Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hermann's Tortoise - just a pic

Photo of a Hermann's Tortoise, one that I recently sold, the smaller of my two females. Click the photo to enlarge. I still have the other female, and a new male. Hope Springs Eternal!

A Decision...

...was easy for me this morning as to what to do in the early AM. I tried to sleep as long as I could, and avoid turning over on my right shoulder while doing so. I awoke a few times last night and this morning with unusually bad pain in the right arm and shoulder. Ouch that bad meant no fishing, no tag sales (because of no lugging things) and no rifle cleaning. Maybe next weekend I feel more like getting something done, but this weekend it was multiple Ibuprofen tablets for me.

I did manage to get to the LIHS meeting today, that was nice as usual. I also dropped off some film at the 1 hour photo counter at Walgreen's. If I am lucky, the Nikon FM2 I bought a few months back will have taken nice pics with the 55mm Micro Nikkor I bought a couple of months back. This will be the first that I see of any pics from them. Man can I procrastinate, I had these rolls of film in my pocket for about 2 months now! If there is anything worth posting, I'll try to show them to you tonight.

All the best,
Glenn B