Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Having To Work In Retirement Sucks...

...but having to work for totally obnoxious arsehats while retired is misery almost unbearable. If I really did not need the money, that I will make over the next few weeks, to pay for this coming winter's heating oil, I would have quit my job today. Sadly my earnings for this week and last week will go toward paying for damage to another persons car that I hit a couple of weeks back and my pension is not enough to cover regular bills with heating oil thrown in to the mix. Sometimes you just have to bear it. Note that I did not say grin and bear it because I most assuredly am not grinning.

If you are working now at your first career, or even in a shit job before you get into a real career, let me tell you what I told my son in a text message less than hour ago:

"Save as much money as you can now, in an IRA or 401K (or whatever it's called) so when u retire, you won't have to work. Working fucking sucks once retired."

If I write more than that, right now, my head may explode despite the vodka cherries (my own concoction) I just had and the vodka I just drank. So, I'll stop now before my brains erupt all over my laptop.

All the best,
Glenn B.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade

I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 this afternoon. After having done so, my advice to anyone out there is:


As far as I am concerned, Windows 10 is little more than a piece of shit very fault prone operating system that may well screw up the workings of your PC - it sure did to mine. I waited weeks to receive notice from Microsoft saying the upgrade was ready for my laptop. Then, after installing it, several of my programs/applications no longer ran or did not run properly. I tried to assure that all my drivers were up to date to see if that would help but Windows 10 apparently would not allow me to do so and whenever I tried to do anything like that, I kept getting a message saying I had to contact the administrator because the application or program had been marked as unsafe. I also found that booting and shutting down the computer were both much slower under Windows 10. In addition programs, that did run, ran slower. None of that had not happened under Windows 7. After several hours of trying to get things to work as they should, I gave up. That was right after I found out I had the option to remove Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7. I did that but that was not a cure all. I am still having problems with some programs like HP SimplePass, my fingerprint reader and with downloading driver upgrades for things like my graphics card.

I have two words and a number for Microsoft: Fuck Windows 10.

All the best,
Glenn B

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 19 (Very Late Entry)

Well, there I was working all week and taking care of the house with the wife away for ten days; so, I did not get in much kilt wearing this past week. Thus the absence of photos and blegging reports all week long. Anyway, that changed yesterday, at least for the weekend since I'll be working all this week too but I do have some pics from yesterday. The first is of me  in the local Costco parking lot just after I got to my car to load the groceries into my car's trunk.

The next is of me at JFK Airport while waiting there to pick up the two Long Island princesses after their return from their Mediterranean cruise. You should have seen the look on the guy's face when I asked a stranger in the crowd to please take a photo of me with my phone camera. A little explanation was all that was needed though and he helped me out.

The next is of my wife and daughter. I tried to get a really quick surprise pic and thus it came out a tiny bit blurry as I was still swinging the camera up when I snapped this one. I had wanted to get the looks on their faces when they saw me kilted at the airport but they quickly changed from looks of sheer disgust to smiles when they realized I was taking their photo and my daughter told my wife to smile.

Right after I dropped the women off at home, I hopped in my car and headed to the NYCB Theater at Westbury to see the Marshall Tucker Band and the Charlie Daniels Band. Brendan and his friend Pat already preceded me there because there was a chance I would run late with picking up the girls at the airport Somehow, the got through Customs & Border protection inspections within 45-50 minutes of landing. They had just announced a minimum 2 hour wait to cleat CBP so that was a good surprise because I got to the concert early.

It was a great concert. I had fun being there with Brendan and his pal Pat who both seemed to be totally enjoying it. Charlie Daniels was great as was the Marshall Tucker Band; they sure brought back memories of the mid to late seventies for me.
As for the rest of this past week since the 19th, I have been working each day and obviously not wearing my kilt then since I need to wear a uniform. The rest of my time has been spent at home taking it easy since I have had a couple bouts of gout this week and am still feeling pretty crappy since I have not yet gotten my stronger strength prescription for my thyroid meds. In other words, no kilted adventures all week long. I will be kilted this weekend if feeling up to getting out and about and should post some pics by Monday, maybe even tomorrow.
By the way, me not being kilted does not mean that I have dropped out of the prostate cancer awareness campaign and Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser. I am hopeful you will find it worthwhile to make at least a small donation toward the fight against prostate cancer through the following link:
Team Glenn B has fallen to 7th place and sure could use a boost as could the overall amount of donations. To date, as this post is being written, $12,774.00 of the hoped for $50,000 has been raised; Team Glenn B has raised $445 of that. Remember that: "Kilted to Kick Cancer is an IRS 501(c)3 Non Profit and your donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations goes directly to cancer research, prevention and fund raising efforts.  No one at KTKC draws a salary.".
All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Been A Tough Week But Blogging And Kilted Blegging To Resume Soon

It's been a long week, what with that rash I had (and still have some bit of it remaining), me feeling pretty much exhausted each day after only about 10 or 12 hours of awake time and me working a full time week for the first time in a long time. The work stuff had me getting up at and that included at 0515each morning, then about 1 to 1 1/4 hour commute to work, then at least a 1 1/2 hour, to 2 1/2 hour commute to home each day. Add to that the wife has been away since last week and I was doing a bunch of household crap too. Walking the dogs, for about an hour each day (I missed two days though) was thrown in there too taking up more of what little time I had left over after the rest of it. Add to that my report I got back from my doctor, that I need more thyroid medication because my hormone level was too low when she tested it late last week, and to that add the fact that since they told me on Tuesday they have not yet called in my prescription, and let me just say that I have been friggin drained without time for any blogging or Kilted To Kick Cancer blegging.

I pick up the wife and daughter tomorrow at the airport, so I am hopeful I can resume both blogging and KTKC blegging by then. I plan to wear the kilt to the airport and then to a Charlie Daniels concert I will be attending right after that (the ladies had best be back on time or may be catching cab home). By Sunday, even if still tired just due to the thyroid thing, I will try to blog and bleg in earnest. Next week though and the remaining weeks in the month, it will be slow going again on weekdays because right now it looks as if I will be working full time for a couple to few weeks. I was happy about that because I needed the money but as it turns out, I will not see the first 1K of it that I bring home. Let's just say that hypothetically speaking, if I ass ended somebody's car, I would be the kind of guy to stop, exchange info, and then pay for the damage once I found out the other driver would be willing to avoid insurance companies.  That is two weeks take-home pay and I have only worked a week of it off so far!

