Friday, December 13, 2019

Time To Start Christmas Shopping

I am The Great Procrastinator but I usually start my Christmas shopping pretty early even though I am never finished until late Christmas Eve. For my early shopping this year, I got three presents about a month or more ago for some of my in-laws. Other than that though, I've only gotten something for my son so far and until I actually see it am not sure that is what he will be getting. It is a used item - supposedly in excellent shape - and something that although used he will love. Enough said, lest he read this and find out what he is getting.

As for gifts for anyone else - nothing yet. As I said, I often wait until Christmas Eve to finish my shopping but just realized (smacked my head and thought "dah") that I cannot do that this year since I've got to mail gifts or have then delivered to my family in NY. Oh well, time to get mine arse in gear. As far as my daughter & son-in-law go their gift will be easy - a gift card to a nice restaurant and a small trinket sort of a gift for each (his is one I got about a month ago - her's nothing as of yet). The grandson is another story, I was all set to get him a dinosaur play set and my wife told me he already has something along those lines. I'll be heading out to the mall later today in search of whatever for him.
What to get a three year old who has it all???

As for the brothers-in-law, they are getting the same as my son-in-law. Then there is Oma (my mother-in-law), maybe a gift card for a restaurant. Then the wife, even though separated I suppose I should get her something fairly nice. No one else I can think of right now except maybe for locals here where I live in TX; the two ladies who work in my apartment complex office are bound to get something from me along the lines of a box of candy each or flowers or whatever. Other than that - there is just me left and I kind of sort of have what I want already.

The big one is something for my grandson Ryan.

All the best,
Glenn B