Friday, April 15, 2011

The Big Syracuse Gun Show - Is Tomorrow...

...and to tell the truth, I am none too sure I'll be able to sleep tonight with the anticipatory butterflies that have been flying around in my innards. Normally, I don't lose sleep over thinking about a gun show, I just can't sleep as it is. Being I have not slept all that well over the past few nights I was due for a fairly good sleep tonight but as I said, those butterflies have been doing there thing. Of course, maybe it's not butterflies but a remnant of tonight's dinner that hasn't settled in just quite right. Whatever, I can sill hope I get a good rest tonight because I want to be at my haggling best tomorrow. It certainly is not everyday, here in New York State, that one gets to attend a thousand table gun show and I want to make the best of it!

Both Brendan and I will be attending and each of us has a decent sized chunk of change. He keeps thinking about getting himself a deal on a bull-pup design like an Aug and I keep telling him the bull-pup design sucks. being young, he does not want advice and I have to admit it is high time he makes up his own mind about what he buys with his own money and learns his own lessons as to whether or not it was money well spent. That just may leave him seeking my advice again, sooner or later, should he actually waste spend his money on a Steyr-Aug or similar gun. Then again, he may buy one and love it.

As you are probably already aware, I am hoping to get myself either a Remington 700 VTR in .308, or a Remington Model 8 in .35 Remington, or a fairly decent AK-47. I have not had much luck down in my neck of the concrete jungle and am thinking it may be a bit different here in Syracuse since his gun show is about 3X bigger than anything they hold within a hundred miles of my house. If they actually have 750 tables with guns on them, as opposed to beef jerky, knives, books and military surplus junk, I will be ecstatic. if they have 500 tables actually selling guns and virtually nothing else, I will be happy. Less than that and both Brendan and I will feel that we have been ripped off.

I am hoping to spend a busy 2 to 3 hours at the show, then to take off and maybe get in a couple to a few hours of fishing closer to Binghamton along the way home. With a little luck we may each pick up a nice rifle and each catch a nice fish. We will be in no great hurry to get home and ruin my wife's all girl wine party Well, wine party at least until hey find my vodka, two kinds of rum, Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor or Irish Whiskey - or maybe even my hidden bottle of champagne. Oh well, more fun for them I suppose and less of a hangover for me! As for me and Brendan, we will take out time for the drive home and probably stop for a good meal along the way. As I said, I am in no hurry to walk in on that party - especially when they are all loopy and we are (hopefully) carrying in our newest firearms.

All the best,