Then there is the matter of a gun I sold and the buyer was not satisfied. I have offered to refund the full selling price and shipping cost but he has not gotten back to me yet. That will mean losing yet another $335.00, $300 of which I thought was as good as in the bank. Oh well.


All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, September 12, 2015

12 Monkeys & What's On The Table...

...is the perfect combination right now.

It makes me almost forget about this:

My doctor had no clue when I saw her yesterday.
The steroids she prescribed are not doing a thing but the vodka seems to help quell the burning itch some.

Anyway, I have got it better than Bruce W's character in Twelve Monkeys.

All the best,

Meet The New Grill, Same As The Old Grill

They promised rain today but I decided to take a bit of a chance and try to assemble my new BBQ grill instead of letting it sit in its carton in the rain as it did right after it was delivered on Thursday. I was too busy to do it yesterday and that was too bad because it did not rain. For today though, the weathermen predicted a good amount of rain starting this afternoon and into tonight. I decided to give it a go and try to beat the rain.

I began the whole assembly process at about noon. It was partly cloudy/partly sunny - not a bad day. It was warm but not too much. I opened the cartons (one inside the other with a few smaller ones inside the large inner one. After pulling out this and that and the almost fully assembled grill body (thank you Brinkmann) I found the manual.  I went over the parts list and checked off each and every part against it, they were all there! Wow, what a pleasant surprise for something made in China (I had no idea where it was made when I bought it). I started to read the assembly instructions, read a few steps in advance and said let's do it because the instructions were in good English and seemingly made sense. It looked as if it would be pretty straightforward and easy to accomplish. In fact, it was pretty easy; one of the hardest things of the whole deal was getting it all out of the main carton but that was none too difficult and I was able to manage it by myself, including the grill body.

As I said, it was pretty easy to put together thanks to very good to excellent instructions. I had to redo one step because I used two screws with washers, when I was not supposed to use washers, and I needed the washers for another part. Otherwise I got it done without a hitch - at least as far as I can tell now. I have not tested it to assure that it does not leak gas but if it does leak - well then that was a problem straight out of the factory as I had nothing to do with the assembly of the gas line or burners except that I tightened some screws that held the burners in place. There were only a few things for which I would find fault with Brinkmann: 1) virtually 75 to 80% of the screws on the grill body assembly were loose (while 8 of them were supposed to be loose and tightened later once a couple of pieces were put in place, all the others were a different story and were proof that quality control in the Brinkmann  factory in China sucks), 2) There were a few small dings on painted parts, a few scratches on the stainless steel cover and a pretty large dent in the bottom panel (that I straightened out pretty much okay). None of that will effect how it works and other than some design quirks that I am used to already because I had the same grill for three years prior to this replacement, I am satisfied with it for the price I paid. he only thing I noticed that has changed since I bought my original one over three years ago is the thermometer - certainly not anything major. I figure I will get at least a couple more years out of this one if I am careful not to let grease buildup and thus allow for major flare-ups.

As for the rain that I was worried about: It's raining out now. It also was raining a bit when I took the dogs out for a walk, became a downpour once we were committed to about halfway in the walk, poured until we were about 75% through with the walk, stopped a few minutes before we got home BUT it did not rain even one drop in the 3 1/2 or so hours it took me to put the grill together (and I took my time with it). I made sure to get every tool I could think of that I might need, cleaned my mess as I went along (all the cardboard, plastic bags and Styrofoam), read each and every step of the instructions twice (except maybe the one about not needing two washers when I used them by mistake) and enjoyed my coffee throughout the process. My son walked outside just as I was done (great timing) and asked how it was coming along and if I knew when it was supposed to start raining. I was happy to report it was done and that I was dry but that yes heavy rain was predicted.

Perhaps I will have to cook on it tomorrow, that is if it dries out by then. Being the knucklehead I can be, and being lost in the fog of happiness that is little known to me for actually getting something like this done without a problem, I forgot all about the rain to come. I also forgot to do one thing after I had assembled it. I had laid the cover across one end of it so I would not forget to cover it completely, then rolled it into its cubby hole next to my fence. Of course, I left the cover draped right where it was over one end of it. At least that end is dry, then again so is the garden gnome!

All the best,
Glenn B (Master Grill Assembler)

Meet The New Beer - Not The Same As The Old Beer

I tried a new beer (for me) last weekend and again this weekend. I liked it the first time and like it today too. That is a good thing. It is Samuel Adams Octoberfest  beer. I am not a fan of virtually every Sam Adams beer I have ever tried before and there have been several to pass through my lips and over my gums. I found most of the ones I have tried to have been way too bitter and hoppy tasting and I like beers that taste strongly of hops, like strong IPAs. Sam Adams though are usually not to my liking, I guess mostly because I find them overly bitter. 
So, I guess I took a chance buying a 28 bottle case of these beers at Costco a couple of weeks ago. I am happy I did so because these taste pretty much like true German Oktoberfest biers, of which I am a fan, and that is a good thing. What was also a good thing was that there were 28 bottles in the case instead of the normal 24 and the price was about the same as it would have been for a normal but smaller sized case.
Good stuff. I recommend it.
All the best.

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 12

Like I said in previous posts, I have been doing just about everything kilted and definitely have been wearing my kilt each and every day and today was no exception. I've been posting pics of myself kilted each day too. The only exception so far was yesterday and I decided to forgo the Kilted To Kick Cancer efforts in favor of dedicating my day to the memory of 9/11/2001 and 09/11/2012.

Big umbrella or not, I still got kind of soaked when
out for a walk with the two bigger dogs this afternoon.

