Thursday, December 26, 2019

Not Everyone Had A Merry Christmas

A young American warrior, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Goble, returned home to the U.S.A. on Christmas day three weeks before the end of his fourth and final tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was killed in action on Monday. More about  it at the source.

So truly sad. My heart felt condolences to his family, loved ones and friends.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Special Merry Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas MG of CA. I hope there was something that made your day merry today. 

Let there be no doubt in the mind of the person for whom I made that wish, I only know one person in CA with the initials MG.

All the best,
Glenn B

Well It's The Arse End of Christmas...

...hope you enjoyed your day & evening and that you have the opportunity to enjoy a very merry Christmas night with a few of the elves. If you are man of manly ilk, click the read more link below but if you are easily offended - keep away.

A Christmas Album - One of The Best

For some reason, embedding it is not bringing up the whole album, only one song. Try this link for the album:

Merry Christmas, 
Glenn B

Christmas 75 Years Ago Today - Lest We Forget

Although the picture is undated, The Battle Of The Bulge was raging relentlessly in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne and elsewhere during the Christmas season 1944. On December 22, 1944 American forces were outnumbered and completely surrounded in Bastogne and when the Germans demanded their surrender, the American commander responded with one word: NUTS. The outnumbered and outgunned Americans then defended the town until American forces under the command of general George S. Patton arrived a day or two after Christmas. We have plenty for which to be thankful to our military on this Christmas day 75 years later.

Merry Christmas & Season's Greetings to all who serve, especially those in foreign lands or over foreign skies and on the high seas away from home.

The Battle Of The Bulge, certainly among the greatest American victories, if not the greatest, in any war was raging during the Christmas season in 1944. It was the last great offensive push on the Western front by the German/Nazi forces in WWII. If not for the brave determination of our armed forces, the world may well have been a different place had the Germans won the battle.

All the best,
Glenn B

Christmas Breakfast

I often cook myself a big breakfast but am having a easier to make one this morning, just a couple of freshly baked biscuits each hiding Jimmy Dean sausage, a strong cup of black coffee (Fair Trade Peruvian), a cup of OJ mixed with wild cherry flavored seltzer, all surrounded by the love of you who sent me Christmas wishes. One of those cards is being held up by a glass containg a small dollop of Carolan's Irish Cream (more than a little early but it's Christmas).

Thank you all for helping make my Christmas a very merry one.

All the best
Glenn B

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Skye and I to all of you for celebrate. Enjoy your day - may it be blessed with the gifts of sharing the warmth & happiness of family, loved ones & friends or if alone then at least with the gifts of kind reminiscences of them and them of you. A special Christmas wish to all of our military service personnel on foreign land or on the seas - God bless you and protect all of you, each and every one - have a Merry Christmas.

Me, I am not alone this Christmas. I've got my mongrel Skye (aka: Skye Girl Of Tomorrow) and the three wisemen tortoises. I'm sure if they could talk, they'd wish you a Merry Christmas as well. 

First Christmas I can recall not having a tree so I lit up the dog.

Doesn't Skye look pretty in her Christmas present. I call it her new atomic collar, after all what would Skye Girl of Tomorrow wear if not atomic! It's still pretty dark out there when we start our walks some mornings; for instance we were out there today at about 0600 and the eastern sky had no real hint of the coming dawn and that lit up collar makes it a lot easier for drivers to see her during our early and late walks. End of the walk, at a few minutes past 0700, the sky was just lighting up nicely.

Right now, Skye is taking after after-walk snooze. I am sitting here enjoying a cup of very strong black coffee, I often need one after our morning walks. Sent a few text messages to family, hope to make some calls later on. I've got a nice rib-eye steak in the fridge that I'll cook up for our dinner (at least she'll get the bone, probably a nice chunk of the steak too), maybe I'll also boil a few shrimp too. I've got an HB Hefe Weisse waiting in the fridge, to be enjoyed with dinner and maybe will also have a wee dram of Kirschwasser. Figured I'd treat us to an extra nice dinner today being it's Christmas.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

If You Celebrate...

...any of the holidays at this time of year I hope you enjoy them. In that light allow to wish you:

I don't think Bass Pro Shops will mind my mug with their tree and all the reindeer.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Season's Greetings (remember that one, it was quite popular before the libturd mantra of happy holidays)

And lest you think I forgot, which in fact I did not but did not have time to post this yesterday, I wish this for the rest of us:

I love this shirt, got it from my son a few years or so back.
 Of course, there is one more, no I do not mean happy new year, I mean Bah Humbug.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Gun Shows Just Suck, Suck, Suck... prices go up, up, up!

