Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How will you spend your Thanksgiving?

As for me, I am one of the lucky ones who will be with loved ones on Thanksgiving day if all goes as planned. I will not be in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor will I be at work, nor will I be hospitalized, nor will I be in jail, nor will I be anything but alive and well and enjoying the day. Yes that makes me one of the lucky ones, and I will have a lot for which to give thanks. Of course, being agnostic at best, I am not quite sure whom I need to thank, but even an atheist can give thanks on Thanksgiving. Thanks can be given to those who protect us from harm, especially those now in harm's way. Thanks can be given to mother nature for the bounty she bestows upon us even though we treat her pretty roughly at times. Thanks can be given to the farmer and rancher who supply most of the food we eat. Thanks can be given to our moms and dads for having brought us into this world and for having done their best to bring us up. Thanks can be given to our spouse or other loved ones just for loving us, or in my case just for putting up with me. Thanks can be given to our kids, just for growing up as other than psycho killers, and maybe even for still loving us a bit. Thanks can be given to the policemen and firemen, and ambulance drivers who will save lives tomorrow while the rest of us pig out on dinner with friends and family, all the while as they work on Thanksgiving. Thanks can be given to our priests, preachers, pastors, ministers, rabbis, mullahs, imams, social leaders, civic leaders, politicians, lawmakers and so forth for trying to teach us a moral way of life. Thanks can be given to one another for being good United States Citizens and legal resident and non-resident aliens. Thanks can be given to the Native Americans and to the Pilgrims for starting this wonderful tradition called Thanksgiving. Of course, if you believe in God, as it seems do most folks, then thanks can also be given to God for those things for which we are thankful.

Thanks can also be given to the Turkeys, though they may not understand all that well, since we are about to eat them.

No matter who you are, no mater your religious or nonreligious background, no matter your politics, your culture, your ethnicity, your race, your national heritage, your age, your sex, or whatever - you can enjoy Thanksgiving, and you can celebrate it by giving thanks. It is not a Christian holiday, and this is something people tend to forget. It was a coming together of two different cultures (with vastly different religions) to give thanks for nature's bounty, for survival against the odds, for peace, for good things. It has become a celebration for all of us who are living in the USA. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: now back to what I was about to say about how I would spend my day. I'll be at home in the Am. maybe I'll bake an apple pie for the wife if I have the get up and go when I get up in the morning. Then I'll clean my hunting gear in anticipation of my hunt this Friday and Saturday with my son Brendan. It will be his first deer hunt. Then I'll drive the family to my mother-in-law's home for Thanksgiving dinner. Then I am hopeful someone else will rive home, hoping that is I was allowed to have a beer or two. Then some more getting ready for the hunting trip and early to bed with a planned 0200 wake up on Friday morning. Sounds like a good day to me if all goes as planned. I hope all goes well for you too.

It was 43 years ago today...

... that the conspiracy theorists began to play, they have been going in and out of their minds, but I think they just need a kick in their behinds. JFK is dead, it seems apparent, unless there is some super seKrit basement, in which super seKrit documents and evidence are kept, that we will never know with absolute certainty whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he squeezed (note I did not say pulled if only because with shots like that I am sure he squeezed) the trigger and brought John Fitzgerald Kennedy's life to an end.

While I think remembrance of JFK is in order, and it sure seems not much of that is being done by our politicians, news media, or people in general - I also think it is ridiculous to keep going with all the conspiracy and solo shooter theories unless something, some evidence, some hard cold fact, come to light of which we were not previously aware. Until that time folks, give it a break, and remember President Kennedy for whom he was and what he did. As I think of his politics and policies, I will change what I had written here minutes ago (only so as not to have anyone mistakenly think I am being disrespectful), to just say I disagreed with most of them. Regardless of my beliefs about him and his politics, he was our president, he was our commander and chief, he was the leader of our nation during trying times in the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and other things; and he was assassinated while doing his job as our leader. I respect his memory even though I disagreed with much of what he did and stood for; but yes I did respect him and still respect his memory. Remember him with respect whether or not you agreed with his politics, he was our president, and he deserves our respect for that alone.

Best regards,
Glenn B

At 92 she either was a terrible criminal or just a woman defending herself...

...when the police, armed with a search warrant and their weapons came into her home in force. This woman grabed a gun and started shooting, or so goes the story Cops Shoot, Kill 92-Year-Old Woman After She Opens Fire on Them at

I will not pass judgement on either the police or the woman yet, if only because there is not enough information out there about this.

I do note that according to the police: they had gone to the house and bought illegal narcotics from a male inside said house. They then got the warrant and went in announced, and the woman shot a few of them before they killed her.

Of course there is another side to the story and some relatives, neighbors and friends say this must have been a mistake because there never were drugs in said house.

If the police got the wrong house, then the killing of this woman, and the wounding of the officers, was a terrible mistake and tragedy. If however, the police had the right house, and drugs had been siold out of it, that is another story altogether. Of course it does not mean the 92 year old had knowledge of the drug sales (though it would tend to lean that way), but it tends to exonerate the police officers of any wrong doing. I guess time will tell.

Hopefully, for the cops involved, the police got the right house, they did the entry correctly, this woman was somehow involved in the drug sales, therefore making her a dirtbag, and therefore it is good riddance, and it is also something to help the officers not feel as guilty as they will feel regardless of whether or not they should feel guilty. That guilt is just a normal thing, even when someone with rock solid justification kills someone else. Well it is normal if you have decent morals and a conscience anyhow.

If not, if the police got it wrong by going to the wrong house, or if they later show this woman had no knowledge of the drugs, or that the police did a bad entry, then it is a crying shame, and my heart felt condolences go out to the family of the woman who was shot.

All the best,
Glenn B

Kind of a crazy week for me... far; so I can only hope it gets a little better over the next few remaining days. Of course with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, it promises to be much better indeed.

On Monday, I had Verizon in my home from about 1030AM until about 6PM, installing my Verizon FIOS Internet, television service, and phone lines. The installer was very personable, did his work neatly, and kept at it all day without a lunch break. I guess he did a fair to good job except for the fact that the Internet service was not working at all well once he left, and all of a sudden there was a virus on my PC.

That got me pretty po'd, and I was on the phone most of that night - on hold, and the next day - also on hold, with Verizon types to try to get the problem solved, then in anger to have them shut off my service and get my old service back. I got either hung up on or cut off so many times I lost count, and that was when I was not even angry yet, so I was talking nicely to them, at least until yesterday morning.

As it turned out, someone caled me yesterday afternoon and I got back to their tech service folks, and the guy I spoke to actually knew how to solve the problems I was encountering. I can only hope the expeience gets better since I decided to keep them; after all I had already had all my other service providers disconnect their services to me. Time will tell.

All that did not leave me much time to blog, in fact it left none. Oh well, I have some time now so let me get to looking for some good topics to rant on about. See the next blog that I post for more...

All the best,
Glenn B