Here is my latest Kilted To Kick Cancer pic, day 12, with a kilted me out walking the two bigger dogs of our five dogs (or of the seven total dogs I am stuck with while the wife and daughter are away). Our three and our daughter's two Chihuahuas have not been out for a walk since the wife left, they get to run around the yard for most of their exercise but tomorrow I am taking them out. I can't wait - the two big ones were excellent while walking but 5 high strung Chihuahuas - heaven help me!

If you would like to donate to the fight against prostate cancer, please do so through Kilted to Kick Cancer at this link and I would hope that you select Team Glenn B as the team through which you want to donate:


All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, September 11, 2015

What's For Dinner?

Since the wife is away this and next week, I will be doing at least some cooking for me and Brendan and it certainly will not be vegan. For the most part it won't be health food either. Today, I went to a local Korean market and picked up a couple of thick salmon steaks, a couple of octopus arms (pre-cooked), just over a pound of shrimp, a small package of sushi, four small flat iron steaks nicely marbled, and some thick cut marinated pork belly (or was it pork tenderloin - whatever, it is laced with fat). I grabbed a variety package of Korean pancakes, some mushrooms and scallions too. I already had some lettuce at home in the event either of us feels like having some salad. I was thinking of getting some lobsters too, but they can wait until next week.

So, most of that, if not all of it, will be cooked up for tonight's dinner (and a midnight snack or leftovers for tomorrow). I was going to take Brendan out tonight but figured why not just do it at home and spend just as much money but on better food than jalapeno poppers and burgers or buffalo chicken wraps at my local pub. That too can wait until another day, I am in the mood for seafood this Friday night. (Yes, I was brought up Catholic but that has little to do with it for me except my wife usually makes seafood on Fridays.)

The other things that are for dinner, and even for my early appetizers as I am enjoying them already, are Sam Adams Oktoberfest beers and some vodka. I picked up a jar of maraschino cherries and am marinated them with vodka right now, they will be ready for dessert in a day or three. I find them better than the Moonshine Cherries I love so much even though the vodka is only 80 proof when it goes into the jar, as opposed to the 100 proof of the moonshine. I also get about 4 times (or more) of the vodka for darned near close to the same price as the moonshine, so it's a bargain too. Right now, I am enjoying a cocktail made from the juice that was in the jar, some club soda and about 2.5 to 3 ounces of vodka. Tastes like the best Shirley Temple in the world, as a kid I could never have dreamed them tasting as good. Yummy, no after-bite but I expect it will have a decent kick as in to my head.

Once Brendan gets in touch to let me know he is leaving work, I will give him about 45 to 60 minutes, then fire up stove. The shrimp will get boiled on the stove. The rest of what I will cook all goes on the grill - the salmon, the flat iron steaks and the marinated pork but I won't need to start that up until he arrives because it will all cook quickly; it's that damn pot of water that takes forever to boil especially since I tend to watch the pot until it does. He is probably less than 20 miles away but now that school has started, the traffic has returned from being a bad dream to being an absolutely unbearable nightmare as is the norm around the NYC area. I don't know how I am going to heat those Korean pancakes but I figure on the top rack in the grill might be okay. As for the salad, I probably will start that before too long just to have it done and waiting whether either of us wants it or not. As long as I don't throw on the dressing it could last through tomorrow.

Holy shit, it almost sounds as if we could survive without the women folks being home. Not only are my wife and daughter in Europe, the mother-in-law is upstate, until this Sunday, with my brothers-in-law. Me and my son might manage to have some fun. Now if only I was about 35 or even 45 again, I could really live it up but then I would have to either swear my son to secrecy or leave him out o the picture for those good times! Yes Phil (my son-in-law) you are invited to come on over; heaven knows I want you implicated in all Brendan and I do too so you don't rat us out!!! Not that I think you would, mind you, I just want to cover mine arse.

All the best,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's 9/11...

...let's all take some time today to remember the fallen and recall what happened on this day. Never forget.

All the best,
 Glenn B

PS: While I was specifically referring to 09/11/2001 above, let's not forget what happened and those lost to us on this date in 2012 either.

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 10

One third of the kilted  month through and I am getting used to them. I even kind of, sort of, just about like em. I have been doing almost everything kilted except sleep and take a shower.

I just looked at the team standings via the link on the homepage of www.kiltedtokickcancer.org
and saw that team Glenn B is in 4th place with $415 in donations. Thank you to all who have donated through Team Glenn B so far but more importantly who donated to the fight against prostate cancer.

All the best,

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer Day 9

I spent most of the day at home but got ready to head to JFK international Airport just before 5PM. As I was walking down the stairs after taking a shower, my wife muttered "oh God" when she saw me. I was wearing my blue kilt and I was about to drive her and my daughter to the airport for their mother-daughter trip to Venice, Italy and a Mediterranean cruise. I guess she was not happy about the kilt but I reminded her she could call a cab. Next thing I knew and the three of us were in the Corolla headed for JFKIA after they said their goodbyes to our son.

I had hoped to have my wife or daughter take a shot of my kilted self at the airport and to spend some time with them before their flight but both of them insisted I drop them off curbside and then just leave. I dropped them off as desired, took the big bag out of the trunk and set it down next to my wife making sure to pull out the extended handle for her, then turned and closed the trunk. I was about to get the other suitcase but my daughter beat me to it. I gave her a hug and kiss goodbye, wished her fun and turned to kiss my wife goodbye. She had moved away about 10-15 feet into a crowd and said goodbye from there. I just got in the car and while driving home pondered applying for a divorce because I am sure it was not the kilt that got me the cold shoulder. I guess it was the kilt.

Almost an upkilt shot.

Anyway, no kilted pic at the airport, so I just took this selfie for any desperate women out there who might need cheering up. The only other KTKC Day 9 news is that, since last night, Team Glenn B took in at least three donations amounting to $200.00. Yes, one was for $100 so I owe another dunk my junk video. I will try to shoot it tomorrow. Thanks to all who have had the generosity to donate so far.

