Friday, August 23, 2019

Justice Involved Person!

How ridiculous can Californians, especially those in San Fransicko Francisco, get? They reportedly have changed the term "Convicted Felon" to "Justice Involved Person" (source) when they could have done justice by leaving it as convicted felon. After all, being called a convicted felon is the perfect definition for a person who has been convicted of a felony (and who subsequently has not been exonerated).

Of course, San Fransisco politicians could have renamed them as it says in the meme above; I am sure many citizens would agree with that sentiment. 

Seriously though, the problem with calling a convicted felon a "Justice Involved Person" is that use of the term in such a manner seemingly pays absolutely no heed to any distinction between convicted felons and anyone else who has in any way shape or form been involved with the course of justice in this country. Have you ever been to traffic court to fight a ticket? Win or lose your case, you were involved with the justice system and therefore could easily be classified as a Justice Involved Person. Same goes for anything to do in civil court, criminal court or even merely something to do with a violation where you never even appeared in court; all of them involve you having been involved with our system of justice. Come to think of it, Justice Involved Person would necessarily include every law enforcement officer, court official (like judges, bailiffs, stenographers, etc...), corrections officer, witnesses, complainants and on down the line - anyone who has at all been involved in our system of justice. 

The truly sad thing about this is now some other city or state may try to come up with something even more outlandish (NY comes to mind) since it seems, at least to me, one libturd berg or state tries to outdo the other on a perpetual basis in their quest to become the Libturd Utopia of the Looney Universe (LULU - and remember you read descriptive name and that acronym first here at Ballseyes Boomers).

All the best,
Glenn B