Last gun show I went to was in Benton, AR a couple of weeks ago. They had lots of older guns but the prices were out of this world. 

Look at the tag on this nice but nothing special (as far as I could tell) Russian SKS; yet, they were asking $900.00!!! That is crazy and anyone paying that much would have to be insane IMO.

Then look at that Mosin Nagant 91/30 for which you can see only the first number of the price. Four hundtrd anything is way too much for one of them.

While they probably will not get those amounts, that they are asking that much is likely a sure sign someone will pay too much. 

All the best,
Glenn B

One Ruger Down - Merry Christmas

As I had planned, I gave my son my latest acquisition - a Ruger new Model Single Six Convertible (22LR & 22 MAG) yesterday as a Christmas gift. He had wanted to exchange gifts on Friday night after he got back to his apartment (where I was waiting for him after my dog locked me out then somehow also unlocked the door to let me back in). You can imagine though, he was a bit snockered after his work Christmas party so I figured it best to wait until Saturday after sleeping it off. On Saturday, late in the morning (or was it early afternoon) we were finally both up and about and we exchanged gifts.I got a t-shirt and am more than happy with it because it pictures the Shitmobile (Ricky's car from Trailer Park Boys) on the front. Brendan got a brick of 22LR, a box of 22 WMR and the Ruger. 

After exchanging gifts, we went out for a very late breakfast to Cinco de Mayo restaurant in Benton; then we headed to First Shot LLC in Bauxite, AR to do the transfer. The place was packed for a small little store.Nice to see Hamid (the owner) doing great Christmas business. Overheard while there was someone who was referred there by a friend of his who works in a certain sporting good store known for usually excellent prices. He said his buddy told him that First Shot LLC prices were lower than those where he worked! Great recommendation and I can vouch that you get excellent service at First Shot LLC. 

Once that was done we headed back to Brendan's apartment where I dropped him off so he could get ready for his trip to NY (he left today, I drove him to the airport) without me getting in the way. I went to bass Pro Shops in Little Rock to get somethings for my mongrel - Skye. She's been a good girl and deserves a couple of Christmas presents.

Merry Christmas 2019
Since I don't have a Christmas tree, first year I can think of not having one since maybe my Border Patrol days (not sure but I may not have had one for one or two years while in the BP but probably had at least a small one) I took a pic of myself while at Bass Pro Shops with theirs. I don't think they will mind.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 20, 2019

What Luck?

So there I was just outside my son's apartment after leaving Skye, my mongrel, inside so I could get some things out of my car. Since he is on the third floor, I always lock the door when even just going to the car, don't need to make it easy for anyone to walk in while I am downstairs. I took my keys out of my pocket and went to lock the door when I realized my set of keys with his apartment key was still inside. I just had my spare keys I carry when I travel, his key is not on that key ring. Just as I was about to turn the knob, I heard Skye jump up on the inside of the door and heard her claws scratching & clicking on it. Well, I probably also heard another click but did not realize it until I turned the knob and the door would not open. Damn, Skye had hit the latch and.locked me out.

I called my son, he asked if I was serious. Yes, I was frigging serious. Then I called the complex management line. I was told he had to be there for them to open the lock or if it was the security lock, that can only be opened and locked from inside, they would have to take off the door. This all took some time as I had to keep walking around to get cell service. I texted my son the info that they said he had to be there. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes later, he texted me to tell me to go upstairs to wait outside his door as maintenaance agreed to come by. I had been waiting in my car to keep warm.

When I got back to his doorway, I heard Skye jumping up on the door again. I heard her claws scratching and clicking on the inside of the door. I gave it a try, I turned the knob, the damned door opened right up. She had unlocked it. All I can think is she at first turned it just enough for the bolt to close just a bit because had she turned it all the way she never would have opened it pawing it a second time. Of course, as soon as I opened the door, the mongrel ran out. She waited for me on the second floor landing where I got the leash on her.  Just as we were walking down to the ground level another guy was coming up and she went to him for a petting. I did not know it but he was the maintenance guy. As he was petting her, I told him she just had locked me out and then unlocked the door letting me back into my son's apartment. He then told me he was the maintenance guy come to the rescue. It took a moment for it to sink in that the bitch had both licked me out and then let me in. We had a good laugh. He was very ynderstanding and I tried to get him to take some cassh for his troyble and for a few beers or whatever but he would not. We both just laughed it off.

