Thursday, January 13, 2011

Health Care Repeal Vote Is Either Doomed To Fail Or To Be Vetoed By The President Unless...

...that is the Republicans start using their brains. Of course, simply may be to late for even that. According to a report at, the Republicans are preparing for the Health Care Repeal Vote (see: As I said though it is probably due to fail one way or the other but does not have to fail and there is still time to assure such with a rather simple bill being introduced to Congress.

If the Republicans in Congress had a half a brain between them all, then they would not be rushing to vote to repeal the Health Care Reform Law. What they would be doing instead is a media blitz of how they first intend to force a vote on a bill, call it the No Exceptions Bill, mandating that everyone within the United States of America be obligated to obtain health care under the provisions of the health care law - no exceptions. In other words they would first have a vote to make sure that all Representatives and all Senators, and all members of the Executive Branch, such as the President and Vice president would not be excepted from the Health Care Reform Law (or any arts of it), as they now are excepted, and they should be shouting that from the rooftops. In their media blitz, while presenting this bill to the public, their whole push should be to show all Americans that if the health care bill is good enough for those not in government, like the regular Joe and Jane Citizen, then it is good enough for our elected officials too. They should also point out, that if the No Exceptions Bill is passed into law and the Health Care Repeal Vote subsequently either falls short of enough votes for a real or is vetoed - those who wrote it and passed it in the first place will have to abide by the Health Care law without exception and it will serve them right if they do not repeal it!

Guess what the result would be. The No Exceptions Bill would most certainly be passed because the outrage of the public over the current exceptions would light the fire and the politicians would be too darned afraid not to vote for it. That is if the Republicans presented it right - and that would be none to difficult to accomplish. Once the No Exceptions Bill passed the House and the Senate, you can bet it would be signed into law by the president. After that was done, tell me - do you really think there would not be enough votes to repeal the Health Care Reform Law? You can bet that all those who made sure to except themselves from the provisions of that law in the first place would be none to happy to actually have to abide by its provisions. They would undoubtedly vote to repeal it. My bet is the president would sign it because if he vetoed it then I am guessing there would be enough votes to override his veto - that is of course if they first pass the No Exceptions Bill.

Remember, you heard about this idea here first.

All the best,
Glenn B