped on the bandwagon stressing that the hotel was hosting a massive New Year's Eve celebration and making it sound ominous but at least reported the police said the man did not have an arsenal (source). Yet, if you listen to the video that accompanies the article, the first two words out of the Fox News reporter's mouth are: "Frightening find" and he describes that find as "a small arsenal"!
Then there was this report, of a much more sensible nature. 
The Blaze certainly seems to have set the record straight but my guess is the man's reputation already has been damaged savagely by the above linked reports. Note that The Blaze reported on one fact that every leftist media type, whose reports I read, left out of their reporting: There was an ongoing gun show just blocks away from the Hyatt Hotel that weekend! Instead of reporting the possibility he my have gotten his guns there - or that maybe he had wanted to sell them there - many of those in the MSM essentially implied how this incident very much seemed much like another Las Vegas shooting in the making!
The truth is that all manners of gun control legislation are enacted, and every type of imaginable rhetoric to label gun legal owners as threats is spewed forth, all to prevent legal gun owners from owning firearms. Yet, while the law breaker still illegally possesses them, illegally uses them and harms or kills people with them, the result is all too often that they are sentenced to what amounts to a pat on the butt. That is the insanity of the American left - a lack of almost any enthusiasm to punish those who possess, obtain, sell and or use firearms illegally and a failure to prevent evil doers from using them in the first place. Along with that sentiment by the left is another - a vehement hatred for someone who legally exercises the liberty granted to him by the right to keep and bear arms to do just that - keep and bear arms.
So yes, the only possible answer to the question is: It is no one's business but the owners business!
A hat tip to Marty W for forwarding me that email.
All the best,
Glenn B

Global Warming Will Take Place...

Global Warming will take place over at least the northern hemisphere from about March through about August 2018, then it will revert to short term climate change during which the climate of the northern hemisphere will begin to cool from October through February. Essentially the opposite will take place in the southern hemisphere within about the same time frame.

Is the climate changing - in the long run and not merely seasonally? Yes it is changing over the long term just as it has been since earth's beginnings. If you cannot grasp that fact of life - well maybe you fit the meme. Is it a manmade catastrophe - that is doubtful to the extent some are claiming by chanting their doom and gloom mantra. Yet, man (a part of the natural world) may have helped it along much the same as do the sun, trees, all other life forms on the face of the planet, the oceans & all the life forms within and so forth. Get a life and get over it, shit happens. Then learn to tie your own shoelaces.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Hat Tip To Blue Book Of Gun Values

I've been a subscriber to Blue Book Of Gun values for at least two, maybe three, years now. Back in this past October (as best I recall), while I was at a live firearms auction, I tried signing on to their site to find out the values of some guns on which I wanted to bid - ones I had not already researched prior to the auction as I normally do. These just happened to catch my eye while there but that did not mean I wanted to or was about to make impulsive bids on them. Anyway, what happened was a mess. I tried to log on a couple or few times using my regular sign-on ID and password. It would not work. So, even though I was 99% certain I was using the right password, I figured I must have forgotten my password and hit the link to get a new one. According to what showed next, I was supposed to receive an email within 15 minutes giving me a new password. I tried that at east three times. Bottom line is that it did not happen, that is it did not happen for around a week or two when I finally received a few emails each giving me a new password. I was not happy and got in touch with Blue Book and someone there explained they had bene having problems with the system and apologized and assured me all would be well and good from then on. That did not work either.

Just recently, I tried to log-on to Blue Book of Gun Values and this time it happened again. So, I called a number available at Blue Book's contact page. The thing was, that number was solely for sales as far as I could tell and since it was not during normal business hours no one was there to help me. I sent them an email and told them it was happening again. I am pretty certain the same woman who helped me the first time also helped me this time. She again explained there has been a problem, one they thought they had taken care of but evidently did not. She said they are switching to a completely new system and that should solve the problem. She again apologized and then did something I did no expect in today's world but used to happen in times past - she extended my subscription by one year at no charge to me. That was very nice.

So, I tip my hat and give my thanks to the folks at Blue Book Of Gun Values for standing behind their service and keeping the customer happy.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Long Overdue Someone In Government Does Something...

...about cheats, frauds, criminals and terrorists illegally obtaining U.S. Citizenship and if you guessed that President Donald Trump is the man to be doing it - you are right once again! More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, January 5, 2018

Insomnia Sucks...

...especially when combined with muscular aches & pains and more so when Arthur I. Tis is keeping my hips company throughout the night. Somehow that all causes sleep to elude me.

Hope you slept well as I keyed this in, at least some of us should enjoy their nights.

All the best,
Glenn B

Finger Nowhere Near The Trigger???

Seems someone was shot in his own leg when h holstered his pistol. He reportedly was wearing an Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster. While I have zero personal experience with them I can still say that unless there was something badly wrong with the condition of the holster, on the inside (and one would think there would a photo of that at the accompanying link if such had been the case), then the discharge in question was almost assuredly due to debris inside the holster or to a finger on the trigger or some other form of user error. That is unless of course it was that the pistol malfunctioned but then again the guy who was shot has already pretty much negated that last possibility. More at the source.

Under certain circumstances, such as coming up short as to any evidence to prove the holster and/or gun were faulty, I could understand someone giving the person who was shot this advice:

"Man up, admit you were an asshole and that you and you alone were responsible for shooting yourself due to your own negligence. By admitting that to yourself, you may live longer if only because by taking responsibility now, you may wind up being more responsible in the future."

