Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remington Lays Off 105 At America's Oldest Gun Plant

The head of the union for workers at Remington's plant, in Ilion, NY, has announced that 105 Remington employees at that facility have been laid off. 3Remington began business in Ilion in 1816 and is the oldest firearms manufacturer not only in New York State but in the whole of the United States. Shame on the tyrant Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his pass laws by night henchmen because they are responsible, by passage of the NY SAFE Act, for Remington moving two production lines, so far, to Alabama. Thus they are responsible for the current layoffs. Source: http://www.wktv.com/news/local/At-least-105-people-laid-off-at-Remington-Arms-271719531.html

I swear, I feel like I am living under a communist regime and that the bureaucrats and politicians here are becoming just as tyrannical as anyone ever seen in power in Eastern Europe. FUAC.

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Glenn B

Sure Has Been Lots of Looting but...

A hat tip and my thanks to a contributor whom I have decided to keep anonymous, lest he be labeled or harassed as anything other than someone passing on a joke. I thought that was hilarious, priceless, and very telling about social issues. Sometimes, even during tragic ones, we need to see what humor we can see. So, my hat is also doffed to whoever created it.

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