Thursday, October 8, 2020

So, I've Been Considering Getting A Glock 19

I've been thinking about it for a while now but you know me THE Great Procrastinator. Really though, this time, it's not been all that long. Probably less than a year since it crossed my mind and then was quickly forgotten about. Had been thinking about it more recently, maybe over the past few months but had been sick and a bit lower on cash than I would have liked and anyway no one seemed to have them - I suppose due to this pandemic/insurgency/election buying frenzy. I had seen a new one or two and some used ones in as new condition on auction sites but they always went for way too much, so I held off. I figured if President Trump wins the election prices will go down but as I am also a skeptic I can see that Biden has a chance of winning if only due to voter fraud and that got me thinking even more so that I should get one. Additionally, I wanted one even more than ever because I have been carrying a Glock 30 and it has been way too heavy on the belt what with two extra mags, a Buck folder and OC Spray on the belt along with my right hip becoming a screaming painful nightmare as of late (but it's getting better). While I have a Glock 26, I must say, I much prefer the Glock 19.

Then just yesterday, I saw two (or maybe it was three) Glock 19s for sale at Academy Sports. They wanted $539 each for a Gen3 and a Gen 5. I thought the Gen3 was too much and the Gen5 seemed about right. They were singing a Siren's song to me much the same as Odysseus must have heard while tied to the mast of his ship. It was tempting indeed. Last night though, I was looking for one online when I saw a page for the Glock Blue Label Program. Heck, I'd bought my Glock 26, many years ago, under that program at a substantial savings back then. Now as then, the Glock site said it normally would save the buyer about $75 to $100 on each gun purchased, I think with a limit of two per year. They had a link to check dealers in the prospective buyer's area and I put in my zip code.

I was happy to see there were two dealers in my area. One was a pawn shop, the other was a gun store/range - the Texarkana Gun Barn & Range (aka:Alpha Pistol Training). It was the same range where I had qualified for LEOSA earlier this year. Nice place, great guy, Steve, running it. I called them earlier this afternoon to ask if they had any new Glock 19's in stock. I was told no they did not. The guy talking to me on the phone (Chuck) then asked if I was military or retired military or a first responder. I said I was retired federal law enforcement. He then said in essence, 'we have two in stock but only for the blue label program, one with Ameriglo night sights and one with standard Glock sights'. I asked the price, he told me, I said I'd probably be there when they opened shortly after 1100 tomorrow. 

I sent a text to my son saying I was debating getting it, then another that said why am I debating. He replied, "Buy two". I thought about my luck and let me tell you: While I have lots of luck, the thing is if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have almost none at all - so why wait. I checked my situation - I had cash on hand and my Amex credit card. Then I checked my wallet and assured it contained my retired LE ID, driver's license and license to carry. I took the dog for a very quick walk, dropped her off back in the apartment and then hopped into my car and drove straight there. A customer was at the counter when I arrived maybe 10 minutes after leaving home. I was happy to see that while he was buying a pistol, it was not a Glock 19.

I am now the owner of the one they had in stock with the standard sights. This one:

Some folks think Glocks are ugly, I think they look just fine and they certainly do the job.

I guess by now you're interested to hear the price, and since I did not see anything on the Glock page saying it was some sort of state secret, allow me to say with a grin it was $425.00 plus 6.25% tax (and man did that make me grin because in my village the tax is 8.25%). So, now I'm back to 4 Glocks - and loving it. I foresee a range trip in the not too distant future and yes I have the ammo to spare.

All the best,
Glenn B