All the best,
Glenn B

Kilted To Kick Cancer Day 8 - Yesterday

As I mentioned yesterday, I do not have a kilted pic from day 7 and now I must say sorry but no kilted pic from day 8. I went without kilt yesterday if only because I stayed at home because I was not feeling well. I slept most of the day away. I am feeling better today and plan to get out and get some things done and thus will be kilted today, even when I take the wife and daughter to the airport later this afternoon. That should be fun.

As for the Team Glenn B standing, so far we have raised $350 with ten donations. We have dropped out of third place falling to fifth place in the team standings, as of a few moments ago  on day 9, when I last checked. Regardless of team standings, those of you who have donated can be proud of yourselves for donating to help in the fight against prostate cancer. If you have not yet done so and want to donate please use this link to do so:


You can donate through Team Glenn B or any other team or you can donate without selecting a team. If you donate through Team Glenn B, please send me a copy of your receipt or email confirmation and make sure to include your full name in the email.

Now for the important reminder: Prostate cancer is one of the most deadly cancers among men BUT it is often successfully treated. One of the keys to successful treatment often winds up being early detection. So men, if you are middle aged or older, especially if older, you may want to consider having your prostate checked by your doctor.

Glenn B

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer Day 7 Yesterday

Sorry - No kilted pic of me from Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser(KTKC) Day 7, which was yesterday. Then again why should I be apologizing for that, you may think it wonderful not to have had to have seen my legs yet again. Anyway, another kilt pic will be posted later today for day 8.

Yesterday was a pretty much ho-hum stay at home day for me. We had a small BBQ. It was also a ho-hum day, or so it seems at last look, for Team Glenn B in the KTKC team standings for donations brought in. Somewhat disappointingly, Team Glenn B remains frozen in third place with a mere bag of shells, or $315, donated through it so far. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to the folks who donated that $315 and am happy that you have contributed to the cause. It's just that I was kind of hoping to raise more than that for such a worthy cause as the fight against prostate cancer. There is a long way to go before the end of the month though and I am hopeful that donations through Team Glenn B will wind up closer to my hoped for goal of $2,000. Of course, even half that would be excellent and as I said, I am happy with what has been donated already, just not satisfied that that is the best we can do.

If you want to donate, you can do so through this link and I would hope you select Team Glenn B from the drop down box on the checkout page. To entice you to donate, I will be raffling off some prizes after the end of the month long fundraiser. For each $5 you have donated to the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser through Team Glenn B, you will receive a chance to wind a prize. Donate $5, get one chance, donate $10 get two chances and so on but you must send me an email with a copy of your receipt or confirmation of your donation to be entered into the raffle.

All of the below listed prizes will be included to be split between first, second and third place prizes at my discretion. All of the prizes were bought and paid for by me, out of my own funds, to entice you to donate to the Kilted To Kick Cancer (KTKC) fundraiser through Team Glenn B at:


The donations go to help the fight against prostate cancer. Believe me when I say that the prizes and my kilts, shirts and accessories that I wear for this effort, cost at least as much as the $315 of donations brought in so far through Team Glenn B. I am not getting a penny of the donated money, that all goes to cancer research and prevention and to fund the fundraising efforts of Kilted to Kick Cancer (reference the bottom of the KTKC donation page at the this link). I figured though that to get folks to participate, it would be wise to offer incentives just as KTKC is offering prizes for the team leaders who collect the most. 

Right now, the prizes I have amassed include:

$50 gift card for PF Chang's restaurant (this may possibly be changed to another brand of gift card)

300 rounds Winchester 22LR ammunition in wooden collector’s box. (Restricted to an adult who can legally receive and possess it.)

100 rounds of 9mm FMJ ammunition. (Restricted to an adult who can legally receive and possess it.)

Encased 2011, 25th Anniversary, First Strike, U.S. Silver Eagle $1.00 Coin – rated MS70 by PCGS.
Bicycle Playing Cards, carton of 12 decks. (Maybe you can multiply that silver dollar into many more.)
A Magic 8 Ball

Smith's Jiff-V Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Tentative prize: A PUMA SGB Deadwood Micarta Fixed-blade Hunting Knife. I would have said this was a definite prize but when I received the one I ordered, the box (and possibly the knife inside of it) was damaged. I sent it back for an exchange; hopefully they have others in undamaged condition; otherwise a knife of similar cost will be included as a prize.

Of course, you don't have to donate through Team Glenn B. There are other teams you can choose or you can decide to donate without naming a team. Each team, in essence, consists of an individual blogger who registered with KTKC to collect donations throughout September and his/her donors. The bloggers, for the most part will be wearing kilts while making an effort to spread the word about prostate cancer awareness and to collect funds in the fight against prostate cancer for the KTKC fundraiser. The top three registered participants will be eligible to win some nice prizes that were donated to KTKC for this effort. While I would not mind winning a prize, and thus hope you donate through Team Glenn B, the important things are that you donate to the fight against cancer and that if you are a man, you get yourself checked for prostate cancer by your doctor especially if you are an older man.

See these statistics quoted (I changed the color) from the American Cancer Society (source):

"Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men. The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States for 2015 are:
  • About 220,800 new cases of prostate cancer
  • About 27,540 deaths from prostate cancer
About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
Prostate cancer occurs mainly in older men. About 6 cases in 10 are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older, and it is rare before age 40. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 66.
Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer. About 1 man in 38 will die of prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer can be a serious disease, but most men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not die from it. In fact, more than 2.9 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point are still alive today.
For statistics related to survival, see the section “Survival rates for prostate cancer.”

Last Medical Review: 12/22/2014
Last Revised: 03/12/2015"

As I said, men - get yourself checked, especially if you are an older man, it may save your life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Maybe This December - I'll Remember To Buy Their 2016 Calendar

For the past few years, I have seen their videos or calendars but only months after the first of the year. This year is no exception and once again I am many months late and a calendar short. Regardless, take a peek at this video for your viewing pleasure, at least if you are a man who likes women with guns. it's the Hot Shots Calendar 2015 - Behind The Scenes video:

It makes me think their calendar would be worth the annual investment.

