Sunday, June 3, 2012

Will Obama Tell The Chinese: "Don't Call My Bluff" and Get Away With It...

...or will he wind up starting WWIII, the USA versus China.

One can only presume, in the face of overwhelming evidence - as to our current piss poor budget (by way of which we owe China big time), the fact that our military is spread out in two theaters of war (yes we still have a lot of troops in Iraq), and the fact that we have a bunch of bureaucratic bed wetters, both Democrat and Republican, in Washington, DC - that we are ill prepared to go to war with China. The linked article explains the Obama Administration's apparent bluff, which is in essence that we are to move most of the U.S. Fleet into the Pacific and into areas of the South China Sea claimed by China.

What the article fails to mention is that the Philippines recently (within a month ago) sent what it has in the way of warships into an area of the South China Sea to confront a Chinese fishing fleet, who they believed were illegally fishing in Philippine waters. The same area is claimed by China, Vietnam and other countries. (Is it a coincidence that Leon Panetta made the announcement, about our fleet movement while in Vietnam!) The Chinese responded, to the Philippine naval action, by sending at least five (5) warships into the area.  Tensions were very high and it was believed there was a good possibility of military hostilities breaking out between the Philippines and China; see this artticle.

Presumably, tensions are still very high. In light of all that, it would seem logical that, the apparent bluff is intended to have China back away from facing off with one of our most cherished and strategically located allies - the Philippines. Hopefully, China will be impressed and back off and the fools in the current administration and in Congress will not engage us in WWIII with China in the event that China calls the bluff and raises the stakes by sending its own bluff right back at us. You can only bluff so long until you have to either fold or play the hand that was dealt, in this case that could mean war. While I like eating Chinese food and all - I just do not want to have to eat it each and everyday.

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Glenn B

Pretty Lady Giving A Sterling Shooting Exhibition

This shooting exhibition is sterling in more ways than one. First of all, it is so because it is a look at the Sterling 9mm Carbine being fired. Secondly it is being done by a rather pretty young lady who is a sterling shot. Finally it has a bang of an ending in which she shows she got her sterling's worth. It looks like it was a lot of fun too.

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Glenn B

Send Guns, Ammo and DDT

As if the recently reported face eating zombie like attack in Miami had not been enough to get one worried that impending doom may be upon us, it seems that nature (or a government funded mad scientist) has now taken us one step beyond that horror. It has been reported that two people in India have died, and scores more have been injured, by swarms of "highly aggressive" venomous spiders. According to a report, at, the spiders have invaded Sadiya, in Assam state, India. Up until this time, the report says, venomous spiders were unknown in the area. It is a possibility, if the attacks continue, that The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch the powerful insecticide DDT may be used to combat the antagonistic arachnids.

There is a twist to this story, as is often the case with such stories emanating in third world countries. It seems the government is reporting that no one has confirmed the toxicity of the spiders' venom and it is now believed possible that all of the bite victims may have been the victims of a local witch doctor type. He reportedly incised all of the bite wounds to drain blood and burn it in some weird ritual to cleanse the victims of the spiders' venom. It is now said that, this procedure, not the spider bites, may have caused the fatalities and an investigation is under way. As usual, the government a hospital official comes up with what seems a rational (but unproven) reason for a seemingly supernatural event. However, the reasoning does not explain away an attack by swarms of overly aggressive arachnids. My guess is that, the Indian government, or some other government, or a mad scientist, or all, are in some way implicated in these attacks and they are only attempting to cover up a fiendish plot to conquer the world with trained attack spiders. Of course, this could have been the first wave of an attack against the earth by spiders from outer space

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Glenn B

Today In Hisory - Antioch and The First Hand Thrown Explosives

The hand thrown explosive, as a device of war, may have first been seen, by Europeans, on this day, June 3rd some 914 years ago. Today was the day, way back in 1098 AD, that the knights of the First Crusade ended the siege of Antioch and effected the seizure of said Turkish city.

While it has been a somewhat of a military secret, kept under wraps for most all of those years, we do have definitive proof that the first hand grenade was produced in Antioch and then became the spoils of war when a highly trained covert team of English commandos 
knights captured said city during the first crusade. It is unknown, to this day, why the Turks never attempted to use the device against their crusading assailants but it has been hypothesized that the Muslims who were in control of the city were unaware of its existence. It is believed to have been created by a Christian monk, in hiding, after the Muslims had taken over Turkey. This is, at least in part, evidenced by the official name of the device: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

It was said to have been the most deadly lethal device of its era and probably would have been such at any later time in the age of man. It is believed by modern physicists that it would likely have become a weapon that could have ushered in the nuclear age, or even possibly that of cold fusion, hundreds of years before their time but you can rest assured that its unequaled destructive power will never be unleashed in modern times. Its secret design was lost soon after the device was seized and then used by the English.

Later, on the very same day that they had helped capture Antioch and had seized the Holy Hand Grenade, the small team of English commandos knights stealthily and rapidly continued on their quest to seek the Holy Grail. It was that very evening, while crossing harsh terrain, that they encountered what is said to have been one of the most terrible and blood thirsty creatures to have ever roamed the face of the earth - the Rabbit of Caerbannog. Amazingly enough, we have a video record (method of recording lost to the ages) of their encounter detailing the first and only use of the holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Be advised, viewing this video is not for the weak of heart nor for those with weak stomachs as it contains graphic beastly and abhorrent scenes of violence.

Me thinks us lucky that the power of this device was never brought forth to the modern ages and also fortunate too that the little white fur-ball was defeated as well.

If you find this subject interesting, you may want to view the complete historical archive of the very same, small but courageous, band of English commandos knights. It is available in DVD format titled under the code name of their quest: Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

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