Friday, July 7, 2023

How Bud Light...

 ...ever became the best selling beer in the United States of America is absolutely beyond my comprehension because to me it is what I imagine chilled piss flavored water in a can would taste like. Yes, that is my opinion of Budlight and many other so called light beers - chilled piss flavored water in a can. In fact, I do not understand how any light beer could ever become the number one selling beer anywhere - they lack everything I think a good bier or ale should have such as a desirable and truly enjoyable tasty flavor, a flavor that is not only tasty but is hardy as well, and of course has at least a somewhat higher alcohol content.

Now they are reporting that it has fallen below the top ten beers in America to number 14; more at the source. To me this is quite understandable and I think it is not solely related to Bud Light deciding to praise an apparent female impersonator's first year of so called girlhood! So what else could be the cause for the continued downward plunge of the king of beers - well let's face it there are probably scores and scores of better tasting beers that folks have been discovering since they dropped Bud Light due to its, in my estimation, perverted advertising campaign instead of celebrating something like normality and or morality as opposed to celebrating the scientifically impossible perversion of nature as I think is gender change.
Let's face it folks, have you ever seen a huge corporation like Anheuser-Busch favor normality as a regular thing in their advertising? Now how could they have done that - well not by one of their latest commercials, as I understand it, showing a group of grunting supposed real men drinking it. Is that what they think of the customer base that they lost - that they are akin to what seems like a group of Neanderthal like grunting blockheads? Something a bit better might have been them running an ad campaign that celebrated heterosexuality, marriage, loving & normal parenthood (in other words not praising parents who want to lop off their children's' sexual organs), unity, patriotism, love of the United States of America, and maybe some commercials that praised hard honest work that granted promotions based upon skill as opposed to liberal ideals of equity for those who don't deserve it.
Let's face it, the mentality shown in Bud Light ads as of late should be obliterated - at least that is what I think about it. Had they just shown a gay guy or three enjoying it, that probably would have ruffled very few feathers but to have celebrated a year of so called girlhood for what is apparently is a biological male pretending to be a female - in the midst of all this insanity in which the left is willing to push for gender identity changes of our children - well they had to have known, had they used any common sense, that their ad campaign was going to be a big mistake. Therefor, it is pretty, pretty certain - at least as I see it - that those who run Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch are not in touch with their customer base nor are they in touch with reality of how the majority of folks in this country think nor are they in touch with the values of most Americans. Yet, they evidently keep screwing up as if unable to admit or even see the error of their ways. 
Thus it would not surprise me if they don't fall further and if they will never be able to make a comeback to regain their throne at the top even if they drastically improved the taste of their product; and that I believe would serve them right. In fact, it would come as no surprise at all to me if they went out of business altogether before a year or two passes. They are, in my opinion, woke plain and simple but what they did not get is that woke is a fad for leftist loons. Instead of going woke - maybe they just should have woken up.
All the best,
Glenn B