All the best,
Glenn B

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 6

Hope you are all enjoying a nice extended weekend. We had a BBQ today at Team Glenn B headquarters (home - where else) with some of the family over. It was an excellent day for it and the food was delicious or at least I thought so (you can't please everybody). The drinks were not too bad either even if my sister-in-law Lorraine and I were about the only ones drinking. I must admit though, the two brothers-in-law did each have a shot of Kirschwasser with me. Excellent spirits it is.

A kilted me, cleaning the grill in the fading light of the early evening.

As usual, as it will be on a daily basis for the month, I was wearing one of my kilts. I don't think either of the brothers-in-law Alex and Hans appreciated it but what can I say other than it's for a good cause. My son-in-law, Phil, had a laugh over it but I have to hand it to him he reads this blog and he knew what was going on with it. He was even nice enough to show my wife the dunk-my-junk video from last night. I would rather she had not seen it, as she also now wishes she had not, but I did promise to dunk the jewels if anyone made a single $100 donation; I got one and was so obliged. If anyone else donates that much, through Team Glenn B this month, and I will do it again.

Team Glenn B is still in third place according to the team standings when I checked a few minutes ago. The amount we have brought in as not changed, it is still at $315. I am hoping that will change or that it is wrong. Remember, if you want to donate through Team Glenn B, you have to choose our team in the drop-down box on the checkout page for payments (the third page in the process). If you did or do donate through Team Glenn B (or donated and didn't remember to select our team but wanted to), send me an email either way so I can make sure Team Glenn B is credited for the right amount of donations and so I can allocate your chances to win a prize or prizes after the end of the fundraiser (each $5 you donate gets you one chance to win a prize).

While donating through a team and the chances to win a prize or prizes for donating are nice - the really important thing is that you can help win the fight against prostate cancer. If you are a man, have your prostate checked by your doctor, especially if middle aged or older. Catching it early helps assure successful treatment and recovery. You can also help by making a donation through Kilted To Kick Cancer whether through a team (Hint: Team Glenn B) or can make one without it going through a team effort. To donate please go to this link:


"Kilted to Kick Cancer is an IRS 501(c)3 Non Profit and your donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations goes directly to cancer research, prevention and fund raising efforts.  No one at KTKC draws a salary." (Source is the bottom of the KTKC donation page, same link as above.)

I wish they included the cost of my kilts, belt and sporran in "fund raising efforts" but I guess that ain't happening as I, like all the other participants, volunteered for this. As I understand, the money that goes toward fundraising pays for things like the KTKC website and that's pretty minimal.

All the best,
Glenn B 

I Think It Was An Alice Cooper Show...

...where I saw her the last time.

All the best,

Saturday, September 5, 2015

KTKC Day 5 - Dunking My Junk

Folks, I promised that I would post videos of me dunking my kilted junk (as in my privates into ice water) if anyone made a single donation of $100 on any given day during my Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising efforts in September. Well, I am a bit tardy because the first donation of $100 was made a couple of days ago but I have done it and made a video of it. Granted, the video sucks because I made it in my garage and did not realize I was blocking the overhead light. Next time, I promise a better video but that means someone has to donate another single $100 donation through Team Glenn B. As for this crappy quality video, sorry but I am not doing it again tonight to make a better quality video. It was just too friggin cold for me to do that a second time in one night! Be advised, this is a graphic video showing partial nudity - my arse not my dunked jewels.


You all can thank Frank D for the donation that obligated me to dunk.

All the best,
Glenn B

KTKC Day 5 - Photos

Here are a couple of pics of me on day 5 of Kilted To Kick Cancer. Once again, I went out in the world and did my daily chores while kilted to help spread the word and hopefully to bring in some donations for the fundraiser. That included  trip to FedEx, Fairway Supermarket and Costco among other places. This time, I remembered to bring along some of the fliers for the effort and I handed out a few here and there.

I handed out a few fliers to the men and to one woman who wanted
one for her man, while I was inside of FedEx. I was returning one of
the end of fundraiser raffle prizes that I found to have been damaged.
After that, I went home and made up a marinade of super seKrit ingredients for our BBQ tomorrow. One rack of St. Louis style ribs was put into the marinade. That will all go into a thick walled aluminum pot (that I inherited from my great-grandfather and they just don't make em like that anymore - pots or great-grandfathers) and will simmer for probably 3 to 4 hours until the meat literally falls off o the bones. In addition, I rubbed down another two full racks of ribs - one with a sweet rub from Cabela's and another with a Kirkland brand mesquite rub. They are in the fridge awaiting being smoked for a few to several hours beginning tomorrow mid to late morning; the BBQ is at three. Then I made a fresh salsa. Since it is for tomorrow, I would rather have made it tomorrow but I have a lot of other stuff to do starting tomorrow morning so I prepared that tonight. It will be just fine tomorrow, in fact the hot peppers, fresh cilantro, onions and spices will have more time to penetrate and flavor the tomatoes. I make one heck of a salsa after having lived on the southern border for 4 years; if I say so myself - it is darned tasty. I did that all while kilted and wearing my newly arrived Kilted To Kick Cancer polo shirt.

Nope, you can't see anything dangling. I may have been enjoying a bier after
getting all of my chores done for the day but I wasn't drunk enough for that.
As you can see in the two accompanying photos, the shirt bears the KTKC logo. Much to my surprise, there was an additional bit of embroidery, on the right side of the front of the shirt, that says: "Team Glenn B". I had not expected that to be there but was pretty happy they thought of it, it's a nice touch.

Now for the important message: Men, please remember that Prostate Cancer is a killer especially if not caught early. In fact, if caught early, it is often successfully treated and cured. Do yourself a favor and have your doc test you for it especially if you are middle aged or older.

If you want to contribute to the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser to help fight prostate cancer by supporting prostate cancer research, please go to this link:


Remember, that if you want to donate through a team, or in other words through the efforts of one of the bloggers who is wearing a kilt each and every day this month (at least I am doing that), then please be sure to select a team from the drop down box in the third stage of the donation process on the checkout page. The team drop-down box will be in the upper left hand portion of that screen. I sure would appreciate your donation through Team Glenn B. Thanks to everyone who has donated already. And men, don't forget to get checked.

