Saturday, December 30, 2006

An Add on to my wish how Saddam Hussein...

... should spend his afterlife.

Below in my original post about the execution of Saddam Hussein, I wrote this:

If I believed in the devil, I would even toast Satan in the hopes he would take considerable care of Saddam's soul for eternity.

This morning, I saw a picture of a half naked and really beautiful looking young maiden (as in virgin, or at least that was what came to mind), and a thought came to me. Now I would like to add a little bit to the above sentiment:

With any luck, Satan would be able to figure out how to smuggle Saddam Hussein into heaven, in the form of the absolutely most beautiful heavenly young virgin of all; and then leave him there for all eternity. The thing is he would be left in heaven with the curse of being eternally instantly renewable as a virgin after each time one of the murderous dirtbag Muslim fanatics, who supposedly achieve Muslim heaven through death after killing innocents of other religions, have their way with him. Yes that would be my wish for how Saddam Hussein should spend eternity, if only the devil listened to me when I toasted him just after I thought of that one. Who knows, maybe he has listened, and Saddam Hussein is making a bunch men very happy in heaven.

Edited at 0037 12/31/06 to add: One of my buddies said he did not get it, so let me explain just in case someone else does not. It would hurt awfully bad after the first few hundred times the regular way, and what with all those fanatics blowing themselves up to get their virgins in heaven, good all femm Saddam appearing as the most beautiful, and as an eternally renewable virgin, would be getting more than his/her share. Of course though that still really skirts (no pun intended) the intended meaning, you see if he was put into heaven as a beautiful, eternally renewable virgin, that means he'd be getting it in the... Oh, let's just say he'd be getting a lot of Greek attention for eternity. Ouch, bloody ouch.... (if you don't get that, you are just tooooo nice).

Yeah, I know, I started off by saying if I believed in the devil, I would toast him in hopes he would take care of The Butcher of Baghdad. Well I am covering all bases; so hopefully he heard me when I raised my glass to him.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saddam Hussein, One More Quotable Quip...

...about him, that I find irresitable to repeat here, is to be found in the article Saddam Hussein's Brutal Reign Ends in the Gallows on @,2933,240117,00.html:

The quip was made by a man who lost 26 members of his family to the Butcher of Baghdad's death squads; a man who then was brave enough to come forward to testify against Saddam Hussein, and a man who was brave enough to act as witness to the execution:

"everybody wanted to make sure that he was really executed. Now, he is in the garbage of history,"

(Jawad Abdul-Aziz)

Some people just have a way with words.

All the best,
Glenn B