All the best,
Glenn B

I'd Rather Be In Tijuana Eating Barbecued Iguana...

...or so the song goes and it may not be too far fetched to think that Florida's iguanas (an invasive species there) might prefer taking their chances in Tijuana as well.

Barbecues blazing or not, Tijuana may seem like the better alternative to them than Florida where it has been so cold they have been falling out of trees due to what amounts to cold induced stupors. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Old Man I Am

But I don't give a shit about your life if you're a snowflake - today in the middle of a snowstorm or on a hot summer's night!

There ain't no snowflake that has ever been a lot like me or anyone whom I respect. So, while I maybe liked this song when young, the more I think of it now, the more I can say fuck Neil Young and his liberal hippy agenda. If that makes you scream out that you are melting - fuck you too.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Hard To Tell...

...but I am going to guess we have had 7 to 8 inches of the white mess so far today. I am guessing there were at least 3 to 4 inches when I first shoveled this morning and another 4 inches when I shoveled again. I finished shoveling just minutes ago before pouring myself a soothing libation only seconds ago. I need the healing elixir for my aching back. It is not aching all that much but enough to make me want to make it stop the aching now instead of it getting worse then trying to ease the aches and relax it later.

Kind of early for one - yes it is but under these circumstances I will allow myself to indulge in a few ounces of Emmet's Irish Crème Liquor, a half cup of coffee and a very generous dollop of Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum (probably better for me, if not more effective, than an oxycodone). I have had that bottle of rum for maybe two years now and was saving it for something special, then my son came home for Christmas and someone (I suspect him) opened it and someone (or two) drank 2/3 to 3/4 of it while he was here (I suspect he had help from my son-in-law). Anyway, before today, I had one small sip of it just to taste it when I realized it was disappearing way too quickly. I must say, it is delicious and goes nicely in my semi-medicinal back ache curing (I hope) concoction of today. I also must say, I need to get another bottle or three of it, one for drinking and one or two for my emergency/party supplies.

As for my plans to maybe clean some guns today - there will be absolutely no gun cleaning or diddling with guns in any manner now that I have partaken in the nectar of the gods. That is at least not until about 3 or 4 hours after I finish my self-made elixir. Mind you, that may mean not even thinking about guns for the rest of this snow storm (they are calling it a blizzard but I think snow storm more appropriate right now). Just about the only thing I have had to do with guns today was to send my son some information about a website I use that is essentially the Consumers' Reports about firearms: Excellent site, in my opinion, to find out whether a firearm you want to purchase is a piece of crap or a reliable shooter and a keeper.

I may yet get to one or two other chores around the house today. Sanding a botched plaster job - that my electricians did, a couple or few months ago, to fix a previous job they already had botched is one of them. I may or may not get done but at least I am thinking about doing it and yes, I am The Great Procrastinator (as I have undoubtedly told you before)! I also may think of or stumble across something else to do; hopefully something that does not require too much bending since my back is already aching from shoveling or I may not (probably will be my preference once the booze kicks in). Most certainly, as long as I am still breathing, I will do more shoveling - that just has to get done. They keep saying to expect up to 16" of the white mess and I can tell you - I am not looking forward to another 8 or so inches of it, maybe deeper if it drifts deeper onto my property.

As for other important matters, in our lives here, I can only hope that there is enough oil in my tank to last until my next oil delivery. My oil company promised a fill-up by 6PM yesterday and we are still awaiting it. Oh well, there is enough of the Irish Crème Liquor and rum to make it at least until tomorrow and while it may not keep me warm it maybe will keep me from feeling the frostbite.

All the best,
Glenn B

No Work Today

Yep, no work today because there is apparently too much of the white stuff expected for them to open. No worries here except I am losing a day's pay that I really need right now to help catch up on bills. While that kind of sucks, it is okay by me anyway because I can get some stuff done at home. Let's see, I can pay some of my remaining monthly bills - got most of 'em paid on the 1st but heaven knows enough still  are due. I can also sand down, fill over if needed and paint over a plaster mess the electricians left in a couple of holes when they undid a screw-up one of them did (hell that was months ago - forgot all about it until now). I can also clean some guns, they need their seasonal maintenance. Vacuuming the basement is another chore needs doing. Then there is shoveling that white stuff. I cleared a few inches this morning but it already looks as if my shovel and I were never there today. I'll do it again before too long, keeps me busy and makes it a bit easier once it is all over and  have to shovel for the last time today. The 8 to 16" they expect around here is a bit too much to handle all at once. I maybe could even start to set up my reloading table although I think that better left until a weekend.

Then again, I could sit around on mine arse and do little to nothing all day and believe me that is quite tempting. I think I will do that for an hour or so here on the computer and then get some chores done that need doing. I mean why waste the whole day as I have done too often in the past.

All the best,

Monday, January 1, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oddly Enough I Have A New Year's Resolution This Year

I don't do New year's resolutions. Maybe I have tried once or thrice but I really don't go in for them all that much because I know they are bullshit self promises I likely will never keep. This year is a bit different as far as all that goes. While I am none to sure I will keep my New year's resolution, I have made one nonetheless. I resolve to complete the acquisition of all the equipment I required to start reloading ammo, to set up my reloading kit, to study up on how to do it right and then to get to reloading. I mean to start this month if work allows me the time. If not, then once they hire the new guy at work, and I am no longer working more or less full time, I will do it then. Mind you that is not my normal procrastination speaking but just practicality.

I can do it, I know I can, I know I can, I know I can...

Good luck with yours if you are making any New Year's resolutions.

All the best,
Glenn B