All the best,
Glenn B

60,000 Antelope Dead - Should We be Worried About This?

Normally we don't concern ourselves all to much with what is happening around the world unless it directly involves the USA in some way, shape or form. Even then, way too many of us are unconcerned about things like what is going on with our troops in Afghanistan, whether or not the North Koreans are capable of nuking us, why Obama has dragged us into a brand new Cold War with Russia and China, and on and on and on.

We should be concerned about all that stuff but probably are not concerned enough. We leave it to our so called leaders to handle it. Now there seems to be another thing that we should be concerned about but which I am willing to bet most of us have zero knowledge. It is the recent die-off of a herd of 60,000 (yes sixty thousand) saiga antelope in Kazakhstan within about a few days time frame. An entire herd of saiga just dropped dead. More here.

You may wonder, what in Hades does the sudden demise of a herd of antelope in Asia have to do with us and I would proffer that it may have a lot to do with us or nothing. What it has to do with us is the potential for the cause of the die off to spread, to become epidemic throughout different species and then to become pandemic around the globe. That may be a far fetched idea but then so too would the idea of 60K antelope being killed off by bacteria within only 4 days.

Yes, scientists are blaming bacteria but they are befuddled as to how and why it happened. The type of bacteria is considered normal fauna in the guts of saiga. So why would the bacteria suddenly cause 60K fatalities. I don't know about you, but I wonder if government meddling, military madness, and maniacal scientists fueled bio-warfare was somehow involved. The last time an event this big happened among a saiga herd, it dwarfed this one. That was back when Kazakhstan was still part of the USSR (look it up kids, make some intelligent use of the Internet). Back then, 400,000 saiga were wiped out and no one knows the exact reason with any certainty. It was blamed on "...Pasteurellosis, the disease caused by Pasteurella..." (source) bacteria but that happened under Soviet rule and reportedly little to no investigation was done. Does that smell of cover-up, I will let the conspiracy theorists figure it out.

This time round though, scientists were there concurrently studying the saiga herd. So they have collected lots of evidence but are still clueless as to how this normally quasi-benign bacteria killed of so many animals with such ferocity over just 4 short days. As for me, I am just hoping it is not a harbinger of things to come in the form of germ warfare research gone berserk along the lines of The Stand by Stephen King. Or it could be worse, it could be bio-weapons testing as a prelude to bio-warfare.

All the best,

Yesterday's KTKC Photo

Went to the gym last night, got home, had some dinner with half a bottle of wine and went to bed. I forgot to post my KTKC photo for Day 4. I also never got the chance to do the dunk-my-lilted-junk video I owe you all because one generous person made a $100 donation. I'll try to do that today; not looking forward to it but suppose I have to get it done.

Anyway, here's my pic from yesterday and it ain't pretty:

Yep, that is my brand new UT Kilts utility kilt. Better
photos to come, this one really sucked since I look to be
about 80 in it. Maybe I should just stop working out.
As for the Team Glenn B standings, s of just a moment ago, we were shown to be in third place with $315. We are behind the second place team by $265 and behind the first place team by just over 1K. We are ahead of fourth place by $95.

If you want to donate to help support prostate cancer research and to kick prostate cancer's arse, then please do so through this link:


If you want to do so through our team, then please be sure to click on Team Glenn B in the drop down box in the upper left hand corner of the checkout screen, third step in the payment process. Remember, once you have donated through Team Glenn B, please send me a an email with your receipt of acknowledgement and include your name so I can allocate prize chances to you and so I can assure that donations through Team Glenn B are being recorded properly.

Thanks for your generous support.

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, September 4, 2015

BBQ Grill Woes

I picked up a new Brinkmann BBQ grill back in June 2012. It was a fairly decent one for the price or so it seemed. The thing is, it has already started falling apart. I figure though, the reason certain parts have failed is pretty much my fault and expect I would have gotten another 2 years out of it had I been a bit more careful. The parts that failed were all attached to the burners. One burner, the sear burner, had a tab attached to it with spot welds. That tab screwed into the body of the grill to hold the burner in place. The spot welds broke yesterday when I was cleaning the grill. Before that, the heat tents (or whatever you call the angles pieces of metal above the burners) were rusting through even though I cleaned them often. On two of them, the tabs at the ends (two on each end) that held them in place against the grill body snapped off in normal use. The other thing that went were the gas crossovers had all rusted badly and a couple of them had simply rusted so badly they fell off. The 4 main burners, only one burner had electronic ignition and the crossovers assure that the flame from that one lights the other burners as they funnel gas from one burner to the next. I just lit each burner with a long flaming stick.

As I said though, I figure almost all of the fault with those parts failing so soon was due to my negligence. While I regularly cleaned this grill, more than the last one we had and that one lasted 5 years or so, I forgot to empty the drip pan twice before cooking. Each time I forgot, it was pretty full of greasy sludge. I was cooking ribs each time I forgot to clean it and they drip a lot of fat, and the fat dripping out sometimes causes the flame to really flare up, and with the drip pan full of grease from the previous couple of BBQs...you get the picture and if you don't let me say I was surprised the tree next to the grill did not go up in flames. The first time it happened, my wife yelled at me that the grill was on fire and I ran upstairs from the basement where I was grabbing something, probably a beer. It sure was on fire and not just the normal flame from the burners nor your everyday flare-up either. It looked like an inferno, it was blazing. Even though the lid was closed flames were shooting out of its vents and probably reached at least 3 or 4 feet above the grill, maybe higher. The next time was pretty much the same thing except I was inside preparing something else for the grill. I am going to guess that the temperature must have gotten over 750 degrees (the thermometer topped out at 600 and the needle was way past that). I suppose that additional heat must have stressed the metal an awful lot. Some of the stainless steel on the cover was pretty discolored after the first flare-up and worse after the second.  Its my bet that all the parts that broke would not have broken or rusted through the way they did had those flare-ups never happened. Oh well, live and learn. I have been a lot more careful to make sure the grates, drip pan and the heat tents are clean before I BBQ anything - especially the drip pan.

