Monday, October 23, 2017

The Walking Dead - Season 8 Opener...

...was not an eye opener. I could barely keep my eyes open, it was that boring for the most part. Frankly, I think the opening episode of season 8 sucked. Besides being boring, it was way too drawn out to get only to where they got and thus went almost nowhere. To add insult to injury, they are doing that ridiculous time warp shit again - first being in the present, then suddenly in the future (and there is no apparent good point to it), then back to the present on a time warp seesaw. (My advice to the creators of the show - please leave the time warps for Star Trek.)

Yet, they possibly could have saved the whole episode and maybe the whole season had the Gabriel (the priest) just lived up to his namesake (the Archangel Gabriel) by simply raising his gun and blasting Negan to hell when Negan asked him if he was wearing his shitting pants. Maybe the addition of a wisecrack reply would have helped a bit, something like: "No I don't but I sure hope you are wearing yours" with Gabriel immediately letting loose a full auto blast of the entire magazine's worth of ammo into and from Negan's nutsack up to his face. Then Gabriel could have thrown 
Negan's body outside for the zombies and Gabriel could have made his escape while the walkers feasted on that psychopathic leech. Yep, maybe - just maybe - that would have made the episode great and given me hope that it would be a good season. 

One other thing, when Gabriel agreed with Rick that it wasn't all about him (Rick), I thought for sure Gabriel was about to become a gonner. Don't know why, just felt it in my gut. I was kind of happy to see that reformed once upon a time spineless bastard survive but man how I wish the creators of the show would have let him redeem himself completely by offing Negan like I just mentioned. Of course, that is pretty much how they could open episode 2!

All he best,
Glenn B