Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blogging More As Time Goes By, I Must Be On A Roll

I have posted 4 blogs in the last week (not including this one). I suppose that means I am getting back to a more normal blog posting schedule for me since all the cancer crap began. I also suppose that means I must be feeling better as time goes by and there certainly is some truth to that though I am far from normal in that regard. They say time heals all wounds, I certainly hope so but even if that is a load of bullshit, I can still get back into my normal blogging flow in the meantime as long as  am feeling up to it.

All the best,
Glenn B

In How Many Different Countries Were Your Firearms Manufactured and In What Countries

I figured this would be a sort of fun meme to start up and have go around the gun blogging world. Allow me to lay out the rules. Regarding firearms that you currently own, from how many different countries of manufacture do you own firearms? Let's see, for those who don't get it yet, your guns have to be owned by you right now, you cannot include ones you used to own, hope to own or that are on layaway, etc. Now regarding those and only those, go take a look at them and figure out where they were manufactured. I am not asking you how many guns you have that were made in any particular country but just how many different countries of manufacture your collection covers and that you list those countries.

As far as my guns go, I currently own guns made in nine different countries. Just to make it a bit more interesting I will list the make of the guns from those countries, well one from each country and just note whether or not I also have others from the same country. You can answer how you like, list all of your guns from each country or one as I have done, or none but remember the bottom line is to tell us how many different countries your guns were made in and to name the countries.

Here are the countries in which my guns were manufactured:

1) Germany - Ortgies .32 Auto
2) Hungary - Mosin Nagant M44
3) Italy Beretta - 92SB
4) Philippines - Armscor 14Y
5) Poland - 1955 WZ-48 .22 LR Trainer‏
6) Romania - WASR AK-47
7) United States of America - Smith & Wesson Model 17-8 and several others

8) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - Mosin Nagant 91/30
9) Yugoslavia - SKS and at least one other rifle

Now that I think of it, that covers a certain number of continents too, but maybe that is best saved for another meme on another day.

Byt the way, if someone else did this meme before, shame on me for not knowing but you can still give an answer. If no one has thought of it before, then have fun with an original idea from the muddled middle aged mind of Ballseye.

All the best,
Glenn B