Monday, March 8, 2021

Latest Firearms Auction Acquisitions And...

...there is not a gun among them.

I received two auction lots today from two different auctions, both at

1. An OEM Browning BAR Mark II, Safari, Lightweight Stalker magazine for calibers 243 WIN, 7mm-08 REM and 308 WIN.

2. A box  full of mostly firearms manuals and also some firearms pamphlets and such running from good to excellent condition; those manuals and other literature consisted of:

5 AMT Manuals - 25/22 Auto Rifle & Small Game Hunter; Automag II 22 Rimfire Magnum (x2); Automag IV 45 WIN MAG & 10mm WIN MAG (one manual); Lightning 22 AUTO Pistol

4 Beretta Manuals - Beretta 96FS 40 Caliber; Beretta 92FS 9mm; Beretta 3032 Tomcat 32 AUTO (x2)

28 Browning Manuals – 22 Semi-Auto 22 Caliber Rifle (x2); 9mm & 40 S&W Single Action Hi-Power Pistol(x2); A-Bolt II Bolt Action Rifle (x2); Auto-5 Semi-Automatic Shotgun; BAR Mark II Safari Semi-Automatic Rifle (x2); BDA-380 Double Action Semi-Automatic Pistol (x2);BPS Pump Action Shotgun 12 & 20 Ga. Models with 3” Chambers & 12 Ga. Game Gun Models (x2); BPS Magnum Pump Action Shotguns 10 Ga. & 12 Ga. With 3 ½” Chamber; Buck Mark 22 Semi-Automatic 22 Caliber Pistol (x2); Citori Plus Trap Shooting Over And Under Shotgun (x2); Gold 3 ½” Semi-Auto 12 Ga. (x2); Gold 3 ½” Semi-Auto 10 Ga. (x2); Gold Semi-Auto 12 & 20 Ga. (x2) Lightning BLR Lever Action Rifle (x2); Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle (x2).

21 Colt Manuals – 22 Pistol 1994; All American Model 2000 1991; Anaconda 1993; Automatic Junior Colt Caliber 25 Pistols 1984 (x2); Cap And Ball Revolvers 1978 (x2); Detective Special, Diamondback, Police Positive, Commando Special, Agent, Cobra & Viper; Double Eagle 1990; Gold Cup National Match MK IV/Series 70, 1981 (x2); Colt Government Model Mk IV/Series 70 1978; Colt King Cobra 1993; M16A1 Rifle April 1977 (x2); Colt Match Target Rifles 1994; MV IV/Series 80 Pistols Gold Cup National Match, Delta Gold Cup 1993; MK IV/Series 80-380 Auto Pistols Government Model, Government Pocketlite, Mustang, Mustang Plus II, Mustang Pocketlite 1993; New Frontier and New Frontier Buntline 1982; Python 1993; Single Action Army Revolver, Sheriff’s and Storekeeper’s Model Revolvers, New Frontier Single Action Army revolver 1993.

1 Marlin Manual - Model 30AS

1 Remington Manual - Model 522 Viper 22 Caliber Rimfire Autoloading Rifle

29 Ruger Manuals - 10/22 1976 and 10/22 1982; 44 Magnum Carbine 1976; Bearcat Revolver 69, Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk Revolvers 1973; M-77 Bolt Action Rifle 1977; Mark I Target Model & Standard Model 1978; Mini-14 Rifle 1976, 1980 (x2), 1981, 1982, New Model Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk 1977 and 1981; Stainless Steel New Model Blackhawk 1976; Stainless Steel New Model Single-Six 1976, 77, 80 and 83; New Model Six Colorado Centennial 1975;Old Army Percussion Revolver 1976; Old Army Stainless Steel Percussion Revolver 1976; Over and Under Shotgun 20 Gauge 1982; Redhawk 1983; Security-Six, Speed-Six, Police Service-Six 1976 and 1982; Stainless Steel Security-Six, Speed-Six, Police Service-Six 1976; Super Bearcat Revolver 1972.

13 Smith & Wesson Manuals - Centerfire Pistols (x3); Centerfire Pistols Double Action Only Models: 5944, 5946, 6944, 6946, 4546, 1046, 1066, 3953, 3954, 4046, 4043, 4044, 4053, 4054, 4556, 4586 and 5943 (x2); Centerfire Pistols With Frame-Mounted Decocking Lever, Models: 5924, 5926, 6924, 6926, 4526, 4536, 1026, 1076, 4026 and 4576 (x2); Sigma Series SW9M and SW380 Pistols (x2); Sigma Series Pistols (x2); Sport Series 22A and 22S (x2).

Also in the lot was the book: The Luger Handbook by Aaron Davis copyright 1997, Krause Publications (in pristine condition, un-cracked spine - paperback); a pamphlet by William T. Francis of W.T. Francis & Co. on the Winchester Model 12 Repeating Shotgun (contains brief history, specs of different variations, and a serialized production date list), this I think is a keeper; a Ruger poster; four (4) M16/M16A1 rifle maintenance cards, GTA 21-1-3 June 1970; one (1) Operator’s Manual, Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9 dated 28 March 1989 and a small booklet called “Silvaloy A Complete Guide To Silver Brazing And Selective Fluxing For Low Temperature Silvaloy Brazing…”. There were also a few other things like gun safety pamphlets, Big Game recovery Guides; a small H&M Tool Co. catalogue for headspace gauges and chambering reamers; and a small advertising catalogue from Assault Systems containing a dealers price sheet with effective date of 1/1/85.

I do not recall what I spent on the BAR magazine but it was a good price, less than half retail as I recall. The manuals cost me about $110.00 with shipping. Me thinks these were some wise investments of a small scale nature - some to keep and some to sell sooner or later. Of course, they could be a good excuse to buy every one of those guns on that list which I do not already own. After all doesn't everyone need the gun(s) for which they have the magazine and or manual(s)!

All the best,
Glenn B