Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Looming Political Threat To Our Nation…

…one that is greater than the discombobulated Democrats having won the majority in both houses of Congress will be facing us in less than two years time. In fact the beast that threatens us is already starting to rear its ugly head in the guise of they who would run for the presidency in 2008.

We will need a strong president, and a strong Congress, come the day after the next U.S. major elections. The president we have now is not only a lame duck, he was a poor excuse for a strong leader long before the 2006 elections. Yes he did a lot of good against terrorism, but he did not do enough, he hesitated to commit fully, he was weak with countries like North Korea and Iran, he was weak on Immigration and our nation’s security along its borders, he was a spender beyond compare.

The Congress we have now is whimsical, they cannot even decide on their own leadership in the House, nor can they decide on their own party leadership. This should have all been worked out before the elections, but they were all too busy name calling, and still are for that matter – though now they call other democrats names instead of aiming their barbs at republicans. They need to wake up, and take a strong stance on many of the issues that face them, my guess is they will not do so.

In 2008, terrorism will not have been overcome, banished, or have decided to surrender by November 2008. Nuclear arms proliferation will, by then, have gotten worse. U.S. foreign policy will have fallen, in its influence, by a large degree. If things go the way they have already been going, the U.S. will have very little in the way of a strong domestic policy as well as its weak foreign policy, and this combination of weakness will only bring us down in the face of our enemies making us look as a better target for future attacks.

When it comes to presidential candidates for 2008, the republicans seem to offer the best so far, but none of those who appear as if they will be in the running are what this country needs at the helm.

John McCain is a political rubber band. He gets pulled from the right, so he speaks of issues on the right, he gets pulled from the left so he addresses and agrees with issues on the left. Then suddenly both sides let go and he snaps back to a middle ground wherein both sides hammer away at his political ideals while he tries to walk the tight rope of appeasing everyone. This type of politician as president would seem weak to both our allies and enemies alike.

Of course, John McCain will attempt to make himself look strong to potential American voters before the elections. He will not do this by highlighting his political record as much as he will try to do so by highlighting his military record. If you doubt me, just go to his new website, to this link: About John McCain. He dictates the majority of the narrative to his Vietnam era military service. Military service is noble and good, but folks this was decades ago, and Mr. McCain has proven that his politics are a whirlwind of confusion since then. Just read what he plans to do, in the words of his own website, and ask yourself, if this guy for real! I advise you to do all you can, within reason, to make sure this guy does not win the Republican primary. Write to party leaders and let them know you cannot agree that a politician like McCain would be good for America.

The same should go for Willard Mitt Romney (and no I don’t blame him for not using his own first name). This man got his state, Massachusetts, a universal health care. How did he do this? He did this by having the state pass a law that all people over a certain income bracket have to buy their own health insurance! This is an outrageous example of overzealous government putting itself into people’s personal lives where it should not be. It is, as I see it, a violation of anyone’s rights. Of course, the poor do not have to purchase health care insurance under this plan, they get it for free. In education he arranged for the top 25% of high school students to get free scholarships. Yes a great incentive to get kids to study, but a terrible drain on our tax dollars. This is, in essence, socialized education for ¼ of the population of students. He was also a supporter of the Assault Weapons ban, need I say more.

Keep an eye on these guys. Keep writing letters to the Republican Party. Let them know they need to seek a candidate that will get back to the basics of the Republican Party’s ideals. Look to others to be our next president, and no I do not mean anyone offered by the Democrats. Look to some like Thomas Tancredo. Read up on his political beliefs and ideals. You may be very happily surprised by what you discover. If so, let the Republican Party know about it.

Best regards,
Glenn B