Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Venerable Libra Among Us...

I just got through reading a few articles in my new copy of the American Rifleman. I usually glance at them when I receive them, read the Armed Citizen section (gotta love those dirtbags falling to armed citizens) ; and maybe I read an article. Tonight I read two articles, plus the Armed Citizen. The articles were both very interesting, one about the Model 1903 rifle and how it changed from a 30-03 to 30-06 chambering, the other about the 30-06 cartridge itself. I will have to get me a rifle in this cartridge one of these days. It will probably be used, and old, but somethiung that is neat and fun nonetheless; maybe a Winchester 1895. Of course, brand new, in the box, would be very nice.

One thing both of these articles did was to wake me up to the fact that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 30-06 cartridge. One of them also brought to light that the 30-06 was first adopted on October 15, 1906. I am not all that up on astrology, but I believe that makes the cartridge a Libra; something I share in common with it. If luucky, maybe I will receive a rifle chambered for it on my birthday. If there is anyone out there who likes my blog and has lots of money, you can feel free to bestow such a gift upon me. I will humbly and thankfully accept it. Then I'll do a write up on it and on your benevolence.

All the best,
Glenn B