Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID-19, Stay In Place Orders & My Routine

The more I think of it, the more I realize little has changed for me due to COVID-19 and due to the statewide stay in place restrictions. Other than me washing my hands a bit more, using a bit more hand sanitizer or alcohol now and then as a follow-up to washing (I have tortoises and almost always use alcohol to wipe down my hands after handling them), not being able to go out to eat & have a beer now and again, and picking my nose less - life is much the same. 

In other words, I am doing just about what I normally do regardless of what is going on out there. I wake up after a usually crappy night's sleep, get freshened up a bit, take the dog out, come home and make and eat breakfast & feed the mongrel, watch some TV or diddle on the Internet or both, throw the dishes into the dishwasher or do some by hand, maybe vacuum whatever, maybe do some laundry, go out for another walk with the dog or early to the dog park, go to any appointments I have or stay at home and diddle on the internet or do something gun related, have lunch at home and give the pooch a snack, take the dog out for a late afternoon walk and or go to the dog park (read some of a book while there or read the news online on my phone or talk to anyone who is there and lately that has been almost no one and some folks will not even come close enough to talk), on the way home I go to do any shopping I need to do, go back home and make dinner for me and the mutt, maybe have a drink, diddle around doing something or futz around on the Internet or watch some TV, take out the dog for a walk awhile after she has eaten, watch more TV or diddle around doing something, take out the dog for the last time, take a shower sometime in the evening or just before I hit the hay, and then go to bed. 

Other than going out with the dog and going shopping or to some sort of appointment I - normally might sometimes go to the range, go out to an estate sale or make the rounds of some pawn shops or antique/second-hand stores, maybe even go out to eat and have a beer (cannot do that now). Now and again, I'll go to visit my son in AR or him come to see me, or I'll go to a gun show, or take a drive to Costco about 2.5 hours away (but I combine that with a gun show and a trip to Total Wine - which I also probably cannot do now). I can still go to the outdoor range and have been doing that now and then and plan to go fishing and or hunting once it stops raining every frigging day but one for the last week and a half.

Not much has changed in my routine. What about you and your routine?

All the best,
Glenn B

y routine.