Yesterday, I priced replacement parts. The heat tents, 4 of them, would run me about $50, the sear burner another $30 and the crossovers about $20. Add shipping to that and it would have been a total of about $115-$125. I pondered whether or not I should repair it or just get a new one. I knew if I repaired it, it might last another season or two before something else, that was already old and weakened from the excessive heat, might break. 

While looking for the parts, I had visited the Brinkmann website and lo and behold, they had the same model grill (looking a little different) for sale a $289.99 with free shipping. I was tempted but didn't order it. I talked it over with she who must be obeyed (sometimes anyway) and she said go for it as soon as I told her about the price. I still hesitated to order it. There were some things I never liked about the grill and others I liked. It cooked pretty darned good compared to others we have had and that was a big plus along with its size, it is a pretty big grill. Then again, it has an open back to the cabinet which totally sucks and the drip pan is only accessible from the rear which means I have to pull the damned thing away from our fence each time I clean it. Our prior grill's drip pan was front accessible and much more convenient.  

The price was good though so I went back to the site and looked again today. This time, I noticed that if I signed up for their newsletter, I would get an additional 10% off the price. That dropped the price to $260.99. I reconsidered. Even though I would have to put this one together myself (Home Depot assembled it last time) because I am ordering it direct and even if the grill winds up falling apart in three years, the deal was tempting enough to have me bite. I ordered one a little while ago. I am hopeful that UPS will not destroy it during shipment.

This time around, I am going to strip the new grill, of the burner parts that failed, at each BBQ season's end and give them an extra good cleaning. I figure that will help them last. I am also going to be extra careful to prevent future flare-ups. I figure that will do a lot to extend the life of the parts. I may even make a back for this one myself to fully enclose the cabinet. In addition, I will have some spare, albeit used, parts from the old one as backup (like the grill grates, four main burners, screws and whatever). Time will tell if I was right or wrong to have ordered another one. Maybe one of these years I'll buy a grill for $1,000 or more, one that might actually last 10 years but right now I am on the south side of broke and even the amount I am paying for this new one is taxing my resources beyond the limit. If you are in a similar situation and need to replace a grill, you may want to check out that deal. If it only lasts three years, it works out to about $87 per year and I figure that to be worth it right now.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 3 Photo - And Some Good News

Allow me to whine: it's been a long hot and humid day that included cleaning and fixing my grill for the coming weekend (I jury rigged it with picture hanging wire because one of the welds holding a burner in place broke), getting a kilted post published, sending out a mass email on my KTKC efforts, doing some gardening and lawn work, getting some other crap done around the house and going to Costco to do shopping for this coming weekend's family BBQ bash. After getting home, unloading the car and putting everything away, I had to water the front garden because the flowers were not only drooping but looked positively parched. Now though, I am winding up my day enjoying a couple of excellent Schneider Weisse Biers (a German Hefe Weizen Bier or wheat beer with yeast) out of my prize weisse bier glass that I bought in Plattling, Germany many years ago.

I was hoping to get a good selfie of my kilted self in Costco but got there kind of late and had to really hustle to get my shopping done. but yes I was wearing my kilt. Three hundred bucks later and I am not sure I got everything but figure I got almost all I needed for the BBQ. Anyway, here is my KTKC Day 3 photo, me in the backyard enjoying one of those biers.

KTKC 2015, Day 3 photo. Bear in mind,
I never said these pics would be pretty!
Before I close, I have to mention the good news. Team Glenn B jumped into third place sometime this evening in the fundraiser. With about $240 in donations (and maybe some more from a donation that may not have been properly attributed to the team) we are far ahead of yesterday. Yet, we are also still far behind the first place team that has over 1K in donations. Knowing those of you who read my blog and to whom I sent an email plea for donations, I figure it won't be long before we zoom into first place. Remember this is for a good cause - to kick prostate cancer's arse, so to speak.
To donate, go here, and please remember to pick Team Glenn B as the team through which you are making your donation. Then send me an email of your donation acknowledgement or receipt so I can assure to get you in the running for some raffle prizes once the fundraiser is over on September 30th. Detailed info here.
Oh yeah, I almost hate to have to mention this but there is more good news. Someone was generous enough to make a single $100 donation today. Yes, that means I have to dunk my kilted junk into ice water and post a video of me doing so. I will try to get that dome tomorrow but really am not looking forward to it at all.
All the best,
Glenn B


Kilted to Kick Cancer - As If Shopping Was Not A Big Enough Pain In The...

...ass on a weeknight, I am about to head that way in my kilt. I wish I could figure why I am doing this Kilted To Kick Cancer kilt wearing thing but then I know why and it is for a good cause.

Please make a donation and please do so through Team Glenn B at: http://www.kiltedtokickcancer.org/product/ktkc-donation-2015/

If you need more info before donating, please look here: http://ballseyesboomers.blogspot.com/2015/09/i-am-kilted-to-kick-cancer-fundraiser.html

All the best,
Glenn B

This One Hits Home For Me

All the best,

Thug Does Cops A Favor And Shoots Himself...

...instead of shooting them! Police approached a man at an Oakland BART (train) station to tell him to put out a cigarette he was smoking. During the encounter the guy attempts to draw a handgun from his waistband. Bang goes the gun and the guy shot himself. Police shot him with a TASER and subdued him a split second after the shot. Turned out the guy was wanted on a felony warrant. Reportedly a third party video showed it all. More here.

Quick note on TASERs: Mind you that TASER is the proper way to write that as it is an acronym and that is the way the company writes it. See this as to why that is the name of said device.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Winchester Model 37 - The Curse Has Been Broken - I Hope

So, I tried to sell my Winchester Model 37, 12 gauge, shotgun for a fourth time, that  being once in person and three times via GunBroker.com. The first time someone showed upon to look at it and wanted me to sell it to him out of my trunk in a public parking lot. No way that was happening here in the polizestaat of New-Yorkistan. The second time was on GunBroker and the buyer did not send me a completely legible copy of his dealer's FFL and then would not send one. Sorry Charlie but I had that requirement clearly stated in my terms of the auction. The third guy just never sent payment and never got back to me when I inquired a few times to see if he still wanted it. When I called him to inquire, a woman answered the phone, told me the dickhead he was no longer interested and hung up when I asked if I could leave my number for him to call me and tell me himself.

