Friday, September 28, 2012

Sold Some Ammo Day Before Yesterday - How Did I Do?

I sold a couple of boxes of .380 ammo yesterday. Winchester, Silvertip, hollowpoints, 50 rounds in each box, factory fresh, old reserves. I got $10 a box for them and gave the guy about 50 to 75 rounds of loose .40 S&W ammo, also factory fresh, old reserves, for free. I was happy with the transaction. How did I do? Do you think I qualify as a good businessman?

I imagine if I was in the ammo selling business, I would be going broke soon. Truth be told, I almost hated having to sell it to him. The "him" in question was a good friend of mine. Still though, I find I cannot just keep giving away ammo as I have done in the past, even if the people I have given it to have been friends. Well, at least not give it all away for free, after all I did give him a good amount of the .40 cal stuff for free. The twenty bucks I did get will go to a good cause. I will buy a box of .45 Auto with it. Now, if I was a businessman, I would have gotten at least $25 to $30 apiece for each box of the .380 ammo and then bought at least three to four boxes of .45 ACP with the proceeds. Oh well…
All the best,
Glenn B