Monday, January 14, 2008

A Brief Respite...

...may be in order with regard to my reading and replying to my daily dose of other writers' blogs. I am hoping to gain some time to get some other things done that need doing, while at the same time keeping enough time to write my own blog. Anyway I just don't find my heart is all that into it as of late, that is reading everything that I normally do on a daily or almost daily basis, and responding to things as I often do. Maybe I need something new, maybe I just need a bit of time away from things for a while. I figure I'll try the short hiatus first, and then try getting back into the regular swing instead of my trying something altogether new. So if you don't see me commenting on your blogs for a week or two, nothing personal, just taking a breather. For now I'll keep up my own blog as usual, and that will be about it for my connection to blogs for the rest of this week.

All the best,

Bounty Hunting...

......has sometimes crossed my mind as a way of supplementing my upcoming retirement (Jan. 2009), but after watching some shows on TV I figure I maybe am getting too old for this stuff. Yeah I am still out on the street now and again, but nowhere nearly as much as in bygone years, yet I am certain I could get the job done, but I wonder - do I want to do that job. Nah, once I retire I think I want to be as far from criminal law enforcement as I can be, but I may still turn out a bounty hunter of sorts.

While I do not watch a lot of bounty hunter show, I have watched some, but the truth be told I prefer to watch shows on finding treasures. Be they the type that fit the saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure such as: antiques found at auction, collectibles picked up at a flea market, a great find from an estate sale, I kind of like the prospect of being able to find something that will bring me some cash in return of a small initial investment. So I watch a bunch of antiques shows like: The Antiques Road Show, Everything Must GO, Cash In The Attic and so on.

I also like to dream think about getting into what could be a more active form of treasure hunting, one in which I would quite possibly get lots of physical exercise. No I don't mean gold or diamond mining; then again it surely could involve lots of gold, and here is where that Bounty Hunter thing comes to play. You see, I have some cash from Christmas, and a gift card to Dick Sporting Goods, and they sell
this. Now I don't have quite enough to get it yet, mostly because of recent unexpected bill, and other unexpected expenses, but I figure that before too long, I will be the proud new owner of a Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector; that is if I actually can save up the remainder of what I need before I spend what I have. Then who knows what treasure I may find: gold, silver, coins, rusty nails!

Yes, I know, I was figuring on buying another gun with that money, but somewhere along in the search for a new gun, one of those metal detectors on the shelves just started calling my name and calling out the words: "Take me home, take me out of the box, and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams." Well okay, I did not believe a word of it, I am no metal detector's fool; but think about it. Having one of those contraptions would give me more than enough reason for at least weekly trips to places like: the beach (I love the beach in the wintertime when hardly anyone else is there, it makes me think of what an explorer may have seen), or to places like old ruins in upstate NY and on Long Island, or a walk around vacant lots here and there, or checking out my and my relatives backyards, and other places too I imagine. All that prospecting for buried treasure would get me walking more than usual, and that has got to be a good thing, so maybe what the metal detector told me was not so far fetched after all (just losing a few pounds would make me richer).

I am hoping beyond hope that I can save enough for it before the end of next month. I already have about $240, so all I need to save up is another $140 (that is if the continue to offer free shipping). If my ammo auctions go well, and I keep half the money (as I'll be donating at least half to Chris and Melody Byrne, see: then I'll likely have around another $25 to $30 toward this goal. Every bit helps. I'll have to see what other treasures I have lying around the house that I may be able to turn into cash on one of the online auction sites. I am sure there must be some other pieces of junk or trash useful things in my garage, or basement, that folks would like for their very own. I have to scavenge look for them starting tonight.

As for me right now, I had better hit the hay. I have work later today (goodness is it already 1AM) and the weatherman promises I'll have to dig my ride out of the snow before I can drive it into work.

All the best,
Glenn B