Sunday, December 18, 2022

Must Have Been A Happy Meal!

 My post's title just about says it all for this one:
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So If We Were To Go To War Either...

 ...because our nation was attacked by an enemy or because we declared war on an aggressor nation to defend an ally - how likely would we be to come out the winner? Here are some things to consider before answering that for yourself or in a comment here:
1. Joe Biden is our president and seemingly is mentally unsound.
2. Joe Biden has used up millions of gallons of oil from our strategic oil reserves (strategic as to be used during a major nationwide catastrophe as in if we go to war). The reserves while not completely depleted are most certainly short because Biden dipped into them, as I recall, with false promises of that ending the very high gasoline prices at the pumps. That did not end high gas prices but most assuredly used up a good amount of our reserves.
3. Biden keeps on giving arms & ammunition, among other military aid. to the Ukraine to help it defend itself in its war with Russia.
4. China keeps flexing its military muscle especially with regard to Taiwan and what does Joe Biden do (just last week or the week before) but praise China and how wonderful it is that their economy is doing well because as he put it that can only be good for America. No Joe, that is good for China.
5. North Korea keeps shooting off missiles that are supposedly capable not only of striking Japan and our other allies like Australia but of reaching the USA. At the same time North Korea keeps on doing tests of nuclear weapons.
6. Iran remains our stalwart enemy and Biden wants to make nuclear power deals with them.
7. Biden closed down an awful lot of oil production in the USA that Trump opened up.
8. Biden is insistent on a shift away from fossil fuels to such things as electric cars but will not admit that most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. His administration has already changed some government vehicles to electric ones. He urges that all vehicles in the future are to use electricity for power.
9. He has not explained where we will get the resources to produce batteries for these vehicles nor where and when the charging stations will be built nor how those charging stations will get the power with which to charge the cars including those that government employees and our military will be driving.
10. He has opened up the southern border and probably the northern border as well and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens and smugglers have been entering the USA - at least across the southern border - Canadians seem content to to remain in Canada for the most part.
11. Drug smuggling & human trafficking are rampant across the southern border into the USA. Very few are speaking about what else is coming in illegally and I am of the opinion that you can rest assured that terrorists, foreign agents, and weapons of all sorts have been smuggled across our border during Biden's reign as tyrant in chief.
12. Biden essentially has depleted our military ranks by discharging many of our military service members who did not comply with vaccination mandates. Biden and or his admin  have also mandated that the military in sum & substance become woke and operate under rules that are damaging our military.
So, where do those things and others leave us in the event that Russia decides to just go nuclear in the Ukraine while at the same time their allies - Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and others launch an attack on U.S. soil. I think Biden has seemingly single-handedly assured we would be rapidly and badly defeated in such a war.

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Glenn B

After Today - Only 6 Shopping Days Before Christmas...

 ...and I have almost all my shopping completed. I still need a few gift cards and will buy them online on Christmas Eve and to carry on with my annual tradition (since I was a preteen kid) I will also be going out on Christmas Eve to buy someone a last minute gift or two. 
Christmas is all about gift giving, too bad so many folks seem to have forgotten or never understood that that Jesus was God's gift to mankind on that very first Christmas and that Jesus received the gifts from the Magi of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (Frankincense is my favorite incense of all and burning it with myrrh creates a fabulous aroma). I addition, Joseph & Mary received the gift of shelter in the shed & the gift of the manger - meager as that may have been it was the birthplace of Christ.
Now, I am not religious but I was raised a Catholic and thus have been affected by that faith for both good & bad but I think mostly for good. While I do not practice it any longer there are some aspects of the faith which I think are wonderful and of all of them, I think the Spirit of giving at Christmas is the best by far but that such spirit could & should also be exercised throughout the year. 
With giving in mind, don't forget to give to a charity or charities. That said, let me leave and head to the website of the Salvation Army to make my annual donation.
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Glenn B