Monday, September 5, 2022

It Is Nice Not To Have To Care About Work... retirement (such as it is for me) or not to have to worry about it it while on vacation (I got 6 weeks per year after 20 years of service). Yes, not having work on one's mind is a good thing; however, if you work it is only good up to a point. That is because your job should require you to pay attention to it while employed and if you are a public servant then it is your duty to do that job well. 
Along those lines, you would think that the more responsibility you have, the more you really would need to pay attention to your job. Some folks just do not understand that and prefer to ignore their responsibilities and flit around while doing little to nothing while taking often repeated & excessive time off from work. 

Take for example President Joe Biden. He has been on vacation for 41% of the time he has been president as per a report at One America News Network. More at the source. Of course, in his case, that may actually be beneficial to our great nation because when he is at work - he certainly screws things over for Americans and for The US of A as I see it. Anyway - he certainly is not there doing the job he is getting paid to do if taking off that much on vacation time.
Think of that in terms of a 40 hour work week. It would mean you worked for 24 out of 40 hours and took the other 16 off when you were supposed to be working. That would amount to and extra two whole days off every week or in other words a three day work week and thus four days off! Amazing; yet it seems, Biden has the time to badmouth his political opposition whenever he gets in front of a microphone. I wonder - when does he have time to actually carry out the functions of the presidency - or is it that someone else is doing that for him, such as his handlers who evidently tell him what to say and what not to say!

All the best,
Glenn B