Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Working All Week & Next

Kind o sucks to be working every day for the next two weeks. Well, maybe it is not as much work or having to do it to get some extra needed cash but the fact that I'll be driving about 35 miles each way, there and back home, each day. I must admit, it is a good office to work in while at least three of the six I at which I work, on call, suck bigtime. l float around from office to office covering for guys and gals out on leave or fill the spot temporarily when someone quits. It's okay, pay is decent for the NY metro area for what I do but I sure wish I had something in one spot closer to home for like three or four set days per week. Days like today make me wish I was closer to home. I had to leave work early today to ship out a shotgun I had sold on GunBroker.com. I hate driving 35 miles there and 35 miles back and not getting in a full day but I had to get this done by tomorrow at the latest so picked today to make sure it got shipped.

Whatever - my main point is that last week I worked Monday & Tuesday, then I was away upstate for 4 days and now will be working the remainder of the this and next week - thus light blogging and such. Later 4 U.

All the best,