I gotta say, Ripley's Believe It Or Not has nothing on me, I mean who else has my kind of luck!

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

22 Caliber Single Action Revolvers

Somewhere, sometime just over a year or so ago, the bug bit me. I didn't think much of it at the time - no obvious symptoms, no fever, no rash, no swelling, not even a little bump like you get when a blood sucking skeeter takes a drink at your expense. I didn't think anything of it but truth be told the venom was coursing through my veins and it weakened me in much the same manner as the auction bug that bit me almost 7 years before. This time though it was a bit different, the symptoms were more specific and maybe only heaven and Mr. Allison know why but it had me yearning and sometimes almost squirming for single action 22 caliber revolvers. There may have been a few ways to solve that itch and it seems instead of opting for a cure, I selected that was self defeating in as much as once I scratch it the itch keeps returning.

Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible October 2018

High Standard Double Nine February 2019

Colt Frontier Scout August 2019

Ruger Single Six Convertible - old model

I tried to cure myself, really I did. I picked up some rifles and shotguns in that time frame and even a 22 caliber double action revolver but all to no avail - that itch for 22 single action revolvers keeps at me and I just acquired yet another:

Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible (2nd)

This one came with all the bells & whistles, so to speak:

Suitable for gift wrapping!

This time though, things will be different. This last one I will not keep and maybe the key to ridding myself of that infernal itch will be to pass it along to some other unsuspecting victim. So, I'm going to give this one (and maybe the itch) to my son for Christmas. Now, I don't usually give used items as Christmas gifts but somehow I don't think Brendan will mind this one. 

Edited to add: I have conflicting info from ATF as to whether or not I can bring this revolver to a dealer in AR, instead of shipping it from a dealer in TX to a dealer in AR, for transfer to my son. An old email I got from ATF said I can bring a gun  there to do a transfer, as long as legally possessing & transporting it myself. I'd also just have to find a dealer who would accept it from me and it would have to be legal in the state where it is ending up (and it is legal in AR - no doubt about it). However, a phone call to ATF today, to verify that has not changed, said I'd have to ship it dealer to dealer for a transfer but I must say first I spoke to an agent and then to a regulatory person and neither one seemed to certain of themselves on this point. Anyway, I think it would be cost prohibitive to ship it - I'd be better off just giving him the money to buy one himself. 

In addition, two dealers I spoke to in AR also had conflicting opinions on this - the first said the same as what ATF told me on the phone today - dealer to dealer shipping then transferred to my son; the other said I can just come to AR and give it to my son no paperwork required. 

It sure would be nice if all of them were on the same page because this kind of confusion is what leads to someone inadvertently screwing up and then maybe getting arrested for it. One other thing of note, that it is a handgun and not a long arm made a difference too; evidently, if it was a long arm, it would have been okay for me to bring it to AR and to transfer it to him.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 13, 2019

Time To Start Christmas Shopping

I am The Great Procrastinator but I usually start my Christmas shopping pretty early even though I am never finished until late Christmas Eve. For my early shopping this year, I got three presents about a month or more ago for some of my in-laws. Other than that though, I've only gotten something for my son so far and until I actually see it am not sure that is what he will be getting. It is a used item - supposedly in excellent shape - and something that although used he will love. Enough said, lest he read this and find out what he is getting.

As for gifts for anyone else - nothing yet. As I said, I often wait until Christmas Eve to finish my shopping but just realized (smacked my head and thought "dah") that I cannot do that this year since I've got to mail gifts or have then delivered to my family in NY. Oh well, time to get mine arse in gear. As far as my daughter & son-in-law go their gift will be easy - a gift card to a nice restaurant and a small trinket sort of a gift for each (his is one I got about a month ago - her's nothing as of yet). The grandson is another story, I was all set to get him a dinosaur play set and my wife told me he already has something along those lines. I'll be heading out to the mall later today in search of whatever for him.
What to get a three year old who has it all???

As for the brothers-in-law, they are getting the same as my son-in-law. Then there is Oma (my mother-in-law), maybe a gift card for a restaurant. Then the wife, even though separated I suppose I should get her something fairly nice. No one else I can think of right now except maybe for locals here where I live in TX; the two ladies who work in my apartment complex office are bound to get something from me along the lines of a box of candy each or flowers or whatever. Other than that - there is just me left and I kind of sort of have what I want already.

