Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Burning The Koran Or Any Other Religious Book

No matter what you think of Koran burnings, maybe you should watch these videos. There is certainly a lot of thought in the first one about our rights as Americans (or simply as humans). I agree very much with what the lady in the videos has to say about our rights and about Islam and about politicians. Yet, I do not necessarily think she made the presentation in the best way for others to take her seriously because of the cursing. Regardless of her shtick, the ideas she presents are in agreement with many of my own on this subject and I cannot fault her that it is within her rights to burn the Koran and it is not within any person's rights to injure or kill anyone else because she or others did so.

So, what do you think? I know what I think and it is that we had best dread the day that the Islamists achieve nuclear capability because they will seek to burn us with the big one. Maybe we had best take care of the problem well before then by taking care of it now. Just in case there is any doubt, I do not mean by bowing down to Allah or by implementing Sharia law but rather by assuring that Sharia law will never rule us.

As for Senator Lindsey Graham, I think he should retire immediately or be booted out of office post haste. The things he said were abhorrent and totally against the grain of our Constitution. While I think that seems to be the norm for him it should not be acceptable to Americans on the whole because without our Constitution and its protections of our rights we would not be Americans. There simply is no way to defend what he said about limiting the freedom of speech, certainly none when you consider the flawless constitutional logic of the rebuttal that was given.

All the best,
Glenn B