Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NY Sinking It's Claws Into Me Just As I Am Preparing To Leave

The closing on our house should take place anytime from June 10th to the end of June. After that, I'll be free of this socialist, anti-gun, whackadoo libterd of a state - or so I had thought. Then when I took a look at my mail today, those hopes while not shattered kind of sank somewhat - I got a jury duty notice. I have not received a jury duty notice in about 20 years. I know that because I am sure the last one I got was before 9/11  and am pretty sure it was at least a couple of years before then. Why in hell they had to send me one now boggles my mind. With my luck, we will close and they will want me to come in for a jury panel right before or after that. If after, they will have a hard time getting me there because once we close I am fleeing this shit-bird (thank you for the term Mr. Leahy) state to be a resident no more. If they do somehow manage to sink there hooks into me, I will have no place to stay so I hope they will put me up in a motel or drop me from the juror service rolls.

All the best,
Glenn B