Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HR 1540 - The End Has Begun

When I say the end has begun, I mean the end of liberty, freedom, justice and of your rights as a citizen of the United States of America. I also mean the end of the the Constitution and thus the end of the United States of America itself. Any time that a nation's leaders legislate and sign into law a provision of law allowing for detention of that nation's citizens without due process, then the end has begun. Heck maybe it is well beyond the beginning of then end, maybe it is the actual end. Is it possible that the wool has been pulled over our eyes and the guy who said he would bring about change has done just that by assuring we are no longer citizens of the most freedom loving country in the world. I have not read up on it as much as I should have but what I have read so far scares me. There is no doubt in  my mind that HR 1540 is illegal as in unconstitutional but what does it matter - look at how many politicians are in favor of it and the president signed it without apparent real reservation regardless of his words otherwise.

His words otherwise can be seen here over at Knuckledragginmylifeaway.

Be afraid regardless of his promise not to use that law. Too many have made then broken such promises before.

All the best,
Glenn B

Reference: http://ogdaa.blogspot.com/2012/01/were-supposed-to-take-his-word-for-it.html

I Took A Walk To The Post Office...

...this evening, at about 4:30 or so. It is only 7 blocks, probably closer to 6 1/2 really, from my house to the front door of the post office in the next village over. I walked north most of the way and guess from which direction the winds were blowing. I am going to guess that it was about 28 to 29 degrees outside and I had thought that I was dressed properly for it but must admit I thought about that again after getting only halfway there. I sure seemed cold despite the fact I had on a usually warm watch cap, a goose down winter coat, a fairly thick fleece pull-over, a thick long sleeve cotton shirt under that that, a pair of poly/cotton BDU pants, thick cotton cocks and a pair of running shoes (no description of my skivvies needed except to say I was not wearing long johns). Well, by the time I was halfway there, I was COLD. My face seemed almost frost bitten and I mean that most literally, having been there before, thus knowing what it feels like to have a bit of frost bite. When I got there, you can bet I was very, very happy that the USPS website had correct information about the hours for that particular post office and you can bet I was happy that the postal service also has been paying the heating bill for that location. It was a relief to be inside with the warmth rushing over me as I pulled off my gloves and cap and then opened my coat a bit. I got my business done in about 10 minutes or so total time to wait on line and dealing with the postal clerk. Then it was back out into the cold for me.

The walk home was not half as bad. The wind was now at my back. My head was totally covered back there, my collar was up around my neck and the wind gave me a slight push toward home. Still, by the time I was almost home, just half a block or so away from my house, I had to take my fingers out of the glove fingers and curl them inside next to my palms. Wow it was cold. I know, 28 or 29 degrees is not that bad - usually (I checked the temp when I got home and it was shown as 28 then). I imagine with my recent decline in health that I am a bit more likely to be effected  by it than if I were in good health. Of course, I am feeling better than in recent months, and am happy that my illness came on in warmer weather. I dreaded the coming of winter and now I can see why. Man, I hate the cold and to think - when I was a kid I loved to spend hours outside in the snow. Even up though my mid twenties or so, I loved to be outside even in lousy weather.

At this particular time of year, in my late teens to mid twenties years, my friends and I would head to the local park but on our way we would search out fuel. Fuel was usually found in he form of thrown out Christmas trees at this time of year. If really lucky someone came by a local factory along the way and found a thrown out pallet. My friends and I would retire to the park, roll out a huge metal drum that we acquired somewhere in my dim past, throw a Christmas tree into it, light a match and soon thereafter, add another tree. After three or four trees had gone into the can, we stayed pretty warm for hours, warm enough to drink some beer, and we usually had several more trees on hand or went to look for more. No more of that for me now though, I do not like the cold, even if standing next to a blazing fire if only because while one side of me is hot while the other is cold.

Next time I go out, I guess I will dress a bit warmer. I may have to head out to the shed, in a day or so when it warms up to the 40s again, or wait until it hits the 50s as promised in a few days, to pick my long-johns and a couple of other warmer uppers out of my hunting gear boxes. I might yet need that stuff this winter, or I may need a metal drum and a few Christmas trees. Other than that, I may just have to plan a trip to visit my uncle in sunny southern Florida. I will keep you posted if that begins at all to change from being just a hope to a reality any time soon.

All the best,
Glenn B