Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Trump Travel Ban

If you have not realized that all of the indictments against President Trump have very conveniently (for the democtats) been brought in the early stages of the campaign for the 2024 elections - well, you may need to slap yourself awake and take notice. The timing is obviously an attempt at campaign and election interferense as I see it and I think is also a coordinated effort of backroom politics. The thing I wonder about now is which prosecutor will argue, and which judge will agree, to slam President Trump with travel restrictions that will mandate that he does not leave the jurisdiction in any one of the areas wherein he was charged with crimes.
 If that is done successfully, in just a single jurisdiction, he would be unable to travel to other areas to campaign. Ganted, all the court dates that will be set that require his appearance in the various courtrooms almost guarantee he will be unable to run a successful campaign but Trump is a shrewd planner who would likely figure a way around that. A travel ban however, except for travel to other jurisdictions for court appearances, would in essence immobilize him and his campaign. 
My bet is that such  is coming or at least attempts will be made by the demoncrats leftists to do so.
All the best,
Glenn B
America is dead.