Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The New Way To Covid-19 Herd Immunity?

Eat venison (well maybe only venison from select whitetail deer from among 40% of the population)! It may not be a foolproof way to get herd immunity, but maybe - just maybe it might work as side plot cure for what ails people in a Covid-19/Zombie movie. In actuality, who knows, it might do nothing or might be a way to contract Covid-19.
Folks, it seems that scientists (those guys often referred to as egg-heads) have discovered that 40% of whitetail deer populations have anti-bodies for the virus that causes Covid-19. The researchers who discovered this are worried that the virus, if in other beasties as in other than human beasties, could evolve to newer and deadlier strains unchecked and cause a threat to humanity. Don't believe me, then read about it at the source. Of course, with as much as the so called experts change their minds about the Novel Corona Virus (aka: Covid-19, aka: The China Virus, aka: The Wu-Flu, aka: Rona V) you may decide they are full of shit or at least as full of themselves as is the ultimate so called expert Dr. Fauci. He is both full of both himself and of shit. Oh wait, saying that was redundant as those are one and the same, are they not - Fauci = himself = shit!
As for me, I may go poaching hunting real soon. A venison steak sure could hit the spot and if it might make me immune to the latest strain - what one are we at now - D isn't it - that would be grand! I must point out, with all seriousness, if up to 40% wild deer populations have antibodies, meaning they were infected at one time or another by being close enough to spread it among themselves - just imagine how many swine (by the way which is the farm animal most like humans) and domesticated cattle have had it as well and thus how many of them may have antibodies and/or may also be carriers capable of spreading the virus to people. My guess would be the numbers would be higher, much higher, for them than for deer because they are kept in much closer proximity to each other and in higher numbers, than wild deer are in proximity to one another. 

That could be bad or could be good as far as domestic livestock and our economy go. If enough people think that eating them would be a way to acquire the antibodies in their systems - pork & beef prices will hit the moon. If, on the other hand, enough folks think holy crap - they have it too and eating them may be spreading it to humans - demand will plummet and I may once again be buying chuck steak for stew at .59 cents per pound and rib-eye steaks at $1.99 per pound. Then again, some arsehat politician maybe will demand the execution of every porker and beef head in the good old US of A - for our good of course. What would be next - family pets!
With this greatest and latest news from the experts, I am again wondering (as I kind of, sort of, just about really wondered - way, back close to when we in the USA were first hearing lots about the Novel Corona Virus - here & here) if this truly is about to become our 12 Monkeys moment. The 12 Monkeys moment being TEOTWAWKI or even our extinction and the our referring to the human race.

If anything, it has not been boring this novel corona virus, seems there is always something new about it!

All the best,
Glenn B