Friday, April 12, 2024

 In the entire United States of America, there were an estimated 582,462 homeless folks in January 2022 (more at the source).
Today, It is estimated that the state of insanity California cannot say how  $24,000,000,000 (24 billion dollars) of money that was spent over 5 years caring for the homeless (more at the source) did much if anything to solve the problem.
The amount of money for which CA cannot account as having done much to end the crisis if divided by the entire homeless population in the USA in January 2022 equals $41,204.40 per person, That means everyone of those homeless folks, the entire January 2022 population of the homeless in the USA, could have been given over 40K on which to survive instead of CA using it ineffectively and keeping them living in squalor on the streets of cities like San Francisco. Imagine though how much more it could have meant for the homeless in just a single state.

If CA truly cannot say how spending that money improved the homeless situation, after apparently wasting 24 billion dollars of tax payer money to combat the homeless crisis, an amount that would have given over 40K to over half a million people, then in my opinion the governor of that state and its entire legislative body should be impeached and criminally prosecuted. 
How do liberals keep on electing incompetent boobs like them.  Are liberals just that stupid? And yes I know the answer to my own question, it is a resounding "Yes they are that stupid and they even may be stupider than that because you can bet they will votevagainst Donald Trump". If only CA produced a few more leaders like Ronald Reagan or a Donal Trump or two instead of Giveitaway Newsoms, the problem might be solved.

All the best,
Glenn B