It appears though that this time around, the fourth time (or third time via the Internet), may be the charm. I spoke to the high bidder tonight and he is preparing the buyer's statement I require (basically assuring me he could answer all the question of an ATF transfer form properly), is making a copy of his driver's license to send me (to help assure to whom I am selling it), already has a copy of his dealer's FFL (as required by law) and that is signed in a color ink other than the copy color (helps assure an original signature when an FFL is mailed (oddly enough an original signature is not required if faxed or scanned and emailed - how could it be original if transmitted like that), and will send a U.S. Postal Money order probably tomorrow (the only form of payment I will accept). I am not counting my chicks until the eggs hatch though but this time it does sound promising.

While speaking to him, he asked me some questions about the shotgun and I learned a new trick about a 12 gauge full choke gun. I think he would have been better off asking before he placed a bid because the bid is a binding agreement to make the purchase (if I would want to push it if a bidder backed out, which would not be worth it to me). I was not about to tell him that though and have him think I was being a wise-arse and thus ruin the deal -especially since he was being courteous and accommodating of my terms with which I could tell he was not completely happy (such as sending a copy of his license). But I digress so let me get back to what he asked me and what I learned.

The things he asked about were the look of the bore - which is bright and shiny with maybe a few freckles but no pitting I could see, whether or not it has an auto ejector - which it does, if the auto ejector functions properly - it sure kicks out an unfired shell casing with a good amount of force sending it a few feet across the room when I remember to get my chest out of the way, and if it was a full choke - which it is so marked. It was then, right after that last question, that I learned something. He asked me if how far a dime would travel through the barrel if I dropped it into the bore through the breech end. That seemed a strange question but he explained to me that if the dime passes all the way through (bearing in mind this is a full choke 12 gauge) then the choke has been removed (I would guess either purposefully or worn out from firing it many, many, many times over decades of use). He also explained that if the dime stops about an inch or so from the muzzle, then it is indeed a full choke. I asked him if the dime would be easy to get back out, I figured it would but wanted reassurance and he said yes. So, I dropped a dime. In my estimation, it stopped about 3/4 of an inch from the muzzle opening. He said that was good and seemed quite happy. If he is happy with it, then I am happy because it means the sale will probably actually go through; I hope so.

I will be happy for a couple of reasons other than it being finally sold. I will be happy because I am getting almost double for it over what I originally asked the first time on GunBroker.com. I wonder if I could have even asked for a higher amount and gotten it but I am quite satisfied in more than tripling my money on this gun over the price I originally bought it at. The other thing that makes me happy is that I will have almost enough cash, if I actually get paid, to buy either another Henry Repeating Arms Small Game Rifle in 22WMR (the one I originally ordered and had to be returned because it got damaged in shipping) or will have almost enough for a Barnett Jackal cross bow. Decisions, decisions!

As I said though, I am not counting my cash just yet.

All the best,
Glenn B

Blogging This Month

As you can see, a lot of my blogging this month will be dedicated to the Kilted To Kick Cancer (KTKC) fundraiser. I promise though, once I get in the groove with it, I will start posting on more familiar subjects in addition to the posts about KTKC.

All the best,
Glenn B

KTKC Day 2 - A Day In The Life Of A Kilted Glenn B

Today was pretty much an ordinary day for me except for the fact that once again I went out in the  real world wearing a kilt - my only kilt (although UT Kilts already has shipped one I ordered yesterday, so another is due here soon). The first thing I did when I left my house today was to go to the dentist. My wife works there as a dental assistant and I although I had told her I would be kilted virtually everywhere this month, I think she was surprised to see me with it on in the dentist's office. The dentist slammed me as son as she saw me asking why I was wearing a skirt, if I was crazy, if she could light a match and throw it underneath to start a fire (to which I replied she had already set fire down there) and that she was going to hit me down there with a shot of Novocain. Yes, she loves me almost as much as my own wife does so.

Anyway, I explained the deal to her ad she said I was crazy to have bought kilts because I could have just donated that money - so what good was it doing! That was a fact which never had dawned on my wife and she got a little miffed that the kilts were not supplied for free and I had to pay for my kilty attire. I explained that instead of my regular donations to the fundraiser, I had bought the kilts and some other stuff in the hopes I could entice others to donate and thus wind up having more of an effect than if I just donated my two cents worth (believe me my past donations were much higher than that) to the fundraiser. So far I have been proven wrong, Team Glenn B has only brought in $50 to date and the team in first place has over 1K in donations already. I guess I need to do a mass emailing to blegg for donations. For now, allow me to repost the donation link:  http://www.kiltedtokickcancer.org/product/ktkc-donation-2015/ and please remember to mark off the team through which you want to donate (hint: my team is Team Glenn B).

Anyway, after that I went home for a bit and then was met there by my good buddy Pete A. We headed to the hospital to see a relative of mine, and former coworker of both of us, who had a heart attack, a really serious set of them but who made it through the worst of it. We spent some time there, me wearing my kilt. The deal was explained fully while there.

KTKC Day 2 Photo. Dunking Donuts might not have been the best place
for me to stop for a snack but I assure I have been working out lately
and I have lost a few pounds in the process over the past month.
I should be almost svelte in a month of three, hopefully anyhow.

Then we were off to get a bite to eat and somehow, one of us (who shall remain nameless) decided on Hooters. We had a few appetizers and I had two ales. Pete opted for water because he was driving. Then it was back toward my house but we too a brief detour to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a donut. As can be seen above, that is where KTKC Pic 3 of me was taken.

A few brief observations: riding in the car with AC on and blowing up the kilt is quite refreshing. Likewise for riding with the window open later when it cooled down some. Walking around with the family jewels dangling also was rather comfortable and made me wonder how it was, and why on earth, someone ever created tighty whities.

That is all for now.

All the best,
Glenn  B