Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Although I Mourn Him - I Am Not Charlie

Je pleure pour Charlie , mais je ne suis pas lui. Quand les ennemis de la liberté me attaquent, je serai armé d'un fusil, pas avec un crayon, et je vais les combattre de toutes mes forces . Charlie peut avoir été prêt à mourir pour ses droits, mais je ne suis pas prêt à mourir pour moi sans combat. Vive La Liberté!

Just in case it lost something in Google Translate, here is the English version:

I mourn for Charlie but I am not him. When the enemies of liberty attack me, I will be armed with a gun, not with a crayon, and I will fight with all my might. Charlie may have been willing to die for his rights but I am not willing to die for mine without a fight. Long Live Liberty!

All the best,
Glenn B

Facebook Page Calling For Execution Of French Cartoonist

If you do not complain to Facebook about this, and complain hard and often until they delete such Facebook pages, then you, like Facebook, support terrorism. The type of Facebook page I am talking about are ones like this one:
Yes, that is the web address for a Facebook page that was advocating the illegal execution of someone who was executed in the terrorist attack that took place in France today, January 7, 2015. It was a page created by a Muslim; however I would bet that if you or I created a page calling for his execution, my page would be closed down by Facebook within a day or three. Facebook is bending over backwards to appease Muslims and terrorists at that. The page is still up! That is not freedom of speech, that is a worldwide organization (that according to their on terms of use do not allow advocating illegal activity) allowing a terrorist group a means of communication for their hateful ideas and for their calls to illegally execute people.
Register your disgust with Facebook and then if they do not remove such offensive pages that advocate criminal and terrorist activity - why not boycott Facebook. Then again, you could always start your own Facebook page advocating the termination of terrorists and Islamists, just don't depend on Facebook allowing it if you are not a Muslim.
As far as I am aware, you cannot contact Facebook by a readily accessible to the public email address; however here is their postal address:
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

There is also an address for their board of directors:
Facebook Corporate Secretary
1601 Willow Rd.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

The board of directors consists of (source):   

Facebook, Inc. INSIDERS ON Board Members

Name (Connections)RelationshipsTitleAge
Mark Zuckerberg 9 RelationshipsCo-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer30
Sheryl Sandberg 25 RelationshipsChief Operating Officer and Director44

Other Board Members on Board Members

Name (Connections)RelationshipsType of Board MembersPrimary CompanyAge
Marc Andreessen 111 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsAndreessen Horowitz LLC43
Donald Graham 30 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsGraham Holdings Company69
Erskine Bowles 104 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsCarousel Capital Partners LP69
Peter Thiel J.D.63 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsPayPal, Inc.47
Ronald Conway 63 RelationshipsMember of Advisory BoardAltos Computer Systems, Inc.62
Reed Hastings 34 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsNetflix, Inc.53
Susan Desmond-Hellmann M.D.117 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsUniversity of California-San Francisco57
Jan Koum 9 RelationshipsMember of the Board of DirectorsWhatsApp Inc.38
You can also leave feedback through their feedback link but a letter sent to them through the mail is much more likely to have the desired effect - at least if tens of thousands of us protest Facebook allowing such disgusting and unethical pages to continue to be posted on Facebook.

All the best,
Glenn B