Monday, March 23, 2015

"Law Enforcement Is More Dangerous Than Concealed Weapons Carriers"

The quote in the title of this post is in part based on the fact that law enforcement officers are more likely to be arrested for a crime involving a firearm than handgun permit holders. That information came out of the mouth of the man who used to be the commander of the Maryland State Police Licensing Division (as in pistol licensing). He goes on to explain why he was wrong in his former beliefs that giving people handgun licenses would lead to rampant gun crime on their part.


Hat tip to New Jovian Thunderbolt for this one where I first saw the video.

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Citizenship, We Aint Got No Citizenship...

...we don't need no citizenship, I don't have to show you any stinkun citizenship!

One of the things that led to, or at least was a symptom of, the downfall of the Roman Empire was its inability to maintain a military force (and what amounted to a police force) made up of Roman citizens. Instead of using only Roman citizens within the military, as had been their tradition for centuries, they resorted to bringing in mercenaries from outside nations who had little respect for or allegiance to Rome. Their military and police forces (which were in essence the military) collapsed and with them went the empire right down into the dirt.

It seems that we here in the USA are not that far off from falling like Rome. Yes, we have allowed immigrants into the military for years and that for the most part has not been a problem except maybe in recent years with a certain ethnic/religious group. That is our way of life though, to welcome and assimilate immigrants and after all, we are a nation of immigrants. The thing is though, there were always certain rewards for immigrants who sought out the path to citizenship, followed it and ultimately became U.S. Citizens. One of those benefits, gained by citizenship, is that a citizen has the right to vote where an alien does not, even one in the military. As a citizen, you also have the right and obligation to serve on a jury if so called, aliens cannot serve as jurors (source). Another benefit of citizenship would be the opportunity to work for the government - any level of it from local, to county, to state, to federal. Such jobs would include anything from a maintenance man to a fireman, to the postman, to an IRS auditor, to a law enforcement officer, to a politician (excepting some offices like the presidency). Now though, all that already has gone out the window in several locations.

Not only are some locations in the USA, like New York City, toying with giving non-citizens the vote but many have started to hire them as law enforcement officers. Now, it may be all well and good to hire aliens who have served honorably within the U.S. Military but have not yet earned their U.S. citizenship but even in cases like that I have to wonder, what is the incentive to become a citizen if we give away to aliens what used to be the incentives. Lest you think though that only those who have served in the military are being afforded such opportunities, and thus taking jobs from citizens, some jurisdictions are allowing any alien with a work permit to become an officer. Did you catch the key word there in that last sentence - it was the word ANY.

"Some, like the Chicago and Hawaii police departments, allow any immigrant with a work authorization from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become an officer. That means people in the country on temporary visas or are applying for green cards can join." (source)

If that statement is true and some jurisdictions are in fact allowing any alien with a work permit to apply for a position as a LE officer, let alone actually be hired as one, you had best start complaining big time to your elected officials. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hands out work permits to aliens who hold absolutely no allegiance to the United States of America on a daily basis. They give work permits to aliens whose first act on U.S. soil was to break the law by entering the country illegally. They give work permits to aliens who have absolutely no bona fide identification when they first apply for status. They give work permits even to some aliens with criminal records. Now, politicians and bureaucrats want us to believe that it is okay to hire these people as law enforcement officers! This is so fundamentally wrong as to be akin to turning the nuthouse over to the lunatics. If it continues, we are doomed to fall like Rome. The next thing you know, law enforcement in this country will have devolved to this:

Seriously folks, if we hire aliens primarily because they have a work permit, and remember that Obama administration gives out work permits like prizes in a Cracker Jack box, we are not far from police forces made up of officers like that. Anyway, tell me, when was there really a shortage of qualified U.S. Citizen applicants for such positions. Never as far as I am aware but I am sure that politicians seeking political advantage to be gained from bowing to political correctness and diversity (as opposed to standing for logic, common sense and unity) are going to make all they can politically of hiring non-citizens for every job but their own political offices.

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