Saturday, March 5, 2016

Everyman's Evening Eyeful

All the best,
Glenn B

Springtime Must Be Nigh...

...because one of my Russian Tortoises is antsy.

I have had my Russians brumating (sort of a reptilian hibernation), for just over 2 months now, in our pantry down in the basement. It gets pretty cold in there, certainly cold enough to put reptiles or amphibians through a good brumation period which is often essential for successful breeding later in the warmer months. For some reason, this one of three tortoises has decided to wake up early. I would not have expected them to come out of brumation for at least another month since the temperature in the pantry is still down around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I am guessing they are being affected by the longer day times, it is pretty amazing how the sun being out longer can affect their behavior even when kept in almost constant darkness as in the tank in our pantry. The other Russian Tortoise and my male Hermann's Tortoise seem to still be enjoying a good winter's snooze.

All the best,