Monday, August 24, 2015

There I Was, In My Previous Post, Saying I Was Still Waiting...

...for my laptop to be delivered, and truth be told, it had been delivered already but my wife had not clued me in yet. So, when I went upstairs, there it was waiting for me. Seems it got here maybe 15 minutes before I posted my prior post. From what I can gather, they changed the fan, the battery and the base cover of the laptop.
Why they would change the base is beyond me unless they lost or broke mine when taking it off for the other repair.

They also installed a Core Temperature utility which apparently record the CPU's temperature. That is fine by me because my laptop is now out of warranty but the repair should have a 90 day warranty on it. So if it starts overheating again in that 90 days, I will have the temps recorded to prove it. That is a good thing. Of course, with my luck, it will start having the same overheating problem again on day 91. As it is now though, it's nice to have the laptop back and running well (for now) again.

All the best,

Still Waiting...

...for my laptop to be repaired and then sent back tome from HP. Seems like it has been forever and is almost as painful, figuratively, as waiting for Godot.

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Sadly - All Too Often - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Officer Down

LA State Senior Trooper Steven Vincent reportedly has succumbed to fatal wounds he received while trying to help a motorist out of a ditch. Instead of accepting the officer's help, the motorist identified as Kevin Daigle allegedly shot Trooper Vincent in his head with a blast from a shotgun. Passersby stopped their vehicles and one reportedly was able to wrest the shotgun away from him while others immediately subdued Daigle, restrained him with the fallen officer's cuffs, called for help on his radio, and also assisted Trooper Vincent until medical help arrived. Trooper Vincent, who was only 43 years young, later died from his wounds while in the hospital; it is believed that two or three buckshot pellets entered his brain. He leaves behind a wife and a young son and at least two brothers who are also law enforcement officers.

According to published reports, after shooting him, Daigle told Trooper Vincent he was lucky because he would be dead soon. That piece of dirt also wound up in the hospital with what reportedly were minor wounds. He apparently had the audacity to smugly smirk for a photo taken of him while there. 

More here.

My condolences to his family, loved ones and brother troopers. I am not a religious man but have said prayers, first for his recovery and now for his family, in my own way. I ask you do likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B