Monday, December 21, 2020

Feeling Like Shit...

 ...but hanging in there and doing my best to fight the Covid-19. I've been sleeping anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day over the past three days. The hardest thing during each of my days, besides trying to stay awake, has been walking the mongrel. I am lucky that Skye remains mellow even though her activity level has been cut drastically die to me being ill. When all this is over, I plan to cook her a nice bloody medium rare ribeye steak and if the hips allow to take her for a nice long walk.

As for me, I've got most of the classic symptoms: tiredness, weakness, coughing up phlegm (though not much coughing), runny nose, mucous when I blow my nose, sore throat, fever, loss of taste and smell (or at least a great reduction to both but I can still taste a bit especially salt and I could smell OJ faintly), general body aches. Luckily, I cannot smell myself, have not had the energy to take a shower in 3 days. I tried to get into the tub a few times but with the hips hurting so badly and now the weakness from the Covid, it's been impossible for me to get my leg high enough to get in there. Feeling somewhat better right now and if I still feel this way tomorrow, I'll do whatever it takes to shower; washing with a damp washcloth does not cut it. They have me taking a Z-pack and some cough medicine as needed but I've only had the cough syrup twice. The odd thing is as soon as I started the antibiotics my joint pains started to feel somewhat better; while they still hurt (especially my hips and lower back) that needs to be looked into because it has happened the last three times I was prescribed antibiotics.

What amazes me about all this is the coincidence that within two or three months, I've had two potentially fatal diseases. They say third time pays for all and I am not looking forward to a third should it be headed my way.

All the best,
Glenn B