Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three of NYPD's Finest In Biker Group That Attacked SUV Driver

Read about it here, you have to read a way before they say it. Makes you proud doesn't it, to think that police officers were riding in the group and apparently took no action at all to stop the group of bikers nor to stop the beating received by the SUV driver:

"At least three police officers were riding with the pack during the incident — one of whom as been placed on desk duty while NYPD’s Internal Affairs investigates, CBS News reported. It is unclear if the other two who have come forward witnessed the attack." Source:

According to a report I heard yesterday, on WCBS radio news, the officer who was suspended was a member of the biker-group, was reportedly at the scene when the SUV driver was pulled from his vehicle, and reportedly witnessed it as the SUV driver was beaten by other biker-group members. The officer reportedly took no action and reportedly was suspended for not reporting it to his superiors. Imagine that he has been suspended for not reporting it as opposed to for not taking police action to stop it. Remember the police have no legal duty to protect us or so they keep reminding us.

Have not seen this in the national news yet, just locally. If it is true that three cops were in the group and that at least one witnessed the beating and did nothing to prevent it, or then to stop it, while an unarmed civilian had to step in to stop it, well all I can say is I believe that they need to be fired, charged criminally and departmentally. I also think the guy who was beaten should receive a huge cash award and an apology from the city of New York. I also think the cops ought to be ashamed of themselves, riding with scum like that let alone possibly not lifting a finger to prevent that mess; of course as I said, they should have to face dire consequences too.

Then again, if citizens in NY City and NY State could be reasonably armed for self defense (like the police are armed for self-defense cause it sure isn't  to defend the rest of us), then this likely would not have happened. As it was, those bikers thought they had nothing to fear. They were right along those lines in one way, they did not have to fear that the police would show up in time to prevent the SUV driver from being beaten by them, even with cops in their midst.

All the best,
Glenn B

Early Fall Deer Scouting - Little Deer Sign But Lots of Fall Wonders

I drove up to Binghamton, NY on Friday and spent the night there. Then, early Saturday , I headed out to check on four different deer hunting spots for this coming season. I sure did not see much deer sign (not even any road kill which is very unusual) but this was my first scouting trip and I am sure to find more as I get more serious on my next trip. I did get to see a wonderful array of Fall's treasures with Saturday's temps warm enough for the bees to be buzzing, the day overcast and damp enough (it rained on Friday night into early Saturday) for the red efts to be out and on the prowl for tiny bugs, and me not too hurried to stop and look at the canvass mother nature had pained for me to see.

The Blaze Orange of a Fall Hunter

In one small area, it looked as if there was a
Red Eft Migration Taking place.

One last eft. These are among my favorite amphibians.
They are the land stage of the Red Spotted newt.

Fall Canvass: While deer sign was not all that
evident, nature's handiwork abounded.

Another of Mother nature's masterpieces.
Fish were still rising feeding on the last of
what Summer had left behind for them.
Somewhat hard to make out but there are
four perch in the pic just to your left of center.

Fall Fire

Nature's Bounty.

Evidence of Nature's Bounty having been enjoyed.
Three places I searched for deer sign had abundant
apple trees, yet little sign of deer near them but
there was some indication they had been there.

These little flowers bloom throughout summer into fall.

Harvesting some of nature's goodness.

Fall sucks. I found the bugger, in the next pic,
firmly attached to my neck late Saturday night.

 There were other critters out also
harvesting some of Nature's bounty.
I guess it was a trick of the light, in this shot
it seems to have a number 6 on it.
Flipped around close up of previous shot.
Sure looks like a 6, just happy it wasn't 666.
Too bad this gal did not catch the
other  little bugger before it got me.
Like I said, not much deer sign but lots of Autumn and Mother Nature at their finest (well except for that blood sucking vermin). I will be heading back upstate in the next couple of weeks and plan to spend at least a day at each potential hunting spot to check them out. I a pretty sure that two of them with the apple trees may prove to have lots of deer around.

All the best,
Glenn B