The big one is something for my grandson Ryan.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vortex 4-12x50mm Crossfire II Riflescope - Excellent Deal

I just ordered a Vortex 4-12x50mm Crossfire II from B&H Photo. I do not know how they did it but their price for the scope was only $169 with free shipping and zero sales tax collected. This scope typically sells for $199.99 everywhere I have seen it. I should point out that when I first looked at the item's page, it showed as selling for $199.99 but the price was printed in a lighter shade than usual and that gave me the hint the price would be different in the shopping cart; although, I think my link above shows it with the $169 price. Anyway, I added it to my cart and it came up as $169.00.
I also ordered a set of Vortex aluminum rings for the scope @ $16.25.

They threw in a free flashlight - probably a piece of junk but it's free and that is okay with me.

I have made purchases from B&H before, both in store and online, and have always been satisfied. The one time I had to return something it was much easier that had thought it would be - in and out in 10-15 minutes or so. If you are ever in NYC and get a chance to stop by their store, do so for a different experience than that with which you are probably familiar. It's run by Hasidic Jews and thus is closed early on Fridays through Saturday - even their website does not do business during that time frame. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 6, 2019

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Coming Of The Bolt Parts Of A Mauser...

...they were flying out of the receiver as if shot out of a Howitzer,
they were aimed right at the hole where my left eyeball is stored,
they were coming hard and fast as if a mighty stabbing sword;
next time I'll wear safety glasses is the truth that will march on.
Glory, glory hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah,
I'm thankful I at least had my reading glasses on.

Yep, had I not been wearing my reading glasses I may have been blinded or may even have lost my left eye what with the amount of force that the parts shot out of the rear of a Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 bolt that I was disassembling last night. I don't think it would have happened if the bolt had been assembled properly by whoever messed with it before I bought the rifle. They evidently did not screw it all the way closed; thus, the safety which is supposed to be in a certain position while disassembling the bolt could not be moved into that position and I think led to the parts flying out and into my left eyeglass lens with a darned lot of force. It did not break my eyeglass lens but knocked my glasses off of my face and I am pretty sure would have put a really bad hurting on my eyeball had I not been wearing the glasses. Next time, I will try to remember to wear safety goggles or glasses over my readers. better to be safe than sorry and not turn into the Cyclops.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Bean Bag Chair...

...was something I bought last week in anticipation of my son visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted him to have something more comfortable to sit in than the two sports folding chairs I have for living room furniture. (What can I say except that I plan to buy a house within the year and will buy some nice real furniture then - for now my place is the poor man's bachelor pad central.) Anyway, as I said I bought it last week. brendan used it while he was here. I think I've sat in it twice, once when I first got it to try it on for size so to speak and then a day or two ago while watching TV. I suppose I am a creature of habit because I've found myself sitting in the fold out sports chair all the rest of the time that I have watched TV. 

My mongrel - Skye - has ignored the chair completely. I think she knows her place and figured sitting in it was not that place. Well, that was until today. She was sitting on my lap a little while ago this morning; that was none to comfortable while in that sports chair and none that safe because her 42 pounds or so and my 229, put that chair to within 25-50 pounds of its weight limit (as I recall either 300 or 325 pounds) and that could be catastrophic especially considering it has not worn too well since I got it a couple of months ago. Yes, it was cheaply made in another country and is pretty crappy but it does for now until it falls apart. Moving on, let me just say, I told her to her to get off of my lap and then for some reason patted the bean bag chair that was within my left arm's reach. She climbed up in it and immediately looked pretty frigging comfortable - don't ya think!

Oh well, I guess I won't be using that chair much now even if the folding sports chair falls apart. In that event, I'll have to get another bean bag chair for myself since the one we have now seems to have been claimed. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, December 2, 2019

Skyrocketing NICS Checks: Was It Due To Black Friday's Sale Prices...

...the holiday giving spirit or has panic buying begun as the impeachment hearings & next year's election (and the possibility of libturd mandated gun control laws should they somehow win) draw closer? I think it may be a combination of all of the above but whatever it was, the NICS checks run this past Friday were the second highest since the FBI started counting them in 1998. More at the source.

I may be adding to the increase in gun sales for this holiday season in as much as I may be buying a pistol to put under someone's tree and thus may be putting a big smile on that person's face for Christmas.

All the best,
Glenn B