Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interesting Firearms Article

Here is a link to an article about firearms and crime. Pretty interesting stuff, well written piece and apparently well researched too.

All the best,

RESOLVED - The Best Word In The English Language

There is not a better word in the whole of the English language as far as I am concerned, not even one that comes close to the word RESOLVED.

Resolved was the word my oncologist used today when he told me the results of my PET and CT Scans. It referred to the medical problem that I had, the cancer that was in my right tonsil and in the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. Resolved = Cured, Resolved = Healthy, Resolved = CANCER FREE.

Perhaps, no not perhaps but rather most definitely, there are two words, when combined, that are better than the word resolved and that is in any language. Two words that have all the power in the world to say what I am feeling and need to say right now:


Thanks to each and every one of you who sent me well wishes, who said prayers for me, who thought of me a lot, or even just once, with the hope that I would recover. If not for all of you and others such as my friends, loved ones and especially my family - and, of course, for the doctors, technicians, nurses and countless others in the medical professions, I would not have pulled through this. I wanted to hug the doc today but figured neither him nor my wife, who was with me at the time, might have been comfortable with that. So, he had to settle for a hand shake and a heart felt thank you.

Let me get back to you guys though, my readers, because you were really wonderful. Some of you I have met, many others I have never met and am unlikely to ever meet; yet, you were pulling for me. You kept my spirits up when everything should have had them dragging through the mud and when I was being dragged down by the muck and the mire it was often a nice word from one of you that pulled me back up again. Resolved - to all of you I owe thanks that I made it through until today when I heard that word.

Thank you,
Glenn B

I Cannot Tell A Lie - Well Not About This Nugget Anyway!

It seems someone found a chicken 'nugget' that looked a bit like George Washington's profile that is on the quarter dollar. Instead of looking at it and getting a laugh out of it before wolfing it down with some honey mustard sauce, what did she do with it? She put it into the freezer, where it sat for three years. Then recently, she put it up for sale on eBay. That alone would seem like crazy behavior to me, not seeing the image of Washington in the chicken nugget as the resemblance is there, but to think it would have enough value so that someone would want to buy it from you. Well perhaps, crazy is as crazy does. Yet, the craziest thing of all is, in my opinion, that someone reportedly bought the darned thing and paid $8,100.00 for it. Yep, you read it right, they paid in the high 4 figures for it. Start looking more closely at your chicken nuggets, they just may be worth much more than their weight in gold. It simply amazes me as to on what people will waste their money.

All the best,
Glenn B