Monday, November 16, 2009

Does This Man - Our President - Have Any Clue At All... to just how badly he is representing the Untited States of America and her citenzry around the world? Does he have even one iota of knowledge as to what it means when he bowed so low to the emperor of Japan as to make it look, in my personal opinion, as if he was playing the part of a fool? The bow in Japan is a tradition during which the person who bows lower is admitting that he is subserviant to or owes more respect to the other person. The other person, the one who bows less, is acknowldging the lower standing of the other person simply by not bowing as much and also shows his own self esteem by hardly bowing at all. It is akin to keeping the lower classes and ranks in there places.

What usually happens when the head of state of a country meets with the emperor of Japan, the head of state from the other country may bow slightly out of courtesy and the Japanese emperor will bow likewise. Afterall - thse are, if not equals, then at least both heads of state. If you watch the video closely, you will note that the emperor does indeed bow. He bows about an inch or two - that is it. Obama on the other hand looks as if he just lost his contact lenses or maybe as if he is asking for an apology from the emperor with his first bow, then makes several more bows of lesser tilt. Our country, with this president in charge, must be the laughing stock of the globe. I, for one, am embarrassed by such actions on his part while representing America, but that is my personal opinion. What do you think.

All the best,
Glenn B