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Getting A Small Taste Of Freer Living In AR

Yesterday, I stopped by Academy Sports and picked up a Glock magazine for the Glock 21 I had sent to my son, via his FFL, some months back. The Glock 21 is in 45 ACP and comes with 13 or 10 round magazines. Of course, being I got that pistol in NY, I could only legally purchase it with 10 round mags. My son has been looking for a good deal on the 13 round mags ever since and the lowest price he found them for was at a gun show for $30. I had thought it was too bad he did not get them at that price. Yep, they can be had less expensively online for the mag itself but then there is that thing called a shipping fee and of course you have to wait for them. Not much of a difference, with shipping added, if any. Thus not worth the cost with shipping when you consider the wait.

I stopped by Academy Sports in Benton yesterday and saw them for $3o each. They had two but I only got one. Happy that is all I got. 

 Today we went to Arkansas Armory, a range in North Little Rock, and had some fun shooting my pistols in 45 ACP (2 Glock 30s, a RIA 1911 and a Remington R1 1911) and Brendan's Beretta M9A3 wearing its Silencer Co. can and also the Beretta 950BS Minx in 22 Short he bought me for a gift (still his until I establish residency here). While I only had 200 rounds of 45 ACP, that I picked up at Academy Sports along the way to the range, it was enough for a good time betwixt father & son and it sure beat going to a range in NY because there was no way we'd be shooting a gun with a silencer on it up there legally.

After that, we stopped in Wildman Arms, a gun store I had been wanting to visit over the last few times I was here but never got around to before. Brendan had told me they were quite expensive; so, imagine my surprise when I saw they had two 13 round Glock 21 magazines for $24.99 each. I bought them both. Brendan then reminded me that Academy Sports has a price match policy and said they may refund me $5.00 on the one I bought from them if I show them the receipt from Wildman Arms. I'll give it a try.

An intelligent rule for sure.
Anyway, as for those Glock 21 mags, the price was right but is not the important thing; what is important is that I was able to walk into a gun store and buy magazines with a round capacity of more than 10 rounds. As a matter of fact, I probably could have bought a pistol on my one day old AR driver's license but I prefer to wait until actually having been here long enough to establish bona fide residency. That, to the best of my knowledge, is 90 days based on what they told me in the county clerks office after their DMV folks said to check with the clerk. 

In fact, even though I got the AR driver's license, I am still a resident of NY and will be such until at least the sale of our house closes and I move out of NY permanently - hopefully by mid-June. I got the AR license just to start things going and to provide proof of my move to the county gendarmerie in NY when I inform them I am turning in my pistol license because I have moved to AR. I don't know why I or anyone should need to bother once moved out of NY but my bet is they will want some proof. Anyway, I will be happy to give it to them once relocated to, and breathing the air of, a freer state.

By the way, as you may have guessed, someone was mighty happy to get three 13 round mags for his Glock 21.Maybe we'll use them on our next visit to the range.

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Glenn B